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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world, based out of the Netherlands.
On most flights, Business Class passengers may take an additional small piece of carry-on, weighing up to 6kg. You will be charged excess baggage fees if you exceed the amount allowed for your ticket (typically 1 bag of 23kg). If you know that you will be exceeding your free baggage allowance, we recommend that you go to the KLM website to pay for your extra baggage before arriving at the airport. For those not familiar with the issue I’m talking about short haul European flights, more specifically flights between Amsterdam Schiphol and UK regional airports.
These can be very popular routes since KLM are the most wide serving major carrier to UK airports.
I must admit to being polite at check-in but I did explain to the lady that from my previous experiences their application of the policy had room for improvement.
As it turned out the specific flight that I am discussing today just reinforced my previous experiences.
As I sat in my seat on the flight I watched economy class passengers gleefully walk down the aisle with 2 or 3 pieces of hand luggage. Further, as we took off there was again space in the overhead bins for my one, single piece of luggage. Heck, if worst comes to the worst people can put hand luggage under the seat in front of them.
I accept that as a paying passenger I should honour the requests of the airline staff and their policies.
If the airline thinks I can do without access to my most precious set of valuables why is it okay for someone else to carry not so valuable items with them to avoid checked baggage. Furthermore I know of at least one colleague who had to concede his hand baggage at the gate whilst flying in the US to great cost. As I went to board the flight the ticket agent was delighted to inform me that I’d been upgraded. I expressed my gratitude to the upgrade, which does happen from time to time but I never expect it.
So there I was, honoured to now be flying Business Class (again thank you KLM) with supposed rights to one normal size carry on and one smaller size hand baggage allowance. Then as we wait at the gate for yet another overbooked US flight (overbooked flights seem to happen more in the US than anywhere else in my experience) we get calls over the tannoy from airline staff. I have my lowly, one carry on and these other passengers have 3 large bags taking up all the cabin space.
I will respect the fact that the ladies require a hand bag and don’t begrudge them of that. If I brought with me my cabin bag, I would have fitted my sleeping bag, rucksack and accessories with ease, so throughout the flight I was thinking my sleeping bag would get damaged or lost. However, since I’ve taken the flight so many times over the years I know the bag has historically always been okay. It frustrates me that they choose some items as not being allowed on yet other passengers with larger bags or more than one bag clearly are allowed to board. On a flight last week I saw that all roller bags (including mine) were marked to be denied on board, yet virtually all rucksacks were allowed on. I’m going to Hungary and the Czech Republic next month and I’m taking the train! So I am also a bit flummoxed by KLM’s hand baggage policy, but for a different reason.
Firstly, when this issue began to really annoy me I literally measured the dimensions of my case and was able to see it is okay. Further I know the model of bag that I use is one I really struggled to find listed on amazon’s range of sites.
As an update, I did complete a feedback form (online) to KLM about this issue and they got in touch with me.
As I was recommended by a friend to check on KLM flights to Amsterdam and a side trip to UK, I came across your website ( because I was trying to check prices on KLM CITY HOPPER ) It prepares me for my trip in April and I will make an effort to NOT have a carry on bag except a very large lady purse. That said, I also can explain why you see other (the first 60 passengers ) looks like having 3 bags. Also I seldom shop Amazon, but can I buy your book in bookstore (which one ) when I am in London,England.
Price wise, flying is cheaper from what I’ve seen, especially with all the discount carriers around now. It maybe best for you to check the dimensions of your bags against those officially listed on the KLM website or on your booking confirmation. When I invited them to measure it, they conceded and told me the flight was busy and that therefore I had to check the bag in. At least it was there, as I never did receive a receipt for checking the bag in at the gate.
Many thanks for sharing your experiences and I’m sorry to hear about your recent experience with KLM. Recently when I queried this someone who works on the check in desk advised me that for busy flights they don’t allow all people with luggage on. I’m very disappointed to hear about them not giving you a receipt for checking the bag at the gate.
The trip was booked via Norwich Airport travel agents in the city and I got the case dimensions allowed by KLM from them, before walking the very short distance to the luggage shop and buying the hand luggage cases. However, I now learn I should hope for a flight that isn’t too busy, which is something that would previously never entered my head.

