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Airport security attempts to prevent any threats or potentially dangerous situations from arising or entering the country. While some countries may have an agency that protects all of their airports (such as the United States+, in which the Transportation Security Administration+ polices the airport) , in other countries the protection is controlled at the state or local level. Some incidents have been the result of travelers being permitted to carry either weapon+s or items that could be used as weapons on board aircraft+ so that they could hijack+ the plane.
A recent development is the controversial use of backscatter X-ray+s to detect hidden weapons and explosives on passengers. In some countries, specially trained individuals may engage passengers in a conversation to detect threats rather than solely relying on equipment to find threats.
Generally people are screened through airport security into areas where the exit gates to the aircraft are located. In the United States non-passengers were once allowed on the concourses to meet arriving friends or relatives at their gates, but this is now greatly restricted due to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001+. Sensitive areas in airports, including airport ramps and operational spaces, are restricted from the general public. Throughout the world, there have been a few dozen airports that have instituted a version of a "trusted traveler program". Another critical security measure utilised by several regional and international airports is the use of fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection systems.
The world's first terrorist attack+ while in flight was Cubana Flight 455+ on October 6, 1976, when the airliner flying from Barbados+ to Jamaica+ was brought down by two time bomb+s, killing 73 people. The single deadliest airline catastrophe resulting from the failure of airport security to detect an onboard bomb was Air India Flight 182+ in 1985, which killed 329 people. Another onboard bomb that slipped through airport security was the one on Pan Am Flight 103+ in 1988, which killed 270 people; 259 on the plane, and 11 residents of Lockerbie, Scotland+.
Another notable failure was the 1994 bombing of Philippine Airlines+ Flight 434+, which turned out to be a test run for a planned terrorist attack called Operation Bojinka+.
On May 30, 1972, three members of the Japanese Red Army+ undertook a terrorist attack, popularly called the Lod Airport massacre+, at the Lod Airport, now known as the Ben Gurion International Airport+, in Tel Aviv+. The Rome and Vienna airport attacks+ in December 1985 were two more instances of airport security failures. The September 11 attacks+ are the most widely recognized terrorist attacks in recent times involving air travel. On July 5, 2002, a gunman opened fire at Los Angeles International Airport (Israel's El Al Ticket Counter). On August 10, 2006, security at airports in the United Kingdom+, Canada+, and the United States+ was raised significantly due to the uncovering by British authorities of a terror plot aimed at detonating liquid explosives+ on flights originating from these countries. All restrictions involving airport security are determined by Transport Canada+ and are enforced by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority+ (CATSA). CATSA uses x-ray machines to verify the contents of all carry-ons as well as metal detectors, explosive trace detection+ (ETD) equipment and random physical searches of passengers at the pre-board screening points.
CATSA also completed the first phase of its Restricted Area Identity Card (RAIC) program in January 2007.
The RAIC has yet to be extended to the security perimeter of Canadian airports for vehicles and persons entering from checkpoints not within airport terminals. While CATSA is responsible for pre-board passenger and random non-passenger screening, they contract out to third-party "service providers" such as G4S+, Securitas and Garda+World to train, manage and employ the screening officers. Passenger, luggage and freight security checking and security guard duties are outsourced to contractors. Airport security in the Netherlands is provided by the Koninklijke Marechaussee+(KMar), Royal Military Constabulary. Airport security in Spain is provided by police forces, as well as private security guards. Security measures are controlled by the state owned company Aena+, and are bound to European Commission+ Regulations, as in other European Union countries. Airport security is handled by security guards provided by the airport itself, with police assistance if needed.
The Department for Transport+ (DFT) is the authority for airport security in the United Kingdom.
Since the September 11 attacks in New York+, the United Kingdom+ has been assessed as a high risk country due to its support of the United States both in its invasion of Afghanistan+ and Iraq+.
From January 7, 2000, travelers are no longer limited to a single piece of carry-on luggage at most of the UK's major airports Currently, hand luggage is not limited by size or weight by the DFT, although most airlines do impose their own rules.
The UK trialed a controversial new method of screening passengers to further improve airport security using backscatter X-ray+ machines that provide a 360-degree view of a person, as well as "see" under clothes, right down to the skin and bones.
