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Safari 4 Wheeler Uprights are powered by Super Mobility Wheeling Systems that provides a comfortable and stress free towing experience. Trendy, lightweight, with great business accessories organization, Laptop and filing sections ensure a confident business traveller. Classically designed, durable and safe suitcase systems with dependable locking systems are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Stylish & Durable, Safari's range of backpacks are designed to be your companion in your chase to be an A - Lister! Expressing undeniable style thanks to its gorgeous craftsmanship is none other than one of Celine’s most iconic bags, the Celine Luggage Tote. The city-like trend of this luggage tote pairs up well with almost any outfit combination, and the variety of available color combinations makes it easy to find a bag that suits your style. Similar to the Luggage Tote yet still boasting its own exclusive style and chicness is, of course, the Celine Phantom Tote- another one of Celine’s most iconic and must-have bags.
This gorgeous bag is so simple- so subtle- and yet, still holds true to the sexy city girl style we know and love from Celine.
Fine detailing combined with the signature extended wings holding true to original Celine designs is what you’ll find from the Celine Trapeze Bag. Pair this lovely bag up with a pair of jeans and a button-down or try it on with your fanciest apparel. Simplicity and utter elegance all wrapped up in a beautiful compact design- that’s what you can expect from this timeless piece, the Celine Classic Box Bag.
Use this delicacy as a clutch for days when looking absolutely fashionable and hip is a must, or throw on the attachable shoulder strap on nights when luxury is needed. The Celine Tie Bag gets its name from the fashionable knots at the base of the handles, and it’s obviously something that we can enjoy. Not to mention the ravishing zippers embellished on the front of the bag and unique, vibrant color combinations to choose from. Hi there, although the Celine trio bag is not on the current collections website can I still buy this a Celine boutique ? The Celine Trio Bag is from the permanent collection, they don’t get posted ont he website but they are available in store. Hi guys, anyone know whats the price in euro for black Celine mini luggage in drummed leather? Hi Natasja, I think you mean the Celine All Soft Bag, the latest price recorded was $2600 USD.

Hello Celine Lovers, is there any Chance to buy the Celine Belt Bag in Switzerland or online. The latest colors for Celine Nano and Mini Luggage bags consists of dark hues in burgundy, navy blue, black and brown. Buying a Celine Mini Luggage Tote bag from a previous season at a reputable designer consignment store is a great option now that prices are rising. The 4 System allows you to push your upright by your side thereby reducing pressure on your wrists and elbows.
The 2 wheeler system provides a comfortable towing experience and ensures that heavy loads can be moved with the minimum of effort.
So pick up a backpack that suits you the most, and chase all that your heart desires with a passion like never before. The undeniable sex appeal, the splash of femininity, and the downright lady-like style is something every city girl craves. It’s great size comes in handy for day or night trips, making it the go-to for all situations. Throw this bag on your arm and dash through city streets with ease- and look good doing it. This luxurious tote opens wider than the Luggage Tote thanks to the expanded side wings, and with the added touch of tassels at the edges, the bag comes together for a classical view we love. The simplicity of the craftsmanship is the focal point of this gorgeous bag, and women will surely enjoy the mass amount of storage space available inside. The versatility of this bag is no secret, which is why it’s one of the most wanted bags from Celine.
You’ll love the simplicity of this bag, and you’ll adore the available colors, from stunningly bright reds to subtle baby blues. Grab up this brand new style and rock the latest trends with ease, as this lovely luggage-style bag can be matched up with just about any getup- from subtle to fancy and everything in between.
Step aside, because the Celine Cabas Bag was just recently introduced to the world of fashion- and it’s been introduced with a bang.
The whole style is fun and intriguing and is truly something we haven’t seen from the Celine fashion company before.
Safari Wheeling systems have ball bearings to ensure minimum friction to enhance the towing experience. And while it started in the 1950’s as a shoe company for kids, Celine has certainly come along way and is now the ‘IT’ bag for even the hottest celebs like Rihanna, Nicole Richie, and Kourtney Kardashian.

You’ll find plenty of space in the roomy interior for all your essentials (with wiggle room for things you don’t even really need) aside a gorgeous exterior that is nothing short of fabulous. Unmistakably chic and undeniably fancy, the Phantom Tote is the ‘IT’ bag for fashion forward women who love to wine and dine.
The basic, yet modern style can easily be thrown over the shoulder for a cute crossbody look, perfect for busy days in the city. This particular must-have bag comes in color combos you’ll adore alongside unique designs that set this bag apart from its competition. It’s small stature still makes a remarkable entrance no matter where it goes and it can be easily matched with any of your favorite outfits.
Simply flip the top of this bag back and enjoy plenty of room for imperative items like your lipstick, credit card, and smartphone. This bag looks great with a pair of skinny jeans and a cute top, but can also look very nice on the arm of a woman rocking her favorite little black dress. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, this must-have accessory is surely on the list of ‘wants’ for women. It clasps easily and will surely add a feminine appeal no matter what you’re wearing or where you’re going.
It’s the Celine Tie Bag- the newest addition to the fabulous collection of Celine handbags- and let’s just face it: we are loving every second of it.
It’s incredibly stylish and adds a significant amount of length to the entire look (perfect for women who love to look lengthy and sexy). Choose between color combos ranging from bold to subtle, just like you see in this stunning black and white duo bag.
A must-have bag for ladies who enjoy smaller bags or simply don’t want to switch it up from their usual larger-than-life bags. It’s notably the revamped Phantom Bag (we absolutely adore) and has recently been seen in the Celine’s Spring (Resort) 2014 Collection with a whole new splash of vibrant colors. The style is seriously all the rage and any lady can enjoy the extended sides, only giving it a city style with plenty of added storage space.

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