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Jetstar allows passengers to take 10kg of carry-on luggage on Australian domestic flights, consisting of one main item and one other small item. However, I do have one serious recommendation for anyone traveling - purchase travel insurance!!!
Tami and I so well on that fateful trip to Australia back in '05 - it was STA Travel with Berkeley Care as the underwriter at that time. So, most of us reading (and creating!) these kinds of travel web pages are very lucky in that we've met our basic survival needs and can afford to explore other places while our brothers and sisters, in other lands, are struggling just to find their next meal. Luckily I, myself, have had enough money to pay for a guide, travel service, or nice hotel at times.
Canada: Tami and I have driven the length of Canada a couple of times and just love it there! Africa: Got a pretty good look at Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, witha couple of brief layovers at Dakar, Senegal. Asia: I've traveled extensively throughout Tibet, Macau, Hong Kong, China, the Silk Road, and India. Southeast Asia: I've traveled extensively throughout Malaysia (including Borneo) and Thailand in addition to some brief explorations in Burma (Myanmar) and Laos. Oceania: In 2013 my wife and I enjoyed a 4,351 kilometre (2,703 mile) drive through the North and South Island of New Zealand. A few years earlier, we ejoyed a 5,800 kilometre (3,600 mile) drive through western Australia Despite my wife breaking her leg in the middle of our trip! Antarctica: In early 2011 Tami and I had the privilege of making six different landings along Graham Land (the Peninsula) and adjacent islands. Russia: In late summer 2011 I joined Mike Miller's CMC group exploration of the "Land of Fire and Ice" on the Kamchatka Peninsula.
However, maybe the "good old days" of air travel weren't that great either - remember when each and every flight allowed, and even encouraged, smoking??!!
Anyway, as I suggested earlier, aircraft seating has always been pretty pathetic unless you had a few extra thousand dollars or Euros necessary for a first-class seat to London, Sydney or Tokyo.
If the in-flight seating isn't bad enough, have you ever had to wait any length of time for a flight that was delayed due to bad weather, mechanical problems, or just plain old incompetence? Albuquerque (New Mexico), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Anchorage (Alaska - Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport), Auckland Airport (New Zealand), Bangkok Internationa Airport (Suvarnabhumi Airport), Beijing (China), Brussels (Belgium), Buckley ANGB (Aurora, Colorado), Buenos Aires - Ministro Pistarini International Airport, "Ezeiza" (Argentina), Buenos Aires - Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Airport (Argentina), Chengdu (China), Chiang Mai International Airport (Thailand), Chicago (Illinois), Colorado Springs (Colorado), Christchurch International Airport (New Zealand), Dallas-Fort Worth (Texas), Darwin (Australia), Denver (both the old Stapelton Airport and the new Denver International), El Calafate (Argentina), Geneva (Switzerland), Guam International Airport (Antonio B. But, as I explained earlier, I've had a pretty tough time avoiding air travel - especially for business trips and vacation destinations outside of North America. In 2005 I learned why certain airline tickets have "SSSS" printed across them (Okay, I'm a little slow when it comes to these things!)) - If you look carefully at my airline ticket (# 1, below) you'll see the letter "S" repeated four times in two different locations on the card.
April 03, 2011 - Widespread cracking found where a hole opened up on a Southwest jet at 11,000 metres (36,000 feet) over Arizona two days ago. SSSS - who knows what it stands for other than you'd better be ready for some extra special searches and questioning! Okay, maybe my luggage being a complete mess wasn't notice enough that the government took a look! Actually, since at least the late 80s it was pretty easy to receive a vegetarian meal on most arilines. Okay, gaining "premier" status isn't that tough but it's still pretty good proof that I've spent too much time in the air. Okay, a shameless plug for United - they've been treating me really well, lately, and left this thank you note on my armrest after I fell asleep on a flight from Oklahoma City to Denver!
TSA stands for "Transportation Security Administration" and is a government agency that was created by the Bush Administration shortly after the 9-11 attacks.
On August 20, 2006 I was flying from Denver to Tampa, Florida - less than two weeks after the British had foiled a plot to bring liquid explosives aboard a transatlantic flight. They were very understanding, as this had been happening to hundreds of passengers before me, and allowed me to leave the security area to drink the juice (or they would have thrown it away right there at the X-ray machine!). For starters, use that camera in your cell phone to take a picture of your suitcase so you can give a good description. Place a copy of your itinerary and contact info inside your bags - it'll help the airlines join you and your baggage again!
Instead of waiting on a long claims line in the baggage area, hightail it to the ticket counter, where the agents should be able to help. A comprehensive travel insurance plan can save you a lot of hassle if your bags are lost or delayed. If your bags do show up but items are missing, don't put the matter to rest until you've contacted (phone, fax, email, letters, etc.) that airline's customer service chief, operations manager and other top officials. The main idea, here, is that there are options to flying and other wasteful forms of transportation.