The Hong Kong International Airport+ is secured by the Hong Kong Police Force+ and Aviation Security Company (AVSECO). While the airport is under the control of the Airport Authority Hong Kong+ (AAHK), the security power has been delegated to the AVSECO staffs. The Immigration Department+ will check incomers passport and other identities, while the Customs and Excise Department+ will check passengers and crews' luggage to discourage smuggling of drugs and contraband from entering Hong Kong. It was in 1972 that terrorists+ from the Japanese Red Army+ launched an attack+ that led to the deaths of at least 24 people at Ben Gurion. On December 27, 1985, terrorists simultaneously attacked El Al ticket counters at the Rome+, Italy+ and Vienna+, Austria+ airports using machine gun+s and hand grenade+s. As part of its focus on this so-called "human factor," Israeli security officers interrogate travelers using racial profiling+, singling out those who appear to be Arab+ based on name or physical appearance.
Despite such tight security, an incident occurred on November 17, 2002 in which a man apparently slipped through airport security at Ben Gurion Airport with a pocketknife+ and attempted to storm the cockpit of El Al+ Flight 581 en route from Tel Aviv to Istanbul+, Turkey+. At a conference in May 2008, the United States Department of Homeland Security+ Secretary+ Michael Chertoff+ told Reuters+ interviewers that the United States will seek to adopt some of the Israeli security measures at domestic airports. Security for the country's two international passenger airports comes under the purview of the Airport Police Division of the Singapore Police Force+, although resources are concentrated at Singapore Changi Airport+ where scheduled passenger traffic dominate. Roving patrol teams of two soldiers and a police officer armed with automatic weapons patrol the terminals at random. Departing passengers are checked at the entrance of the gate rather than after immigration clearance unlike Hong Kong International Airport. Assisting the state organizations, are the security services provided by the ground handlers, namely that of the Certis CISCO+, Singapore Airport Terminal Services+'s SATS Security Services+, and the Aetos Security Management Private Limited+, formed from a merger of the Changi International Airport Services+'s airport security unit and that of other companies to become a single island-wide auxiliary police+ company. Since 2005, an upgrade in screening technology and rising security concerns led to all luggage-screening processes being conducted behind closed doors. Since 8 May 2007, the liquid restrictions of 100 ml cap is enforced, following the 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot+. Prior to the 1970s American airports had minimal security arrangements to prevent aircraft hijacking+s. Sky marshal+s were introduced in 1970, but there were insufficient numbers to protect every flight and hijackings continued to take place. The September 11 attacks+ prompted even tougher regulations+, such as limiting the number of and types of items passengers could carry on board aircraft and requiring increased screening for passengers who fail to present a government-issued photo ID+.
The Aviation and Transportation Security Act generally required that by November 19, 2002 all passenger screening must be conducted by Federal employees.
With the increase in security screening, some airports saw long queues for security checks. The "screening passengers by observation techniques" (SPOT) program is operating at some U.S.
The hand luggage should be no more than 10 in (25 cm) deep, 22 in (56 cm) long and 18 in (46 cm) wide.
However, other airlines allow only a single bag with maximum measurements of 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm.

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Evidence implicated several Central Intelligence Agency+-linked anti-Castro+ Cuban exiles+ and members of the Venezuela+n secret police+ DISIP+, including Luis Posada Carriles+. Firing indiscriminately with automatic firearm+s and throwing grenade+s, they managed to kill 24 people and injure 78 others before being neutralized (one of them through suicide). The attacks left 20 people dead when gunmen threw grenades and opened fire on travelers at El Al+ airline ticket counters. On the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 members of the Islamic terrorist+ group Al-Qaeda+ took control of four airplanes on the east coast of the United States+ and deliberately crashed two into both World Trade Center+ towers in New York City+ and the third into the Pentagon+ in Arlington County, Virginia+. Since the September 11, 2001 attacks, as well as the Air India bombing+ in 1985 and other incidents, airport security has tightened in Canada+ in order to prevent any attacks in Canadian Airspace. X-ray machines, CTX+ machines, high-resolution x-rays and ETDs are also used to scan checked bags. This program replaces the old Airport Restricted Area Passes issued to airport employees after security checks by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service+, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police+ (RCMP) and Transport Canada+ with new cards (issued after the same checks are conducted) that contain biometric information (fingerprints and iris scans+) belonging to the person issued the RAIC.
