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Still, whatever your views on product branding are, the brand name can tell you a lot about the luggage you are considering and help you to find the best luggage for your travel needs.
By going for certain brand name, buyers are likely to feel more confident about their purchase, i.e. Quality however comes at cost and the brand name can help you to identify the level of quality you can expect. So the bag brand can tell you what quality level you can expect but it can tell you much more.
Whereas some brands may be of high quality but still be struggling to get the prices that the better-known brands can achieve.
Some bag brands offer cheaper versions of their products but they still tend to be within the same price range, e.g. Whatever style you are looking for, you are likely to find that some luggage brands offers lot of bags you like, while others have none you like. The bottom line is that the luggage brand name gives you some idea of what you can expect from your bag. Like the Tumi brand targets discerning professionals and frequent travelers, offering luxury travel, business, and lifestyle accessories (high quality, high price, design excellence, technical innovation).
Samsonite on the other hand is in the business of building confidence (as they say on their website).
While Eagle Creek offers full spectrum of innovative travel solutions and can outfit any traveler for any adventure travelling. All those luggage brands have very distinct image, you know what they stand for and therefore if they are likely to be what you are looking for or not. However, knowing the aesthetics of the famous Rimowa brand, I found it difficult to disagree with him.
Though the original company was established in 1898, Rimowa’s signature aluminium grooved suitcases did not appear until 1937.
Though originally a classic 19th century luggage company, Rimowa is very much the luggage marque of the mid-20th century. Aesthetically, they seem to possess both the romance of early flight and the minimalist cool of modern travel.

Since the early days of flight when Rimowa’s light and in-theme luggage captured the imagination of enthusiastic air pioneers, Rimowa has moved on.
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Bond, of course, preferred pigskin luggage since it was relatively cheap and it could survive a beating. Men’s Flair is online magazine for men with flair for style and interests beyond fleeting looks of the season. Other leather colours and finishes include (but are not limited to) brown, burgundy and crocodile.
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Do not post business enquiry here, click Get a quote to contact the supplier if you want to buy it. Some people prefer certain luggage brands, while others are simply more brand conscious than others.
Some luggage manufacturers target all travelers, while others target business travelers, women travelers, adventure travelers or fashion conscious travelers.
Their focus is therefore on reliability and durability, as well as style and innovative functionality. Even if you know and like some brand, you still need to evaluate and compare those features that matters most to you.
The luggage was a mixture of mid-blue, red, khaki and army green with brown and tan leather straps, covered in peeling stickers and travel labels, and there it was; sat at the little-changed entrance to an Art Deco palace.
In fact, the decision to use this unconventional material in luggage manufacture was the result not of ingenuity but of an unfortunate accident and improvisation. The iconic aluminium cases are of the aviation age; Globe Trotter cases, despite their lightness, belong to the age of the ocean liner. They also look terribly serious, industrial and almost scientific, like they contain things of consequence, things worth protecting.

Over two thirds of its global sales come from their newer, lighter and stronger polycarbonate cases (the Salsa, Bolero and Limbo ranges).
The Topas was first introduced in the 1950s, and therefore has retro appeal, but it isn’t as romantic as the Classic Flight which betrays none of the improvements that have been made to the Topas and instead boasts delightful details like polished corners and leather handles. A pair of luxury leather luggage tags, made from full-grain leather and featuring a leather flap window exposing the owner's address.
We offer discerning customers high quality classic lines balanced with contemporary chic designs, all in exquisite fabrics. Whereas some people do not care about brand names at all, they only want to find the best bag within their budget. Branding not only helps the seller to be noticed, it can also help the seller to get certain message about the product across, e.g.
You can of course find traditional bag that is trendy, fashionable and functional but then that is likely to be the overall style of that particular brand.
The story goes that sometime in the 1930s, Richard Morszeck and his father Paul’s luggage factory in Cologne suffered a conflagration; all the materials that had been used to make classical luggage (wooden construction) were lost. Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on how paranoid you are about luggage-handling theft. Though of an improved specification and extraordinarily popular, they are not as aesthetically appealing as the aluminium cases which come in three ranges; Topas, Silver Integral and Classic Flight.
If anything was to rival my admiration for the likes of Globe Trotter and Alstermo Bruk, I think I have found it. The signature palette of the Black collections is soft and neutral whilst that of the Bright By Black is bold and vibrant. Unsurprising, considering that they are made from aircraft aluminium, the same material that clad the famous Junkers planes.

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