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Jetstar is reducing its carry-on baggage allowance across all Australian domestic and international flights from late November in both business class and economy. As Australian Business Traveller tipped earlier this month, the maximum weight per cabin bag on most Jetstar flights will decrease from 10kg to 7kg, bringing it in line with all other major Australian airlines. The only exception to the rule is Jetstar Japan, where passengers on its all-economy flights can continue to bring 10kg of carry-on baggage: keeping it aligned with both Japan Airlines and All Nippon (ANA) which fly on a number of the same routes. For passengers who had already booked flights prior to October 28 for travel beyond November 25, Jetstar will honour the higher baggage allowance that was presented to the traveller at the time of booking – either 20kg in business class or 10kg in economy. Travellers attempting to bring aboard bags that are too large or heavy will find them placed into the aircraft hold in line with the checked baggage allowance that was purchased for that flight. Those on a 'carry-on only' fare who exceed the published limits will have to cough up $50 for their newly-checked baggage, whether it’s discovered at the check-in desk or at the boarding gate. Both Qantas and Virgin Australia already restrict cabin bags to a maximum of 7kg each, as do a number of low-cost carriers that reach Australian shores including Air Asia, Scoot and Cebu Pacific.
Chris lives by the motto that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a great latte, an opera ticket and a glass of wine! My personal issue with 7kg is that if you fly with them you are forced to put things you can't afford to lose in checked baggage, then if they lose said baggage "it's not our fault, you should have put them in your carry-on". Once on a Qantas flight from LHR I overhead two pax talking about their first trip to Australia. So you are saying that (for example) an uninformed family booking on Qantas should be punished for a controversial practice on the Qantas website. I'm not suggesting that Qantas is right but the only way Qantas can be reformed effectively is if the market responds accordingly. If a passenger chooses to be ill-informed, in the face of freely available information, then "foolish" or "ignorant" would be an appropriate adjective.

Yep, in the words of John Oliver, to say JetStar are the douches of the airline industry is like saying the Titanic was a disappointing holiday. I understand and acknowledge the counter argument of they are not a full service airline and when you pay peanuts you should expect monkeys. However, with drip pricing (a case that has the airline currently in the Federal Court,) they aren’t nearly as competitive as they would like us to believe. Still, the comment has to be made that the service and products customers expect are doubling at twice the speed that the prices they are willing to pay for it decreases. Carry on baggage is a nightmare - people bring huge bags and take all the space so that if you get on at the end of the boarding time and  have only a small carry on you have to search around to find any space.
A Passengers on the budget airline Jetstar are trying to save more money by eluding extra baggage fees.This excess carry-on is causing many passengers to lose their allocated cabin space, as well as prolonging the boarding process. The officers will be located at airport gates, where they will weigh and measure customera€™s bags as well as arranging to have luggage checked if it looks oversized or over the assigned weight.At present, passengers who have checked in online can avoid having their bags checked by Jetstar staff until reaching the gate lounge, which is allowing those with excess carry-on to board the flight without the extra-baggage charges, reports Business Traveller.
Jetstar currently offers Economy passengers one main and one small item with a total combined weight of up to 10kg.
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The budget carrier will introduce dedicated “cabin baggage officers” at Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Gold Coast airports to check that passengers aren’t taking on board more luggage than they should, and that their bags aren’t too big. Jetstar Pacific flights (BL) passengers have a total combined weight of 10kg (7kg for domestic). So, take my advice, buy travel insurance - we did, and it paid for nearly every related expense! Although I, myself, wouldn't hesitate to use either again I still recommend you do your own research to find a policy that works best for you! At other times in my life I've been so poor I've had to hitchhike, sleep on the ground alongside some forgotten road, or simply forego ANY travel. Oh, and I've also climbed, hiked, and walked to the top of over half the state highpoints as well! So, I think I've spent a little time in nearly every Mexican State [The country's name, that most North Americans aren't aware of, is Estados Unidos Mexicanos (United Mexican States)] and have found each to be special in its own way. I've also had some great one day and overnight trips to Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourgh, Liechtenstein, and the Netherlands. Neverthless, before her accident we fell in love with Australia's exotic scenery, really wide open spaces, and big sky (much bigger, in fact, than the skies of Texas and Montana combined!!)! The world can be proud of the Antarctic Treaty System - hopefully it will stay intact in perpetuity!
In addition to all the bubbling mud-pots, fumaroles, and sulfur clouds I also got to experience Moscow in depth for a few days on my way home. Most of us remember the days when you could chat with a pilot, use sewing scissors at your seat, or even do stretching exercises at the rear of the cabin.
