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My brother and family were spending 2 weeks in Nerja, Spain from 31st May 2007 until Weds 13th June 2007. Jet2 are fast becoming a major player in the low cost airline market in the UK and are the dominant airline at Blackpool.
I packed my bag and before I knew it, it was Friday 8th June, my birthday and day of my flight. I got my pre-printed boarding card and passport ready and went straight through to the security checkpoint.
There’s a duty free shop selling the usual tobacco, alcohol and perfumes as well as a small selection of gifts at standard duty free prices, a cafe serving snacks and drinks and a small executive lounge. The time in the departure lounge passed quickly and the flight was called for boarding from Gate 4 at 0730. The cabin crew did their safety demonstration and passed through the cabin in preparation for take off as we taxied past the ATC tower for the short distance to runway 10.
As we passed the CHC hangar, there were 3 American registered Gulfstream’s which I would have loved to have got photo’s of, but I didn’t want to risk taking photo’s with the cabin crew making final checks. We held short of runway 10 for a few seconds before the CFM56-3B1 turbo-fans, each producing 20,100 lb of thrust spooled and we lined up. It seemed to take ages before we rotated and since I’m a regular photographer at Blackpool, I recognised the spot were we rotated, approximately ? of the way down the runway.
The captain made an announcement that our chosen route was pretty much a southerly track all the way and the flying conditions were excellent, no turbulence expected. I decided to have a ?5 meal deal which comprised of a chicken, bacon and sweetcorn sandwich, sour cream and onion Pringles and a hot chocolate. I was tempted to have a beer since it was my birthday but it was only 0830, plenty of time for that later! There were some interesting views as we crossed the English channel, loads of container ships heading out in to the Atlantic.
The flight seemed to go really quickly despite no in-flight entertainment, maybe because I’m used to much longer flights (my last flights were Manchester – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!). Reverse thrust was applied as we braked and departed from the end of the runway for the short taxi over to gate B30 at Terminal 1. As I waited to disembark the aircraft, I noticed an Aer Lingus A330-200 taxiing in which much have landed behind us.
Once out of the aircraft, I headed straight for arrivals to meet my brother who was waiting for me. My return flight, LS762 on Sunday 10th June was a little more eventful and ended up being a mini-adventure with cancelled and missed flights and ending up in Manchester rather than Blackpool. The Jet2 cabin looks quite nice, I was expecting something cheap looking but it sounds alright and the photo of the EI A330 was good the A333s often fly down to Malaga from DUB. I've never been on Jet2 but I would like to try them out and it looks like you had a good birthday flight! This was quite an interesting for me as I visited Blackpool AP this week for work, let's say it's an 'interesting' airport. Quoting Dazbo5 (Thread starter):My return flight, LS762 on Sunday 10th June was a little more eventful and ended up being a mini-adventure with cancelled and missed flights and ending up in Manchester rather than Blackpool. If you are struggling to complete your Jet2 check in and to print off your Jet2 boarding passes on Jet2's website then you have come to the right place. Check in Pal understands that many passengers, just like you are unable to check in online for various reasons.
Simply tell us your Flight dates and travel requirements and we will complete the whole Jet2 online check in and boarding card process for you. Tell your Check-in advisor your flight dates, Airline reference number, surname of the leading passenger and any additional requirements you may wish to add to your existing Jet2 flight booking such as: Baggage, allocated seating and inflight meals etc. Remember that Check in Pal will store any future travel dates to ensure your Jet2 check in is complete, no matter how distant they may be. We appreciate that you may not always have access to the internet during your travels, that's why we have launched Text in pal. Simply save our duty mobile number, below, to your contacts and text us from anywhere in the world stating the call back option you require along with a contact number, and a member of the Check in pal team will call you back to make your arrangements.
When using Text in pal, all fees, including call back charges and fees for services you require, will not be incurred until a Check in pal agent calls you back. With Jet2 you can check-in from 28 days up to 5 hours prior to your scheduled Jet2 flight departure time.
