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The popularity of Jessica Simpson has soared since the debut of her fashionable line of Jessica Simpson luggage.
Even though the creator of Jessica Simpson luggage is a celebrity entrepreneur, her line is very functional and of benefit travelers.
The jessica simpson luggage collection stands out because of the unusual patterns on them that make them chic and special.
This collection has a floral pattern design that is printed on either green or magenta color and is available in three sizes which are 20’, 24’ and 28’. As the name suggests, this collection is available in the usual leopard color but some of the bags can also be bought in purple. The collection has two luggage bags which are the carry-on spinner and rolling expandable spinner, which are 20’ and 24’ respectively. In general, buying any of these collections under the jessica simpson luggage is a good way of blending in fashion and functionality.
If you want to move away from traditional brands and invest in designer luggage carrier, you should check out Jessica Simpson luggage. Reading through luggage reviews tells you about the various features and drawbacks of different brands and that make choosing easier.
The luggage collection is practical yet has one-of-a-kind design elements that make them a must have travel accessory for women who want to look trendy. It is common to find the luggage being sold in a number of stores both online and at in-stores that sell different types of luggage. It is a collection that women of different ages can easily identify with and incorporate as part of their style every time they travel.

The material used in the construction of the composite bags is plastic polycarbonate and they have spinning wheels that rotate through a 360 degree angle. The exterior of the bags can either be hard side or polyester on various standard sizes available which are 20’, 24’ and 28’.
They both have a houndstooth print and their interiors are lined well and have several pockets that can be accessed easily when travelling. Chances are, you will need to pay for excess baggage, which can obviously be pocket-draining especially if you are on a budget. Going through these reviews and comparing them can help you make the right choice with ease. Under the lightweight luggage category you have a variety of options including Travelpro Walkabout Lite 4, Travelpro Hydrogen Lite, TravelproMaxlite, and TravelproMaxlite 2.
Her lines of fashion items are widely spread in different categories, from handbags to shoes. Apart from the glamorous designs, the collection which includes duffels, tote bags and rolling suitcases are also priced well for both high end and ordinary women alike.
The jessica simpson luggage set is available in an assortment of sizes which make them ideal for different types of travelers. On the inside, the bags have a lining, zipped pockets and a number of compartments that make packing much easier.
Among all the luggage collections under the Jessica Simpson brand name, this one is much heavier regardless of the similar specifications as well as dimensions they share. Some other unique features in this collection are a locking system for the handle and the ability to expand the 24’ suitcase.

If you never had any prior experience about luggage shopping before, you might find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere. For easy identification, the luggage has Jessica Simpson’s name included in the design either prominently or in a subtle manner to be able to meet the personal styles of her diverse fans.
Materials used in their construction are also high quality to ensure that they are durable with a number of extra features such as removable interior pouches that gives them an edge over other luggage collections in the market.
Worst, you can even end up with one that is not very functional and will just probably be added to your pile of unused belongings. If you are looking for the best Jessica Simpson luggage reviews, then you have come to the right place as this article is going to feature the top 3 luggage from the Jessica Simpson line.
This is the reason why it is recommended that you go through luggage reviews of different brands such as Delsey, Jessica Simpson, and Travelpro so that you make the best choice with ease. Traveling is now made easier and lighter, which is surely another great thing whenever you are about to pack your things.
Some of the features of this luggage include side protector pads, laundry pocket, TSA lock system, in line skate wheels, and push button locking handle. Also, don’t forget to check out our recommended product, which is Delsey Luggage Top 3 Jessica Simpson Luggage Review #1 – Jessica Simpson Twister Jessica Simpson Twister is made from polyester, so it can stand quite a lot of pounding. The poly lining is one of the distinct features of this luggage, and its 150D heat stamped.

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