Boy, big business and capitalism didn't seem to have our health and comfort in mind until Uncle Sam stepped in. Even as I write this in early '07, some major airlines have announced reducing time-lines to as little as 18 months! And, of course, the only seat that ever seems to be available is the dreaded middle one unless you happen to know the reservation agent or pilot! Airport terminal seating is a bad as it gets - they've perfectly engineered concourse chairs so that there's no way to lay down, stretch out, or get comfortable while waiting that four or six hours for the next flight. Won Pat International Airport), Hwange Airstript, Hawange National Park (Zimbabwe - formerly Wankie Game Reserve), Hilo (Hawai'i), Hong Kong International Airport, Honolulu (Hawai'i), Houston International Airport (Texas), Iguazu (Argentina), Indira Gandhi (India), Johannesburg (South Africa - O.R. Seems suspicions were raised when I filmed the gentleman sitting next to me with his camcorder for the benefit of his friends and family back in Nepal (who had never seen the inside of aircraft before). This means that I was "randomly" selected for an extra special screening before boarding the plane. In this case I was traveling from Quito to Denver with intermediate stops in Panama City and Houston.
Return home with a few souveniers or extra paperwork from your job assignment and you get charged an extra $50!!
Unfortunately, for TSA employees, the government (at that time) ensured they would be exempt from many of the work place protections most of us take for granted (early newspaper reports suggested TSA employees were required to attend off-the-clock briefings, didn't receive training pay, were forbidden to join unions, etc.
In response, cologne, mouthwash, lotions and all other liquids were banned in carry-on luggage worldwide. I was given this orange card so as to avoid additional waiting once I returned to the screening area. Okay, there have been a few times when I've over-stuffed my luggage with too much junk - too many electronic gadgets, too much clothing, or too many souvenirs. It's obvious we can still have fun see new and exciting places without burning up tons of fuel or polluting our environment. As much as I love to save fuel and get exercise I've also enjoyed the grand adventure of a road trip! Since Jetstar started they have done everything they can to have an element of something to cause anger for their Customers.
On the subject of international connecting passengers coming off Qantas flights on to Jetsar, all I can say is serve them right!
With Choice Magazine stating that in some cases the difference between a comparable QF ticket and JQ ticket, (that is, with food, entertainment and baggage included on the JQ fare,) was as little as $7 AUD.
It is not the weight limit that bothers me - it is airline failure to enforce any rules about size, weight or number of bags. In order to address the mounting concern, Jetstar will implement a€?cabin baggage officersa€™ in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and the Gold Coast on a trial basis. Now, passengers who attempt this will have their bags placed in the aircraft hold in line, along with the checked baggage allowance that they have purchased. But despite their attempts to enforce the rules, passengers often sneak extra items on board. I know, people have written me suggesting they've traveled Europe on ten dollars per day or gotten by in South America for a dollar a day, etc.
Nevertheless, I count myself as being very fortunate to have had the luxury of traveling for pleasure.
I've also stopped, briefly, in Panama City but hope to get back for a closer look some day. Now, of course, we're packed in like sardines, searched like convicts, herded about like cattle, and charged exorbitant prices for everything from a soggy sandwich and a soft drink to extra leg room and checked luggage.
And, even without the smoking it took years for airlines to cleanup cabin air - they seemed to pride themselves on re-circulating filth no matter how sick it made their passengers and customers feel.

And, the meal situation only worsens with time - not only has the food been historically horrible but they're now starting to charge $5 USD for a simple lunch box or simply not provide any food at all. People, including me, have had to curl up like pill-bugs (small terrestrial isopods) on worn carpeting and tile floors for the chance at 15 minutes of sleep before being stepped on or kicked. Although I've tried to avoid flying I easily logged over a half million miles by the time I'd reached middle age and was making this web page entry (not many miles by most standards but certainly a lot for somebody who prefers hiking over fine dining and shopping malls!). It's not that photography is forbidden inside an airplane (it's not) but a crew member thought it suspicious that a heavily bearded American (me) was photographing a very shy dark-skinned person (the guy sitting next to me from Nepal).
In this case something went wrong as nothing had been done to me until I was physically boarding the plane at the American Airlines gate in Los Angeles.
I didn't leave the airport (or terminal), in Panama City, but was again searched as I was re-boarding the same flight for Houston! My luggage was delivered to my hotel, the next day, with the excuse that security screening had delayed certain pieces of luggage out of Denver. Although I was aware of the ban it didn't occur to me that it would be prohibited to bring liquids onto the concourse since they were already being sold there! Not only does the bag become too difficult for me to carry but it's gotta be really tough for the ramp agents and ground crew who have to handle it as well. Sailing is an efficient form of ocean travel that'll probably realize a resurgence as energy resources grow more scarce.