The cost when paying online is about 20% less than the fees that will be charged at the airport. Yes they provide more regional airport connections to international destinations than British Airways, our national carrier. Little wonder I’ve become Platinum Elite for life on their frequent flyer scheme, Flying Blue. They were not all size compliant to the KLM baggage policy either since, some were a fair size bigger than my one piece cabin bag with wheels which I know from experience and measurements is an acceptable size for the cabin. Argue with me all you want but do each one of these travellers with 2-3 bags really have that many items they can’t be without on a 1-2 hour flight? Once his bag was returned to him when the plane landed he noticed that his work laptop had been stolen. I asked if that meant I could now bring my one carry on with me onto the plane, after all it more than met the KLM hand baggage requirements for travelling Business Class. After arriving in Norway security staff were at the boarding tunnel with sniffer dogs to sniff out dubious objects in our hand luggage. In fact the US based carriers are probably the worst ones of the lot for not applying a consistent policy. If they can fit all their hand luggage in the ladies hand bag (because crikey some of them are big enough) then that is great. Please KLM; no in fact all airlines, please have a standard one bag per passenger policy and ENFORCE IT!!!!!!!! Should you click an affiliate link and make a purchase you will still get the best price available on the day. I’ve not had problems with KLM but just yesterday, I was flying with DELTA back from USA and the baggage system was abysmal.
Luckily, it didn’t, so I was able to stick out my tongue at the check in staff from across the Atlantic.
If my bag is too big then I think they should publicise the correct bag size for everyone to see before arriving at the airport. I have issue with this for 2 reasons: firstly a number of the rucksacks were packed tight and larger than my case. It’s such a shame too as KLM are usually so nice and of course, it makes you grind your teeth with frustration when you see other people on the very same flight, walking right past with huge bags! I went to Barcelona in May and not only did I suffer a flight delay and had to sleep at the airport in Barcelona on the way in, but incredibly, I also had a 10 hour delay and missed all my classes, on the way back to Berlin too! Since publishing this post KLM have called me and we had quite a long chat about the situation. However the case does have 2 expandable pockets on the side so maybe that affects the dimensions that have to be quoted for the Samsonite bag? The model sold in the US is slightly different to the model sold in the UK (from what I could see at the time of writing the article). The accessory can be a handbag or laptop so maybe you could carry a laptop (if you travel with one) on your shoulder and thereby reduce the need for this larger bag? I want to buy this book to read before I leave Toronto,Canada and read on my 10 hours flight to U.K.
It is very popular now to take the train through the Euro Tunnel although you can get a train and ferry option. At the moment if you book 3-4 months in advance you can get some exceptionally good prices which could be half the price of taking the train. Depending upon which route you are taking (long haul v short haul), the size of the aircraft and how busy it is can determine how lenient they are with carry on luggage. If your luggage is comfortably within the dimensions and weight criteria for your class of travel then you should be okay. We are flying from Edinburgh to Amsterdam in April and I’ve been searching all over for a cabin size bag for KLM. I’m not sure on the timing of your flight but the majority of flights should not be too busy and if you check in early enough then you increase your chances of it being okay. KLM gave me a call and apologised for the situation and seemed to indicate they felt I had a valid argument. We pride ourselves on hard work, dedication, and improvement; while enjoying the game of fastpitch softball.
Tip: reserve for an extra suitcase (of up to 23 kg!) online and pay less than the excess weight fee.
They have achieved this through a combination of strategic routes and the acquisition of Air UK in 1997. That is why I dislike people who push in at queues or break the speed limit, or any misdemeanour.
Well it is because I want to retain control of these essential items and be able to access to them as I need. If I’m forced to be without company sensitive data they can be without their third set of clothing. This was, no doubt, in recognition of my loyalty and high status with them as a frequent flyer. I had to concede my bag at the bottom of the flight of stairs before boarding the aircraft.
For the entire duration of that flight there was enough empty space in the overhead bin above my head to store my bag.
However I was sat at the front of economy and saw a guy in Business Class board with 3, yes 3 bags.
