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The standard configuration of electronically scales bearing force transmission organizations ( scale body ) , high-precision load cell, weighing display instrument three main composition, thus can be completed to scale the basic weighing functions can also be based on different user requirements, optional printer , large screen monitors , computer management system to complete a higher level of data management and transmission.
To view this content, JavaScript must be enabled, and you need the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player. This time, I added prettier authentic vintage legs and a soft and cozy faux chinchilla covering that transformed it into a luxurious luggage bench.

I usually don’t even like faux fur, but when I felt this faux chinchilla, I was surprised and excited to use it on the bench. This sophisticated piece of design is made using exotic wood veneers and you have your choice of Macassar Ebon, Walnut or Zebrano veneer. The Gus Modern Return Bench can give your house some serious design points, and leave you feeling even more cool than you did before.

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