As Jet2 charge a boarding pass re-issue penalty of £17.50 pp per boarding pass it is a very costly mistake to make if your not entirely sure how to check-in, are unable to check-in or simply forget! We also offer an emergency check-in service,  covering out of hours, ensuring a call back is made within minutes. Passengers travelling with jet2 can take advantage of the online check in facility from 28 days up to 5 hours prior to their flight departure time. You can make a date, Name, time change to your booking if availability is available at the time of change subject to their fees detailed below.

Extras include adding in-flight entertainment and meals which can be added up to 96 hours prior to your scheduled Jet2 flight departure time.
Hold baggage not pre booked online and checked in direct via Jet2 call centre check-in desk is charged at £45 per item plus any excess charges where applicable. How much is sports equipment such as golf clubs and skiing equipment to take on a Jet2 flight? At this price be sure to check your baggage weight before arriving at the Airport as this is charged each way. How many pieces of hand luggage can I take onboard a Jet2 flight and how much can this weigh? Any baggage outside these dimensions will be treated as hold baggage and subject to a £45 fee. Infant equipment can weigh up to a maximum of 10kg whether individual or combined with another infant item. How can I ensure that all my travelling party will be sat together onboard my Jet2 flight?
Simply tell Check-in Pal your travel dates, and we will check you in and send you your boarding pass to your UK or overseas location, via your selected method of receipt. Check in pal is primarily an online service but does aknowledge that in some extreme circumstances you may have a need to contact us. It was my 30th birthday on Friday 8th June 2007 and since I didn’t have anything planned, they said ‘why don’t you come over for the weekend and stay with us?’ I didn’t need asking twice. One advantage of booking with Jet2 is everything can be done online, seat selection for ?2.50 each flight and even online check-in so there’s no need to queue when at the airport.
They operate Boeing 737-300’s for the majority of their flights although they now have a small number of Boeing 757-200’s in there fleet for longer range flights such as Tenerife and higher density routes.
My idea was to try and get a photo over the wing and engine as we took to the air with Blackpool Tower in the background. I noticed the queue at the check-in desks for Jet2 were quite small, but its much easier when you don’t need to check-in. There are 5 gates within the departure lounge which is plenty since they only have room for 3 aircraft on the apron at any one time! We quickly passed over Brittany and entered the Bay of Biscay with some interesting views of a small group of islands and plenty of boats. It wasn’t long before the cabin crew announced we’d soon be starting our descent in to Malaga but there were a few things they’d like passengers to do. Have only ever flown on LS between LGW and MAN when they operated that route but always found them good value for money.
Perhaps you made your Jet2 flight booking through a third party travel company and are unable to access your Jet2 flight booking details to complete your online check in. Check in Pal will complete your online check in, add all of the passenger's mandatory advance passenger information, take your nominated delivery address for your Jet2 boarding cards and add any additional requirements for you. One things for sure, we will never forget to check you in and will always get your Jet2 boarding passes delivered to you in good time.
This small arrangement fee esures that our experts deal with your baggage requirements and amend your booking on your behalf.
This 10kg weight can be carried free of charge any excess weight will be subject to the excess baggage charge which is currently £12 per kg.
Prices vary dependant  on where you choose to sit on the Aircraft, route and are subject to availability. For assistance on all of your seating arrangements request a call back and Check-in pal can assist you. I’d never flown from Blackpool before as a passenger, only on a flying lesson in a PA28-140 with Comed flying school so it would be an interesting experience flying from a small local airport having travelled mainly through larger international airports such as Manchester. I would be flying on a 737-300 down to Malaga which I was looking forward to since its many years since I last flew on a 737. Given the prevailing winds runway 28 is normally in operation so I would need a seat on the right hand side of the aircraft, seat ‘F’.
