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Counterfeiting is a $600 billion dollar industry, according to International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, accounting for 7% of world trade as featured in Forbes. If you really need to buy outside the boutique, visit the store and look at the actual bag model you intend to buy.
Upside down Louis Vuitton monograms on the other side of the bag tells you that this bag was made from one solid piece of canvas. When you do buy Louis Vuitton from a boutique it will come with tags- but they are never attached to the bag. As seen above, the double bubble seam, and the logo being all kinds of cut off flipped and introverted is a dead giveaway.  The Louis Vuitton monograms on a real bag will always line up horizontally and vertically, and they will never overlap with the zipper.
You are looking at a fake Louis Vuitton if any of its camel-colored handles are not painted red at the seams. So, have you spotted any fake resellers? Tell us if you have encountered bad shopping experiences too. If one could not afford the luxury of a real LV, than don’t look stupid buying a fake. Thank you sooo much, this is eye-opening to say the least, now I can bust all those wannabees with their neverfulls an their speedies and can see at just one glance, Fake!!!
According to this the only place to get a real bag is if you buy it from the LV store, period.
I purchased a “authentic” LV, from Ebay, was NOT cheap, everything checked out with being authentic, except, after I got it home, the inside is like flaking, getting all over my things, is this at all commo? Hi Wendy, I’m not expert but I can tell you that new LV bags should not be flaking inside.
Hi, I’m now VERY concerned that my pre-loved item(s)* purchased from a well-known, reputable shop may actually be FAKE.
Heathrow's Terminal 5 has a Victoria's Secret concession and I cannot pass through it without picking up something. Natural sponges are for sale all over Santorini and Rhodes and I got this one for only 3.50 euros. You have been spending all your time on drooling over the latest, limited edition of Louis Vuitton bags, be it in India or anywhere else; by online purchase, from the most authentic retail store or their brand store. Therefore, check the code which is located beneath the D-ring.With these tips in hand, you are ready to continue your quest of buying the perfect and prestigious Louis Vuitton handbag.
Like Speedy and Noe Bag, Louis Vuitton Alma bag is one of the classics in the house of Louis Vuitton. Here are some photos of the fake Alma on eBay, can you spot the differences between this one and an authentic Louis Vuitton monogram Alma bag?
Clue number 2: Real Louis Vuitton Alma bags never have large center pocket divider inside the bag. Thanks to the combined knowledge of handbag addicts, experts and bloggers, we pieced together a list of 12 ways that can help you determine the authenticity of your favorite designer handbag. So check out our 12 ways to spot a fake Louis Vuitton. For the past month, we've been challenging customers in our Shangri-La Ithaca store to identify which of two pouchettes is FAKE and win 20% off ANY real Louis Vuitton in the store or 10% off anything else!
The whole idea for this game started when we received a FAKE pouchette from an LV reseller who claims to be an expert. So, now after the Apple Festival this weekend (October 7-9, 2005) the fun in the Shangri-La Ithaca shop has to end, and I will return the FAKE next week for my FULL refund, I hope.
I was planning to have images cycle through a series of comparative shots, but I want to challenge the pros a little and see how few images you need to tell the difference, so I will start with the hardest clues.
Click HERE to see a wide selection of gifts showing Maile with Louis Vuitton fashions, including her pinup 2006 calendar! Please visit SILK VELVET DEVORE for our unique selection of inhouse designed rectangular shawls. My readers and my friends always ask me where they can find the best Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote replica handbags, so it seems that the LV Neverfull fake bag is a very popular model.
Another reason why the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote replica handbag is such a popular bag is the fact that it comes in three sizes, PM, GM and MM, and in a lot of colors.
