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Suit Up Philippines was born from the entrepreneurial and creative minds of Jani Laurito, Leslie Dayupay, Jam Del Rosario and Denesse Cajulis.
With the recent #TanimBala incidents, I’m pretty sure that a lot of travelers have been rattled and have been very extra careful of their luggage that it is almost essential to have your own luggage cover to protect your luggages. Suit Up Philippines aim to provide high quality luggage covers that gives its customers the power to creatively express their personal style while giving them the best travel experience They want to be the most trusted partner in creating a world conducive to travel, adventure and creativity.
From ordering, to delivery, to packaging, to design and quality, Suit Up Philippines has already raised the bar. The snapback technology also makes the covers more intact and harder to remove when in transit. For the price, I would say it’s pretty affordable for the quality and service that you will get.
And just before the year ends, Suit Up PH will be giving away luggage covers to lucky readers! Our BALIKBAYAN BOX COVERS are 100% Philippines Made and are fitted perfectly with ordinary balikbayan covers!

Highlights3 Months Local Supplier Warranty Top and side carry handles Provides peace of mind when checking cases at the airport Waterproof and flexible With Combination Lock 360 degree ultra silent 4 wheels system Protect your luggage from scratches, dirt and grime with Luggage Covers This lightweight and durable cover slips over your luggage, preventing scuffs, tears, scratches, and accidental openings as your luggage comes in contact with wear and tear during travels Removable and reusable on other luggage or baggage. I’m pretty excited this year because it’s my first holiday with the company I love, been spending more time with people close to me, will be flying for a vacation very, very soon! These four ladies have definitely redefined traveling by combining function, passion and fashion into one product.
Of course some would not only want protection but also style for their luggage… and so this is where Suit Up Philippines comes in!
Lightweight & portable Waterproof The Diamond Travel Luggage has four 360 degree spinning wheels that move just as you move, without any restrictions. But before everyone goes on their holiday mode, I’d like to share my new luggage covers for everyone to know. And as for the product itself, the luggage covers are thick and water-resistant making the luggage protected from potential damages. So When In Manila, make your travel safer and hassle free, keep your luggage protected with Suit Up Philippines. They also give discounts for bulk orders!

Maneuvering in a crowded airport or walking on an uneven road on the street would not pose as a hindrance for this bag.
They’ve got you covered as they have partnered with a variety of local artists to create collections for them with various designs you can choose from… or better yet be your own artist and personalize your own!
400.000,- Pada saat traveling, seringkali koper kita menjadi kotor karena terkena debu dan kotoran selama perjalanan.
Koper kita juga rentan tergores karena tertimpa atau bergesekan dengan koper milik orang lain pada saat dimasukkan ke bagasi.
Keep headaches to a minimum by securing your belongings with our travel luggage cover.A ThenA after spending hundreds of dollars on a branded luggage which you can carry all around the world, it would be heart-breaking to find scratches or dirt on it. Spandex Luggage Cover tersedia dalam 3 pilihan ukuran dan 5 pilihan warna yaitu ukuran 22, 24, 28 dengan warna red, yellow, green, grey dan black.

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