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Protect your Hartmann Luggage or other brand of luggage with Hartmanns Universal Plastic Luggage Cover for Uprights. Keep your luggage looking nice for longer with the Hartmann Universal Plastic Luggage Cover for Uprights!
An individual who has purchased the reviewed item from our company and submitted their review using a process that verifies purchase history. The full manufacturer's warranty from Hartmann is only valid when the Hartmann Universal Plastic Luggage Cover for Uprights is purchased from an Internet Authorized Dealer. If there is one thing to preserve the value and beauty of bags and suitcases, the luggage covers are the recommended solutions.
With colors and designs different from the common appearance of luggage, you can easily identify or spot your luggage as they travel along the airport carousel or conveyor. The covers usually have top openings to make the bag accessible for hauling and trolley handling. Luggage covers are durable as they are made of carefully chosen materials that can withstand frequent air, water or land travel. Luggage covers are an effective way to protect the luggage from the inevitable wear and tear associated with travel. Enter your zip code for product availability and pickup options at your nearest store or select a store by state.

Give your suitcase a different look for every trip with these fun luggage covers from Loqi.
Inspired by the top attractions of Italy, London, Moscow, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo, these covers will make your luggage almost instantly identifiable; you'll easily be able to spot it from afar on the luggage belt. Made of reusable polyester and spandex, these covers are said to be water-resistant and fade-proof and will fit most medium-sized luggage. As shown in the diagram above, simply pull the cover over the top of your luggage and fasten the buttons at the bottom to keep it a secure fit on your precious travel baggage. Robot hand-pulled Ramen noodles store is found in China Shanghai shopping district, attracting a lot of Ramen eaters to come.
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We will match any Internet Authorized Dealer's best price on the Hartmann Universal Plastic Luggage Cover for Uprights. These covers are dubbed luggage protect as they function for the preservation of the original material from any spoilage. These luggage covers have passed airports a number of times and no problem has ever been encountered.

Not only does it safeguard your luggage, it adds graphic style and makes your bag easier to spot on a carousel.
The brand's OEKO-TEX certification ensures that you're also getting an eco-friendly buy, made from sustainable materials. These designer luggage bags cost a fortune and they will not be given special attention when rolling in airport conveyors. On this protective vinyl cover there are cut out areas for accessibility and adaption to your luggage piece.
These can be grease stains, scrapes, spills and scratches.  Luggage covers will keep these ugly damages away from the fabric or leather material of your bag thus retaining their beauty and brand new look.
This will make your luggage distinct from the rest of the other luggage in an airport conveyor.
Any damage such as scratches and stains (no matter how minimal) will bring big depreciation on the value of the luggage and therefore is a big waste of money! Owners of the luggage value the bags and take care of these valuable travel companion by using luggage covers.

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