The fact that it can come anywhere with you is also a great reason to purchase a bag, and I mean at the office, at school, I can even tell you to take it to the beach now that summer is here. I don’t recommend taking a never full tote to the beach but in this case the materials that the fake Neverfull bags are made out of are very resistant and they stand the test of time. I leave you to check all the Neverfull replica bags and please let me know which is your favorite style and color. Today I’ve received an email regarding one of my favorite knock off Louis Vuitton bags, the Speedy Bandouliere. Today I’m about to de-bunk a few myths about handbags that have been around for so long now. About meMy name is Chloe and several years ago I moved to Los Angeles from beautiful Europe. These tips have been compiled for die-hard Louis Vuitton fans who will buy their bags anywhere.

This means, there are a lot of fakes out there, especially the internet. In fact, Louis Vuitton has sued both eBay and Google for selling knock-offs. Real Louis Vuitton zipper pulls are engraved lightly on the brass with rounder logo font (see above pic). Authentic trademark symbols are evenly stamped while fake ones are uneven and use a different font.
The oxidizing natural cowhide leather does not need this protective plastic, and bags that come with that plastic might be fakes.
Real Louis Vuitton bags do not have “Authenticity Cards.”  Tags will usually come with the receipt, or tucked on the inside.
A company like Louis Vuitton, which values its logo, wouldn’t divide the letters in a seam or under a handle. Although not everyone can afford to buy new LV in the stores, we still think buying in LV directly is the safest.
It’s a good investment to my opinion cause when I leave this world my children or grandchildren will own it and carry them and pass them down to theirs! We really want to help fashionistas out there learn the difference between fakes and authentic Louis Vuitton. I see you are very passionate about your bags and no one likes other people thinking that they are carrying a fake when they have paid real money for it. However, I have seen very old vintage authentic LV where the inner pocket has become sticky and flaky.
I have been disappointed with my Damier Speedy and my Damier Neverfull, from the 2006 and 2007 lines, which both flaked in the inner pocket. Because I bought my speedy 30 monogram at holt renfrew last year and when I checked on the stitching its not 5 stitches anymore.
This happened during my little September jaunt around Greece, but the most damage was done in Rhodes.
We know that these designer bags make it to the top list of your wardrobe accessories and are the apple of your eyes! Paying the price: Numero uno rule is that if the bag claims to come at a price less than 300$ and still poses to be brand new, then there might be trouble brewing up! Be careful of the fakes and save your precious money!Here is a video for your better understanding!
While she is not working, she loves to read books, play sports, dance, watch movies or simply travel. Patterns: The LV monograms on a real bag will always line up horizontally and vertically, and they will never overlap with the zipper.
Date codes: Starting in the early 1980s, Louis Vuitton imprinted the interior of all their bags with date codes.
Interiors: The inside of a real Louis Vuitton is very simple, and rarely contains inner pockets with LV monogram patterns. Today I will dedicate my handbag review to this beautiful bag and share with you what makes it so popular and special.
From colors as plain as black and white to more interesting colors such as fuchsia, yellow mustard, turquoise, mint and the list goes on and on.
They can be made of Monogram canvas that LV has enchanted us with for many years, to the very colorful Epi Leather.
These days luxury handbag resellers can be found on websites, Facebook, Instagram, blogs and small boutiques. Observe how the counterfeit tag is roughly stitched on while the authentic tag has straight stitching with a slight angle.
On handle tabs, each portion of the tab will have the same amount of stitches as its corresponding tab on the other side of the bag.
So our objective is to help shoppers make informed purchases =) Thanks for your comment and have a beautiful day Andy!
Ever Louis Vuitton Keepall 50 Monogram bag I’ve bought (which is 2) had the LV cut on the side of the bag at the seam and I bought the bag at the LV store.
I have LOTS of photos (mine, and from the original selling link) and details to provide — is there an email to which I can send them? I love cute stationery and these HK notebooks were only 1.60 euros each - I've dedicated the 'butterfly' one to my blog, I'm always jotting down ideas for posts and looks. But, my dear friends, has it ever crossed your mind that your latest Louis Vuitton India purchase could be a fake considering Louis Vuitton purse prices are not less than a couple of thousand pounds making them one of the most expensive handbag brands in the world.With so many retail outlets opening for exclusive LV, Louis Vuitton India has made a mark in the eCommerce section with special prices too. Subscribe Now Subscribers2,50,000G+ Views4,167,817Facebook546,080 Subscribe with us to be Updated on the Latest Fashion Trends, Beauty and Health Tips!
