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Whether you’re bringing along the whole family or a group of your friends, or embarking on your next impromptu adventure, the new Chevrolet Spark is ready to roll!
Front disc brakes and ABS prevent the wheels from locking, reduce uncontrolled skidding while braking, and enhance overall safety for both driver and passengers. Spark’s advanced suspension gives you tighter control, all seated on a rigid chassis connecting you to the city streets.
Shopping trips and weekends away are fun and easy when you can flip open the large hatch and pile everything into the cargo space of Chevrolet Spark.

With room for you and four passengers, plus plenty of cargo space, Spark gives you everything you need to enjoy the ride. Chevy engineers gave Spark a streamlined design while using every bit of space to show that less can be more. And with a tight turning radius of 5 m, Spark has all the maneuverability you need to make the city your own. General Motors Vietnam has the right to change automobile details without prior notification.

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