The regulation's provisions apply to all airports or parts of airports located in an EU country that are not used exclusively for military purposes. Some EU countries had no checks for domestic flights until around 2005 (introducing full security checks took some time since terminals might need expansion). General public security is the responsibility of the Finnish Police, which has an airport unit at Helsinki Airport. The Policia Nacional+ provides general security as well as passport (in international airports) and documentation checking. In September 2004, with the Home Office+, DFT started an initiative called the "Multi Agency Threat and Risk Assessment" (MATRA), which was piloted at five of the United Kingdom's major airports — Heathrow+, Birmingham+, East Midlands Airport+, Newcastle+ and Glasgow+. They are no longer used and were replaced by millimeter wave scanner+s which shows any hidden items while not showing the body of the passenger. Within the police force, the Airport District is responsible for the safety and security of the airport region. All persons and baggages carried by them must be X-Rayed and checked at the security screening points of the AVSECO (with a few exceptions at the Tenant Restricted Area). The Central Industrial Security Force+, a paramilitary organisation is in charge of airport security under the regulatory frame work of the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security( Ministry of Civil Aviation). Another problem that some airports face is the proliferation of slums around the airport boundaries in places like Mumbai+. Additionally, all passengers, even those who do not appear to be of Arab descent, are questioned as to why they are traveling to Israel, followed by several general questions about the trip in order to search for inconsistencies. The computers, maintained by the Israeli Ministry of Interior+, are connected to the Israeli police+ and Interpol+ in order to catch suspects or others leaving the country illegally.
While no injuries were reported and the attacker was subdued by guards hidden among the passengers 15 minutes before the plane landed safely in Turkey, authorities did shut down Ben Gurion for some time after the attack to reassess the security situation and an investigation was opened to determine how the man, an Israeli Arab+, managed to smuggle the knife past the airport security. He left his post in January 2009, a mere 6 months after this statement, which may or may not have been enough time to implement them. Israeli officials toured Los Angeles Airport+ in November 2008 to re-evaluate the airport after making security upgrade recommendations in 2006. Seletar Airport+, which specializes in handling non-scheduled and training flights, is seen as posing less of a security issue. This security measure is easily noticed by the presence of X-ray machines and metal detectors at every gate, which is not normally seen at other airports. These officers' duties include screening luggage and controlling movement into restricted areas.
Plans are also in place to install over 400 cameras to monitor the airport, to discourage bomb attacks similar to the 2005 Songkhla bombings+ in Southern Thailand+ where Hat Yai International Airport+ was targeted.
Passengers are advised to check in liquids, gels and aerosols above 100 ml, failing which they will be confiscated by airport security and have to post it back to oneself. On November 10, 1972 a trio of hijackers threatened to fly Southern Airways Flight 49+ into a nuclear reactor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory+. As a result, passenger and baggage screening is now provided by the Transportation Security Administration+ (TSA), part of the Department of Homeland Security+.
To alleviate this, airports created Premium lines for passengers traveling in First or Business Class, or those who were elite members of a particular airline's Frequent Flyer program. Kennedy International Airport+ in New York, an elderly man drove his car onto the runway through two security gates.
However, the IATA (International Air Transport Association) has set down recommendations (not mandatory) for airlines.
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The pink and green colors really compliment each other against the black backdrop of this 2 piece selection. Similarly, the high concentration of people on large airliner+s, the potential high death rate with attacks on aircraft, and the ability to use a hijacked airplane as a lethal weapon may provide an alluring target for terrorism, whether or not they succeed due their high profile nature following the various attacks and attempts around the globe in recent years. As such, airport security serves several purposes: To protect the airport and country from any threatening events, to reassure the traveling public that they are safe and to protect the country and their people. Passengers are discharged from airliners into the sterile area so that they usually will not have to be re-screened if disembarking from a domestic flight; however they are still subject to search at any time. The most common reasons that a non-passenger may obtain a gate pass is to assist children and the elderly as well as for attending business meetings that take place in the secure area of the airport. Systems can consist of physical access control gates or more passive systems that monitor people moving through restricted areas and sound an alert if an restricted area is entered.
They argue that searching trusted, verified individuals should not take the amount of time it does. GardaWorld operates at 28 airports within Canada, mainly under the leadership of Chantal Baril, Vice-President Aviation division. The provisions also apply to all operators, including air carriers, providing services at the aforementioned airports.
The airport unit has a criminal investigation, a canine and a TEPO (terrorist and bomb) squad, and a PTR (police, customs and border guard) intelligence component.
The program uses troops to reinforce local security and increases requirements in screenings and ID checks. The exemption was granted by the EEA Joint Committee citing the geographical remoteness of the country as well as its low population density and small size of aircraft used in domestic operations. In Catalonia+ and Basque Country+, the Mossos d'Esquadra+ and the Ertzaintza+, respectively, have replaced the Policia Nacional except for documentation functions. Airport Security Units+ are deployed around the airport and are armed with H&K MP5+ A3 sub-machine guns and Glock 17+ pistol+s.
