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Although every effort is made to keep this website up to date, baggage regulations for every airline are constantly changing.
All information relating to dimensions herein is accurate as at November 2011 but we strongly recommend every customer checks with the individual airline before they travel. We'd like all our guests to understand and follow our Carry-on baggage rule for all your safe and smooth time on board. Vanilla Air staff or security officer will check the size, pieces and weight of all carry-on baggages for safety and on time departure reason. If your carry-on baggages may exceed limits,please purchase “fees” on our website in advance which is more reasonable price than purchasing at the check-in counter. Rules(Conditions of Carriage) for Vanilla-Air Carry-on BagsExcept articles specifically permitted by Vanilla Air to be carried into the cabin, Baggage that a Passenger may carry into the cabin shall be, besides one piece of a Passenger’s personal belongings that the Passenger carries and retains as permitted by Vanilla Air's Regulations, such as a handbag or PC bag, one piece of article provided in Vanilla Air's Regulations that can be stowed in an enclosed storage compartment in the cabin or under the seat in front of the Passenger, the sum of the three dimensions of which shall not exceed 115 centimetres (45 inches,) and each dimension shall be 56 centimetres x 36 centimetres x 23 centimetres at the maximum; provided, however, that the total weight of such articles shall not exceed 10 kilograms (22 pounds).
Carry-on baggage size recommended by manufacture may be different from Vanilla Air regulation. The baggage or pesonal items we count as it can not fit securely in cabin or under the seat can not be on board with you. Insects don't stridulade, run away and free of stink are allowed to carry on board (only when it's in adequate case and for recreation). Those classified under the category of bouquet and cut flower (it's required to be well taken care not to leak water, or it's a small plant and well taken care. Flight JW179 expected to delay about one and a half hours from Kansai International Airport due to late arrival of the aircraft. Japan Airlines (JAL) also flies under the name JAL Express for international and domestic low-cost flights. Domestic flights operate on a weight-concept, allowing an unlimited number of bags, as long as the total combined weight of all bags do not exceed the prescribed limit.
On international flights, an overweight bag (23-32kg) is typically charged a flat fee of 6000 yen. For instrument cases whose total dimensions exceed 115 cm for large aircraft and 100 cm for smaller aircraft seating less than 100. JAL has large cases for musical instruments such as double basses and bass fiddles available for passenger use. We offer carry-on violin cases for passengers on domestic flights use at certain airports for aircraft with at least 100 seats. Please note that while JAL attempts to have an adequate number of these cases on-hand, numbers are limited. Skis, surfboards, golf bags, diving equipment and other such sports gear are handled like ordinary carry-on items. Sports equipments other than Surfboards and Windsurfing equipment will be handled as normal baggage. For baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance, an excess baggage charge applies under JAL regulations.
Note: Excess charge will be summed up if the baggage is applicable for different types of charges.

If your baggage is oversized or overweight, it may not be accepted on our flights because the space in cargo compartment is limited. Checked baggage exceeding 137cm X 46cm X 55cm (Sum of Three Dimensions 238cm) for 1 piece cannot be accepted in principle due to airport facility.
Please contact JAL International reservation or your travel agency for further information in advance.
It is prohibited by law to carry dangerous goods into the cabin or to include them in your checked baggage. Japan: Narita International, Kansai International, Chubu Centrair International and Komatsu. Please note that bassinettes are available in limited numbers and reservation may not always be possible. First and Business Class passengers can usually bring a second 8kg piece of hand luggage on board. Business Class: Stretch out on the fully flat bed with exclusively designed mattress and pillow. A fully collapsible stroller, carrying basket and car seat for infant or child may be accepted without charge.
Passengers are advised to complete their check-in at least 60 minutes prior to the departure time and be at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes prior to the departure. JAL offers QuiC, a direct boarding service where a passenger can choose seat, doing web-check in, and have boarding pass issued at once, making it unnecessary to check in at the airport at the day of departure. Infants must travel in the lap of an accompanying adult, unless a seat is purchased for the infant at child fare. Changes to a booking may not be permitted after the purchase request is complete as per fare regulations.
Cancellations will be subject to a refund service charge or a cancellation penalty in accordance with the fare rules, whichever is higher. All refunds will be subject to a refund service charge or a cancellation penalty in accordance with the fare rules, whichever is higher.
You know you are doing something right when travellers appreciate how you find them the best deals. Hawaiian Airlines is a large American airline, serving the Hawaiian islands, and also flying transpacific flights. On domestic routes (inter-island and to North America), all checked bags will be charged a fee, including your first 2 bags.
Hawaiian Airlines Domestic BaggageHawaiian Airlines Excess Weight Fee-----------------------It pays to weigh your luggage before you head to the airport-literally.
A Passenger shall not carry into the cabin any Baggage that Vanilla Air deems cannot be stowed in safety in the cabin. Please consult with JAL International reservation or Operating carrier or your travel agency for details.
With the Classic and Flex fares, as usual, one piece of baggage weighing up to 23 kg is free.

A liquid-crystal touch panel controller and 23-inch LCD monitor are available on each seat. Total sum of three dimensions must not exceeds 203cm, including any wheels and handle(s). Enjoy the Air Series meals from your favorite chain restaurant or endulge yourself with JAL Class Creative Gourmet delicacy or Special Collaboration menu on certain route. Enjoy the Air Series meals from your favorite chain restaurant or endulge yourself with JAL Class Creative Gourmet delicacy.
In there's any case, no later than 10 minutes before the departure or you may not be able to board the aircraft. Most types of special meals must be requested a minimum of 24 hours prior to scheduled departure, but please note that some types of special meals require additional advanced notice. Refunding a ticket that contains more than two fare bases requires refund service charges or cancellation penalties for each fare basis. However, cancellation penalties will be waived for online reservations if requested within 24 hours after completing the reservation.
The new fares on European routes and the related baggage regulations apply for tickets issued starting 28 July 2015 and departures starting 1 October 2015. Advance meal reservations now available for First Class in-flight meals, at least 24 hours prior to departure. JAL Premier Class cabin attendants will tempt you with tasty between-meal snacks such as noodle soups and ice cream. JAL Paul Spain wines and complimentary mineral water are available for refreshments during the flight. One seat can be used to accommodate more than one instrument, though some instruments may require more than one seat. A personal screens that has been expanded to 23 inch with MAGIC in flight entertainment system and universally designed controller to adjust seat position are conveniently located next to the a large compartment at the passenger's side. Sky Oasis snack selection available on flights to and from Europe and North America (except Hawaii).
If a knife or other object that may be used as a weapon is found at the security point, you will have to return to the baggage counter and check it in or dispose of it at the security point. Passengers are responsible for the placement of violins in cases as JAL staff members are not permitted to assist with this procedure.
Depending on the use, the contents and the capacity, spray cans may not be allowed on-board.Rechargeable curling irons whose rechargeable battery can be removed from the unit may be carried aboard.

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