In fact I do still think very highly of KLM as an airline, even though they don’t offer a First Class cabin. If not, the ladies can have one carry on (size compliant) and one respectably sized hand bag for their ladies needs.

However this site will receive a small commission which goes towards the annual costs of running this site.
Granted I managed to fit my small rucksack, camera case and jumper in the overhead locker, I was disturbed to see that many people were bringing miniature suitcases to which they panted and heaved into the lockers with some concern from passengers underneath them.
As you can see the carry on luggage policy, or lack of enforcement in some areas (weight) can be frustrating. Secondly I don’t use rucksacks very often now, the reason being that I have a long term shoulder injury from using rucksacks and carry bags whilst travelling. They are sympathetic to my concerns and will be passing my comments on to hopefully instigate a change – I hope. I also remember the short, 1 hour flight between the two cities being probably the worst I’ve ever known for turbulence!
However the bag you said you use, and pretty much every hand luggage case I can find online is 55 x 20 x 40 cm. As a result the amazon link on the page will go to the closest model for the country you are in. They went on to explain that due to the planes they were using on this route it was sometimes difficult to apply their policy.
Then fly over to Amsterdam to join my girlfriend, see some tulips, have a relax week before coming home to cold cold weather of Toronto,Canada.
It often requires a fairly large bag to fit the smaller bags in although often (particularly in the US) people are not quite so sneaky, they just have bags piled on top of wheelie bags.
There are numerous options available although the ferry from Dover to Calais (France) then trains from their to Amsterdam have a small sailing time. I think that if you are booking with a shorter notice period then the price difference will be much less. If it is close to the size restriction (like mine was) then there maybe a risk of it being conceded to check in.
If the flight is fairly empty then you will have no problem, if it is busy then there is an element of pot luck as to whether you’ll be allowed a reasonable size item of hand luggage or not. I tend to find the problem is worse during the summer months when there are more leisure travellers, at the moment you should still have a good number of business travellers on the flight. They agreed to look into the matter and advised that over time the issue should resolve itself since they change out their fleet of aircraft.
Our goal as a team is to develop as softball players and build character within ourselves as well as represent our communities as responsible and classy individuals. The KLM check-in lady says that after the first 60 passengers present themselves they will then start making carry ons subject to being withheld at boarding. I also fit my essential work papers, electronics and personal items which I don’t want to lose.
Yes, not only was there space on the plane, but there was space right above my flipping head! None of them looked like computer bags unless you classify a rucksack close to the size of my carry on as a computer bag?
So you often see people with 2-3 large bags trying to board a plane because they want to avoid checked bag fees. I can fit all that and a second computer plus work papers in one size compliant bag, why can’t you! I also wanted to bring my sleeping bag (small and compact) into the cabin as well but the check in staff said I had to check it in for an extra ?50.
They did however say that they are likely to change the aircraft soon on that route which should make it easier for everyone to bring a carry on to the flight. On the positive side I was told that they were looking to change their fleet of aircraft so hopefully this issue will soon disappear.
I’m not sure if that means checking in online early or getting to the airport early, if not both! I’d also only look to bring one carry on, so put your valuable items in your carry on.
So in effect newer aircraft will be used on the routes which should have more storage space. Compare this to fighting traffic on a 4-8 hour car ride to Heathrow; yes it can take that long. I’m going above and beyond the KLM carry on baggage policy there by fitting it all into one appropriately sized carry on. Or dare I say it, any airline that treats more loyal passengers less equally in terms of hand luggage than others. He has as much itchy feet as I do and is a lovely chip off the old block in my opinion LOL! I am looking for a new hand luggage case but I want to be sure that I can use it on KLM (and their partner Air France – who apparently have the same size limit)… Any experience you can offer in this regard would be much appreciated? However less than 3 weeks ago I flew the same route as discussed in this article and the aircraft haven’t changed yet.
But before I had to do that, I had to sign a disclaimer that DELTA wouldn’t be at fault if they lose my sleeping bag because it might get torn off. I was miffed to see that my baggage wouldn’t be treated with care and I was also further miffed at the really grumpy attitude of the check in staff too who treated me with disdain.
We have been established in the area for several years and have helped to teach young ladies the skills needed to become champions on and off the field.

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