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Establishing a countdown, deciding which parks to visit on which days, planning advanced dining and FastPass+ reservations—for me, all of these are part of the joy of anticipating a Walt Disney World vacation.
Although I know that packing will probably always be my least favorite part of getting ready for vacation, over multiple trips to Disney World, I have found some ways to make it a little less painful. The same benefits apply for the times we rent a car at the airport; after our group navigates to the car rental area with luggage in tow, we work together to load the bags and then everyone pitches in unloading them at the resort. If, like me, you love trips to Disney World but would like packing to play as small a part in your vacation as possible, packing carry-on only may be for you.
When I do solo trips it’s usually just 3-4 day visits and I pack everything into a soft-sided carry-on that fits under the seat. Most people look at my like I am crazy when I say that I never check a bag, but those people also pack outfits they never wear and have shoes they only wear once or twice. We usually do laundry locally, but also we make a point of hanging stuff to air so that it can be worn twice before needing a washer (obviously this does not apply to undies). Little Princesses all over the world will be happy with this week's new arrivals in Walt Disney Parks and Resorts! One of my favorite new Princess items is the canvas glitter tote, or purse!  It's the perfect Disney shopping bag! It features Aurora from the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty, Ariel from the Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Rapunzel from Tangled, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Of course you can't forget the matching wallet featuring Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella!  It zips and has plenty of room for your little one's important items. The Disney Princess backpack is super cute!  Perfect for school, sleepovers, and Disney Vacations! You can find these items in "Once Upon A Toy" at Downtown Disney Marketplace, and in other Disney gift shops around Disneyworld.
Check Disney World Personal Shopper often!  We're your #1 source for Disney merchandise news and information! Due to the transformation of Downtown Disney to Disney Springs, parking is currently very limited at Downtown Disney.
DisneyQuest and Cirque du Soleil are right next to each other, so, I would advise to do you shopping first, and then go to the shows and arcades later in the afternoon or evening.
The Disney World Dining Plan is actually accepted at many of the restaurants at Downtown Disney, including Raglan Road, Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe, and Crossroads at House of Blues. This site is not affiliated with, maintained by, endorsed by, sponsored by, or in any way officially connected with the Walt Disney World Company, Theme Park, or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.
Even so, there is one aspect of planning that can feel like a major obstacle between me and vacation, one thing that is no fun whatsoever when I’m preparing for a Disney World vacation, and that thing is packing for our flight to the World.
A major factor to consider affecting your ability to pack carry-on is your traveling party. Most of the year, we are packing mainly shorts and short sleeve shirts for Disney World, with a sweatshirt in case of a chilly evening. Use pockets for non-liquid toiletries and small items such as ponchos, power cords, and zip-top bags. In order to fly carry-on only, it’s necessary to adhere to the TSA’s 3-1-1 liquids rule of packing all your liquids in bottles no larger than 3.4 oz. As mentioned earlier, everyone in my party is responsible for a roll aboard and a personal item. Pre-packing a small park bag and fitting it inside your roll aboard or backpack makes it easy to head to the parks as quickly as possible on arrival day.

To get from the airport to the World, we generally use either Disney’s Magical Express service or rent a car. A final benefit of packing carry-on is that there is less to unpack and less laundry to do when we reach home. We always use Magical Express, so it’s not like we have to pick up our luggage at MCO. I have no desire to be one of those people fighting for a spot in the overhead bins just to save a couple bucks on a plane ticket. Shopping at Disney for your children is fun and easy with these beautiful new Disney merchandise choices.
We don't mind the taste of Orlando's water, and with free water from the counter service restaurants, we don't 'waste' credits on soda pops. If you are staying at a resort, try taking a bus to Downtown Disney to avoid traffic in the parking lot. Go to the Marketplace Co-op at Downtown Disney for some of the best WDW-themed merchandise. If you’re on the dining plan, lunch or dinner at Downtown Disney could be a good idea.
Packing carry-on only not only cuts down on the amount of “brain drain” I seem to experience while packing but also on the amount of time I spend doing it.