That’s probably why when a very obvious fake Alma bag appeared on eBay, lots of buyers put their best bids forward. If a counterfeiter is careless enough to state where their fake was actually produced (in China for example) it is clearly a fake. A real dust bag will also be made of quality material (not cheap plastic) and will have square corners, not rounded edges.

I will also give you a few replica sites suggestions with the best quality replica Neverfull bag.
I can tell you from personal experience and a lot of wearing that they are very strong and resistant fake bags.
On PurseValley.cn they have over 30 Neverfull models with prices starting at $100 and reaching the highest price of $200. And don’t forget consignment shops as the rich folks only wear their designer bags once or twice. So how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton? It’s about protecting a brand. “The problem with counterfeiting is that it destroys your image,” Carcelle said to Forbes. Count them out if you have to–five stitches across the top of one handle require five stitches across the other.
So a little research will show you that ALL Louis Vuitton Keepall 50 Monogram duffle bags have the LV cut at the seams on the side. If you could further contribute your knowledge to other readers, you are welcome to send in pictures of your bag. The bag looks wonderful overall but under very close scrutinization when comparing details to an authentic, I notice some easily missed discrepancies on mine… # of stitches,, hardware embossing, uneven patina, etc.
I even got a Fez and decided I would start a hat collection for chrissakes!Anyway, a shame shared is a shame halved, right?!
These are available with EMI options and best deals over plenty eCommerce websites to buy online such as Snapdeal and so on.
For example, at all four spots where the handles connect to a Speedy bag, there will be 5 even stitches at the top of the connecting piece. A very small price to pay for such a popular replica bag, not to mention that the products that they have are among the highest quality replicas I’ve seen. The stitching should always be uniform and it would never spill over onto the edges as seen on the fake. However, that is the onlly bag I’ve ever seen with the LV split at the seam on the sides of the bag.
I simply can’t be sure if these are normal modifications perhaps made by LV, or signs of a fake! It's not a great fake, the burgundy bits on the handles are too red and the measurements are a bit off compared to the real version, which is, by the way £435 for a canvas bag! We could absolutely trust the exclusive retail store for original and authentic products, can we have a blind faith and trust products sold Louis Vuitton in India?Hardcore fashionistas would do anything to lay their hands on a Louis Vuitton original bag!
Not a bargain at all considering imitations like this are easily available from markets in Thailand or KL China Town for below $30. If you see a Louis Vuitton bag for substantially less than it cost new, it is most likely fake. But they’re even more fabulous because we do our best to weed out the fakes, and showcase the gorgeous authentic beauties.
I also doubt the 'leather' bits are real and therefore won't tan over time in the same way as the real McCoy. My point: it is very possible (more than likely) to have an authentic bag with a peeling interior pocket.
I've been looking at this bag for a while (although I hated LV and thought it was awful for years) as I love to lug around a bunch of stuff.
Say no to Plastic: Avoid bags which have plastic wrapping over the handles because the oxidizing natural cowhide leather does not require plastic! Therefore, protection from plastic is not required and bags which have these could be fake!5. Labeling it right: While purchasing a trademark monogrammed bag, ensure that the letters are printed in gold and has brown lines running through it. If you see solid colour monograms or green tinted ones, then run – It is a fake![Also Read: How to Wear Saree]6. Stitch Pattern: This is minute detailing, but it will help you know for sure whether it’s a real or a fake.
Detailing Matters: Check the zippers of the bag for the prestigious “LV” logo which should be printed on the pull. Also, look at handbag clasps or other hardware which should ideally be made of brass or gold metal.
Date Code: Louis Vuitton bags made after the early eighties have a production code on the bag. Before the nineties, the code was composed of one or two letter code which his followed by 3 or 4 numbers.

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