In response, Israel developed further methods to stop such massacres and drastically improved security measures around Israeli airports and even promised to provide plainclothes+ armed guards at each foreign airport.Washington Times+ , August 6, 2008 The last successful airline-related terrorist attack was in 1986, when a security agent found a suitcase full of explosives during the initial screening process. Although numerous civil rights+ groups have demanded an end to the profiling, Israel maintains that it is both effective and unavoidable.
Calling Ben Gurion "the world’s safest airport," Antonio Villaraigosa+, mayor+ of Los Angeles+, has implemented the Israeli review in order to bring state-of-the-art technology and other tactical measures to help secure LAX, considered to be the state’s primary terrorist target and singled out by the Al Qaeda network.
Since the September 11, 2001 attacks+, and the naming of Changi Airport as a terrorism target by the Jemaah Islamiyah+, the airport's security has been stepped up.
As a direct response to this incident, the Federal Aviation Administration+ required that all airlines begin screening passengers and their carry-on baggage by January 5, 1973.
Provisions to improve the technology for detecting explosives were included in the Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004.
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In the United States, at least 24 hours notice is generally required for those planning to attend a business meeting inside the secure area of the airport. Critics argue that such programs decrease security by providing an easier path to carry contraband through. The incident also led to tighter restrictions on carrying liquids and gels in hand luggage in the EU+, Canada+, and the United States.
In addition, individual airport authorities which were privatized in the 1990s by the Canadian Government are responsible for general airport security rather than CATSA and normally contract out to private companies and in the case of large airports, pay for a small contingent of local police officers to remain on site as well. It also applies to all entities located inside or outside airport premises providing services to airports. Furthermore, units of the Finnish Border Guard units at airports often arrest wanted individuals or fugitives at the border, and the Finnish Customs seizes e.g. The Guardia Civil+ handles the security and customs checking, often aided by private security guards.
Every airport has now been given an APSU (Airport Security Unit), a trained unit to counter unlawful interference with civil aviation.
According to Ariel Merari, an Israeli terrorism expert, "it would be foolish not to use profiling when everyone knows that most terrorists come from certain ethnic groups.
He was so impressed with a briefing presented by the Israelis that he suggested a trip to Israel to the U.S.
In general practice, unacceptable materials are also confiscated and have to post it back to yourself (excluding nail clippers, nail files, umbrellas and racquets). He made it to the food court in the back of the terminal where federal agents tracked him down and shot him. Airport Security Police (Bermuda)+ The 'Airport Security Police' is the police force of the Bermuda International Airport. China supplier of luggage, briefcase, carry on luggage, hand luggage, kids luggage, laptop luggage, luggage sets, rolling luggage, soft luggage, suitcases, travel luggage, trolley case, wheeled luggage, travel bags, sports bags, trolley bags, waist bags, backpack, laptop backpack, rolling backpack, school backpack, sports backpack, travel backpack, laptop bags, computer cases, hand bags, handbags, wallets.
In the United States the TSA is working on new scanning machines that are still effective searching for objects that aren't allowed in the airplanes but that don't depict the passengers in a state of undress that some find embarrassing.
Other countries, such as Australia do not restrict non-travellers from accessing the airside area, however non-travellers are typically subject to the same security scans as travellers.
The attacks resulted in the deaths of 2,996 people, including the 245 civilians+ and a law enforcement officer+ and the 19 hijackers+ on board the four airplanes. Apart from the CISF, every domestic airline has an security group who looks after the aircraft security. On the same day a man made it on to the runway by running through a secure gate while it was being opened at Midway International Airport+ in Chicago. He was then transported to a trauma hospital where he was treated for his injuries and was released by the end of November to law enforcement.
Airport Security Police+ The Policia de Seguridad Aeroportuaria (Airport Security Police; PSA) is an Argentine law enforcement agency created to protect and guard national public airports. Because of the high volume of passenger traffic, category X airports are considered vulnerable targets for terrorism. The man made it through one of the three perimeter entrances that did not have a camera, resulting in four different runways being closed down.
Airport policing in the United Kingdom+ Airport policing in the United Kingdom has taken many forms since the rise of scheduled airline services in the post-war period. This incident led to 222 aviation security officers being retrained and a redesign of all perimeter gates.
Flights that were already in the air and were preparing to land at these runways were either directed to land at the south runways or to divert to Ontario International Airport+ or Long Beach Airport+. He holds a joint professorship in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication and in Interactive Computing in the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he is the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts Distinguished Chair in Media Studies.

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