Either way, trains are a lot of fun and I've been able to enjoy them between Omaha and Lincoln, Agra and Jhansi (India), and 400-mile trip along the edge of the China's Taklamakan desert. Even at age 16 (1970), having just received my driver's license, my parents allowed me to drive (their car!) the length of the southern California desert and across state lines. They were chatting to the cabin crew  and commented that they were curious about the Jetstar flight on their itinerary and I thought, you muppet!
Would hate to do an EK then onto a JQ flight (if that isnt already a disappointment for some).
Those who purchased a€?carry only faresa€™ will be penalised by paying the prevailing airport rates, which are higher than what is charged online. For baggage checked-in at the airport, fees are $70 for up to 15kg of checked baggage, and $15 for every additional kilo after that.It is not yet announced when the baggage officers will be introduced. For, the most important things in life are your health, a place to live, food to eat, and a family to love - traveling for pleasure is one of those little "extras" in life that gives you a few more memories and something to brag about on a web page - nothing more!
However, I've had a really good look at Belize and have spent some time on Roatan Island in Honduras. Oh, and don't forget all the airline mergers that had been completed by the end of 2013 - a sure formula for ensuring prices will always rise as competition evaporates! Oh, I might mention that the FAA, internally, never seemed to care too much about the smoking issue either. In 2006 I started to notice people bringing aboard sack lunches, half-eaten McDonald's sandwiches, and over-priced airport pizza because their seven hour flight to Honolulu wanted to charge $5 for a wet sandwich and a cup of pudding the size of a thimble!
Okay, I'm sure there isn't an airport manager on the planet who wants his terminal lined with beds and looking like a youth hostel or boarding house. Kennedy International Airport), Nirobi (Kenya), Oakland (California), Okavango Delta Airstrip (Botswana), Oklahoma City (Oklahoma), Ontario (California), Panama City (Panama), Perth Airport (Australia), Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (Russia - Yelizovo Airport), Phoenix Sky Harbor International (Arizona), Portland (Oregon), Reno-Tahoe (Nevada), Quito (Ecuador), Saipan International Airport (Francisco C. Anyway, the Air Marshals had their way with us for nearly half an hour and then released us just in time so that my seat-mate could miss his flight home to Nepal. Then, in front of everyone (of course), TSA had me "spread-eagle" for a complete pat-down search that included removing my shoes and tearing apart my carry-on luggage. I suppose all of this has some purpose - maybe angering passengers enough (like me!) that they'll create a web page complaining about it to scare off terrorists or something? However, I am an expert on screened luggage since my bags have been searched countless times I can't help notice when they've been tampered with. So, I went through the initial security screening, at the entrance to the concourse, and the TSA agents discovered the small bottle of fruit juice I was carrying in my daypack. So, the airlines don't hesitate to put this little tag on every piece of luggage that could do possible harm to their personnel. I've cycled in China, along the Silk Road, in Hawai'i, and all over California and Colorado.
And, of course, the subways and light-rail systems of San Francisco, Denver, Tokyo, Washington DC, and London can't be beat. I hope to take other trains, in the future, but it always depends on time, availability, and my personal finances! Virgin and Qantas restrict to 7KG's?? I have flown Virgin very regularly of late both International and domestic and have never been questioned when I appear with my international size carry on - well over 7 KG's at times.
During the 80s I was a student at their Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, in Oklahoma, where they allowed instructors and students to smoke in the classroom - and these were three month sessions! Actually, it wouldn't hurt me (especially!) to miss a meal or two except the terrorist scare of '06 wouldn't allow us to bring liquids aboard! However, before you start feeling too sorry for the airlines you need to know these few extra pounds are charged many tens of dollars extra to my already purchased ticket!
Unfortunately automobile drivers can make things a little difficult for cyclists so be careful out there! The other issue is for International passengers, particularly from the USA that have arrived and find themselves on a Jetstar connection. Problem is, as friends and family will attest, I received more traffic tickets (always for speeding) than anyone I've ever met.
Most US passengers have at least 2 carry ons as in the US I have never seen the airlines police the passengers boarding with well above the cabin 'limits' Southwest may, but the full service carriers - Delta, American and United do not unless you are on a CRJ where the larger bags are taken at the gate for free and returned to you at the gate on arrival. Luckily most of 'em didn't go against my driving record as I "earned" them in other states and countries. And, even more lucky, as I approached age 50 officers seemed less inclined to give me "real" tickets - just a lot of verbal and written warnings with amazed looks that somebody twice their age could be in such a hurry! A disclaimer, of course, is that folks (including me) really need to obey traffic laws because other people can be hurt beside just us. Nevertheless, thank you Officer #221 in Globe, Arizona for the warning ticket (photo below) you wrote me that warm spring evening in June '07 - of course the thorough car search wasn't much fun but it sure beat paying a fine!! Oh, and a big thanks to officer #3272 for the warning he gave me as I was speeding down Interstate 70 back to Denver from business in Grand Junction.

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