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Under the new EU aviation security regulations, containers of over 100mls cannot be taken through the passenger security screening area. According to the  International Civil Aviation Organization, 2013 can be the date when the liquid restrictions come to an end.
Not Sure If many people would be wanting to go to Pakistan now after the Awful death Bhutoo. The Department for Transport has said more than one piece will be allowed after 7 January, provided airports have purchased improved security scanners. But several airports including Gatwick, Leeds Bradford and Edinburgh have yet to meet the required standards. Passengers might feel confused about the different rules at different airports, he admitted, but said it was the industry's responsibility to inform them. Malcolm Robertson, head of corporate communications at airport operator BAA, said he expected more BAA airports, including Gatwick, Glasgow and Edinburgh, to be approved by the government in the next few weeks. But he said that Gatwick airport failed to meet the targets because it had a shortage of technology and people. Easyjet said it was worried that passengers could turn up at airports with the wrong amount of baggage. The airline flies from Stansted airport, which is allowed to relax the bag restrictions but also from Luton, where the old luggage rules still apply. Size limits on liquids and cabin baggage will still apply and airlines can place their own restrictions on the amount of hand baggage that can be taken in to their aircraft.

The airports that already have permission to relax baggage restrictions on 7 January are: Aberdeen, Benbecula, Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Heathrow, Inverness, Islay, Kirkwall, London City, Manchester, Plymouth, Prestwick, Southampton, Southend, Stansted, Stornaway, Sumburgh and Wick.
Considering it is now 2008 have the figures for how many passengers used Leeds Bradford Airport in 2007 been released yet? Surely id have thought they would have broken the 3 million passengers per annum mark this year especially as a contiuned sign of the increasing popularity of Leeds Bradford Airport. Also are they going to launch this year concrete plans for a railway station for Leeds Bradford Airport on the Harrogate Line and a road link to the M62 this year especially as id thought the main thing the airport needs to compete with rival airports in the north of England are enhanced transport links especially with other airports seeing improvements to transport already in place or in advanced planning and for the airports long term future such links must be paramount. There are no plans for a rail link to be announced in 2008, and there have never been any plans for a road link to the M62.
Surely id have thought the development of the airports transport infrastructure would be of high importance for the councils of West Yorkshire as well as METRO? The airports responsibility is to increase revenue through alternative on-site revenue generation and lower costs, this is what is past on to airlines as an incentive to increase or introduce new services. Why is a 25 min bus ride from leeds city station to LBA worse than a 1hr 15 min train journey to manchester? Come on wiggley, if you are going to make statements like that at leat give them some credibility.
Liquids can be carried in hand luggage if they are under 100ml and placed in a clear, resealable plastic bagManchester Airport shared the figures after it received public criticism over growing queues during what is expected to be its busiest summer since 2007.Airport officials say many passengers are unaware of the rules, even though the restrictions have existed at airports around the world for years. Current rules require all liquids in containers over 100ml in size, including large bottles of water, lotions and perfume, to be stored in luggage in an aircrafta€™s hold.If large containers are found in a travellera€™s hand luggage they will likely be thrown in the bin.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The following Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about the new regulations is intended to make your journey through Ireland West Airport Knock a more pleasant experience, bearing in mind that you may be travelling with children or have special dietary or medical requirements. The security measures concerning liquids were set up in 2006 after police discovered plans of terrorist that involved using liquid explosives.
Is there any news on these works yet and at least the news of a wide array of new destinations by Jet 2 from Leeds Bradford Airport is a good thing as well as the possible Shaheen routes to Pakistan if they commence. Nowadays if we travel  with liquids in the hand luggage we can not have more than 100 ml per liquid and they all have to be taken out of the luggage in a separate transparent bag. Also It wont look good to Airlines that already operate from here or whom maybe be looking at LBA in the future.
Also with an increasing number of passengers surely traffic in narrow residential and rural roads in and around Rawdon, Yeadon and Horsforth (clearly not designed for airport traffic) would become increasingly congested as it certainly does at the crossroads on the A658 in Yeadon where Beefeater and Murgatroyds are. This will help travellers, as they will be able to fligh more comfortably and will also have to spend less time preparing for security.

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