Packing carry-on only became much more possible when my kids were past the baby and toddler stage. But if you’re taking a longer trip and are willing to do laundry, it’s still possible to pack carry-on.
If you are traveling to the World during the colder months, you will probably need to include a pair or two of pants, at least for night time. I find maintaining a specific packing list for carry-on to Disney World makes packing much more efficient and saves a ton of time. If you’re not already wearing your Magic Bands, packing them in the park bag will ensure you won’t head to the parks without them. Plus, we save time by skipping baggage claim, which can be a benefit on both ends of a trip. Although a great feature of Magical Express is that Disney will transport your luggage directly from the airplane to your room, a benefit of carry-on bags is that we avoid waiting for our bags at our resort, which is particularly nice when we arrive at our resort and our room is ready.
Generally, after the first day, we're over-caloried so we just don't use those snack credits. This store has the most best variety of vinyls, including some that aren’t available at other stores at Disney World.
This is a great way to get a free lunch at Downtown Disney if you are visiting WDW around your birthday.
Let’s face it, just getting to Disney World with the paraphernalia needed for young kids is a major accomplishment. Although doing laundry is no one’s idea of fun on vacation, there are ways to work laundry around your vacation. If you don’t already have a packing list, you can start with this one, customizing it for carry on. It’s a good idea to place this bag in an outside pocket of your luggage for easy access when going through airport security. In addition to the usual electronic devices, headphones, books, and snacks, it works great for kids to carry their own autograph books, pins, and Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game cards.

I transfer my wallet, cell phone, and just a few liquids items such as contact lens drops and hand sanitizer from my quart-size bag to my park bag and I’m ready to go to the parks.
When we arrive in Orlando and are excited to get our vacation started, there’s no boring wait at the baggage carousel. Even if we arrive before check-in time, we have had a lot of luck requesting early check-in ahead of time, allowing us to take a few minutes to deliver our bags to our room and settle in before heading to the parks. Wearing your single pair of shoes on the plane leaves a lot of extra room in your suitcase.
On the last day, we take all our leftover credits to Goofy's Candy Company in Downtown Disney and load up on packaged goodies that fit just fine in our carry-on luggage. But now that our traveling party consists of either adults and older children or adults only, we put everyone to work while traveling carry-on, with each person responsible for a roll aboard bag and a personal item (generally a backpack). I find packing capri pants to be a good compromise because they can often take me from day to night during the cooler parts of the year.
Even if you are working from an established list, be sure to update it once you are finally packed. I usually skip bringing shampoo and conditioner because we can use the ones provided by the resort. We've even gotten wrapped sandwiches from the Earl of Sandwich to take with us to the airport with extra counter service credits! Packable jackets are another option that take up a relatively small amount of room in a bag. I also usually adjust my packing list when we get home based on what items we used, didn’t use, or needed to buy or go without during our vacation.
I also keep in mind that being at Disney World is hardly akin to being stranded on a desert (or even Magic Kingdom’s Tom Sawyer) island, so there is always the option of purchasing a few items that make sense to buy in bigger bottles, like spray sun lotion and shaving cream, when we get there.
29, 2015, most Guests booked on a Walt Disney Travel Company package at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel will receive their luggage tags in the same box as their MagicBands.These new luggage tags feature 7 unique designs each in a color that will correspond to the Guests’ MagicBand. Thanks to Joyce Deen for this tip!Use your AAA card at Earl Of Sandwich in Downtown Disney and get 15% off your total. If you’re staying at one of the deluxe villa resorts, all rooms (with the exception of studios) have a washer and dryer. I have also found that using packing cubes keeps things organized, allows me to compress clothes without too much wrinkling, and makes unpacking into drawers fast because I keep all but the most wrinkle-prone clothes in the cubes. If Guests have not customized their MagicBand color, they will receive a luggage tag in the iconic grey color to match their MagicBand. There are also dry cleaning and valet laundry services available through housekeeping at all Disney World resorts.
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