Since I was only going for a long weekend and they offer up to 10kg of hand luggage as part of a standard ticket, that was plenty for my needs so no need to pay the ?6 each way. The flight was scheduled to leave Blackpool at 0800 and because I’d checked in online, I didn’t need to be at the airport while 0700 but I always like to get there early and watch the ramp, maybe get a few photo’s so I arranged a pick up of 0545. In any case, Blackpool isn’t exactly a busy airport with just a handful of flights throughout the day. Judging by the number of passengers in the departure lounge, the flight would be pretty full. We would leave the UK from Exeter, fly over Brittany then across the Bay of Biscay in to northern Spain. As they operate a 40-minute turn around and its cabin crew responsibility to clean and prepare the aircraft for the return flight, they requested passengers tidy their seat area and give cabin crew all their litter to aid turn around times.
You may not have access to the internet or a printing facility to print out your Jet2 boarding cards and check-in.

Your check in advisor will also take payment for such services that you have requested at this point. Tell us your future travel dates via our website or by text before you travel or whilst on the go!. We also provide you with all of your relevant travel boarding cards to reflect your changes.
Requests at check in desks are significantly more expensive  and do vary depending on your flight. Since I would only be going for a long weekend, I needed a flight out to Malaga early Friday morning returning late on Sunday night to maximise my time away. Having checked on Jet2’s website, seat rows 7 and 8 had already been booked which left me with the option of row 9 or 6. Once at security, the security agent had a list of names for passengers who had checked-in online and my name was thankfully on the list, passenger 13!
The unique estuary of Salcombe and Kingsbridge followed by the beach and lake of Torcross on the south coast. They also requested the magazine and safety card was arranged so the safety card was at the front of the seat pocket. The walk from the aircraft to the arrivals hall seemed to take a long time and I soon realised why.
You are travelling for more than 28 days and are unable to complete your Jet2 check in and print out your return boarding passes.
We will store your future travel dates ensuring you are checked in for your return Jet2 flight. A few clicks of the mouse button to confirm the security questions, my passport number and that was it, all checked.
The recently acquired MD-83, G-FLTM formerly of Flightline and Spanair was just pushing back operating LS739 to Alicante. The Captain made an announcement that we were ready to go but we had to wait for a Jet Express J31 to manoeuvre behind us before we could push back. I recognised this because that was where I spent 5 days with University 10 years ago on a field trip! Even though we arrived at Terminal 1, we were directed towards arrivals at Terminal 2 for some reason, maybe because of the extensive building work that was going on. It was time to get the shorts on and grab my first San Miguel and start the birthday celebrations! There are plenty of airlines that serve Malaga from these but it was departure times which was most important.
As the return flight was at night, I wouldn’t be able to take any photo’s out of the window but I don’t like flying without a view outside so I booked 6F for the return journey as well.
She scanned my boarding card and checked my passport then it was just a case of going through the x-ray machine.
I watched that take off and it was then I realised the winds were from the east, runway 10 was in operation.
This also confused my brother a bit since he expected me arriving at T1 but the screens said T2.
Although we are not affiliated with Jet2 in any way, that's not to say that we lack the knowledge and experience required to assist with your flight check in. Select from Text message, post uk-international, fax uk- international,  email, Airport collection. From Manchester, the usual charter airlines (First Choice, My Travel, Monarch, Thomsonfly) offered plenty of flights departing early Friday morning but the return flights on Sunday were all around lunchtime that weren’t ideal. This flight was going to be easy; straight through to the departure lounge when I get to the airport and no waiting for baggage when I get to Malaga!
That went without a problem and I was in the departure lounge within 60 seconds of entering the airport terminal. While we waited, I grabbed a photo of the Titan 737-300, which was being prepared for departure next to us. Having helped many passengers, just like you, we have a great understanding of the factors which cause passengers problems and delays when it comes to checking in online. The departure lounge was pretty much deserted when I arrived so I had a quick look round and took a couple of photo’s before everyone else arrived.
The aircraft has been in service with Jet2 since September 2003, but previously with Ansett Airlines of Australia as VH-CZF.
As it turned out, they offered the perfect flights; outbound at 8am on Friday morning which would get me in to Malaga for lunchtime and inbound at 2110 Sunday night, arriving back in Blackpool at 2310z.

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