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Anyone planning for a long trip will need a good set of hard shell luggage, also called hardside luggage or hard case luggage. The Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Spinner Bag is a durable and spacious hard shell carry on. Inside, you’ll find it fully lined along with a zippered compartment and cross straps to hold your clothes and belongings in place.
The best thing about this piece of luggage is that it is ultra-light weight so you can carry it through the airport with one hand. The pieces included in the Traveler’s Choice Toronto Three Piece Luggage Set contain a flexible, hard shell that is constructed from 100% abs and coated with a scratch resistant finish.
The handles on these suitcases are telescopic which allows them to be comfortably pulled by people of all heights. The Delsey Helium Shadow Lightweight Spinner is a 25 inch, 4 wheel suitcase that is made from a polycarbonate material. It is made from 100% polycarbonate that won’t break, crack or bend when it is being abused in the airport. It is small enough to fit into most overhead compartments yet provides a lot of space for essentials. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. Granted we put them through their paces, but finding one that won't break the bank, but that will last more than a couple of trips seems to be near on impossible. Elastic tie down straps are also included to help keep your belongings from moving around during transport. A 10 year warranty is included with this suitcase so you know it will last through many trips. I can't bring myself to spend the big bucks on one of the Samsonite hard cases (and I've read mixed reviews on them anyway) but after our most recent soft sided cases only lasted one holiday, we decided to try some hard sided ones.
Below you can find a selection of the best hard case luggage for sale as well as some reviews of what I consider to be the top three hard shell luggage out there. I had a few Amazon vouchers knocking about, so after doing a ridiculous amount of research for a relatively small purchase, we settled on one of the medium size cases from the Five Cities range===Looking Good?===I'm not one to judge a book by its cover (or a case for that matter), but the look of this one is the thing that drew me in originally and is is also the thing that sealed the deal.

These suitcases are sleek, functional and will soon become a favorite for all your vacations and business trips. The design on the front of the case is pretty funky and unique, with pictures of cities from around the world (Shanghai, Delhi, New York, London and Paris) in a sort of grey colour with splashes of colour, like those arty photos you can get. One of the best things about this design is that very few other people have it which means that it is easy to spot your luggage as it comes off the belt at arrivals - no more rainbow straps required!
I have also had lots of compliments on the case which is odd because I didn't think that people complimented you on cases, but apparently they do if you have this one!The case is available in a number of different styles as well as this one and all of them are vibrant and unique. We were originally planning on getting on medium to try it and then getting a large one to cover all bases, but having seen how roomy this one is, I'll be getting another this size. When we took it on holiday last, we didn't fill the case but were only a few kilos under the luggage weight restriction so I imagine having a bigger one would be a bit pointless and would encourage you to fit more stuff in and therefore end up paying huge excess baggage fees. We used it for a week for two of us and easily had enough room for all our clothes, shoes and toiletries.The small cabin case says that it is small enough for most airlines but I'd imagine you want to check properly because that doesn't mean much these days. This is particularly handy because it means that you can separate your shoes and toiletries from your clothes in a bit to prevent the dreaded moisturiser or shampoo spillage disaster! We have taken this one on a few trips now and I am pleased to say that it is still very much intact.There are a few scratches on it, but that is to be expected and actually we saw that as good sign as it meant the case hadn't been delicately handled and so had stood up to the beating it was clearly given.
We were a bit worried at first that the sides of the case weren't as solid as we'd hoped and that they were very flexible.
On one side of the case there is one of those straps that you fasten over your clothes to keep them in place. It sort of criss crosses across your clothes, is really easy to use and does the job really well.
On the other side of the case is a zipped covering that holds everything on that side in nicely. We tend to stick all our liquids and shoes in there as we find it offers an extra layer of protection.
There is also a hand pocket on this piece of fabric that is good for all your little things that get easily lost.The suitcase has an integrated lock which is really easy to use. There are instructions on one of the labels that come with the case on how to change the code for the lock which is very easy to do in the first instance.

It is obviously strongly recommended that you change the pin straight away as it is a generic one that it is set up with and don't forget your pin as you'll need that if you ever want to change it again in the future!
The lock is one that can be opened by US customs so you don't have to worry about them smashing your case open if you are heading over that way.The case has four wheels that offer 360 degree movement which is good. I found that when we first got it, the wheels stuck a bit, but that seems to have gone now so perhaps there was just a bit of packing plastic on them. The 360 movement is pretty handy for when you are in queues, which is often the case at airports.===Any Drawbacks?===There are a couple unfortunately although neither of them are deal breakers for me and I will still be buying another suitcase to match this one despite them. I find that sometimes when I am pushing it along (rather than pulling it in the traditional manner), it feels as though it might snap. It hasn't and it could just be my imagination, but it does feel a bit wobbly if I am honest. Like I said it isn't a massive problem, but you really have to make sure you have lined up the two sides of the case when you have closed it to make sure that you can zip is closed easily.
I am rather annoyed to see that that price has now increased to about ?50 including postage, but I still think it offers really good value for money at the higher price.
A quick look on the internet shows that you can get it from various other sites but it tends to be more expensive.
I found that the buyer on amazon we got it from was excellent and it was delivered much earlier than we were expecting and it was well packaged, so I'd recommend them.===Recommended?===Yes, although there are a couple of little niggles with this case, overall I think it is a really well designed case that offers good value for money. It is nice and roomy and above all it has a really funky design that it easy to spot on the luggage carousel even if you are almost asleep after a long flight! So far it has stood the test of time for us and it has all the features you could need - definitely recommended.

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