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It is advisable when traveling to carry lightweight luggage for your comfort and convenience. There are topnotch and high-quality lightweight suitcases which are highly recommended by users and travelers and here is the list of the top ten suitcases you can choose from. The John Lewis Monaco Black Pearl is considered as one of the lightest suitcases at present. The Tumi Voyageur Super Leger International Carry-on is likewise very light with soft-sided case and weighs 2.4kg. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. When you consider that the weight limit for checked baggage is around 20kg and the deadweight of a standard medium suitcase is at least 5kg, it’s obvious that the way to save money on excess baggage is to buy a lightweight suitcase. Durability Excellent, though despite claiming to be scratch resistant, it was slightly scuffed after two flights.

For this reason, you should buy the best lightweight suitcases to carry along while you travel. It is basically made of poly carbonate material, which is quite sturdy and almost indestructible. If you want to travel lightly, you can readily choose any among these highly-rated suitcases for your convenience and comfort. The material used in Monaco Black Pearl is the hi-tech Makrolon Shell, which is light, yet provides very strong protection for your stuff.
Likewise, it will give you the agility and comfort of being able to move swiftly as you travel.
There are topnotch and highly-rated lightweight suitcases manufactures, and we have delineated their best lightweight suitcases products in this article for you to look at and choose from.
It was just a shame that a taxi driver in Pisa managed to embellish mine with a cigarette burn.

Emirates has one of the most generous at 30kg, but most scheduled airlines, including British Airways, Virgin, Qantas, Air New Zealand and American Airlines, have a limit of 23kg. Which ever method you choose, it’s amazing how rarely the weight you come up with at home matches the weight at check in.
If you’re near the upper limit, for the sake of your stress levels, and those of people in the queue behind you, place a couple of heavier items at the top of your case which can be quickly removed.

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