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The Melbourne 3 Piece Luggage Set features a unique frameless construction that allows the wheels to position at the right corners.
The largest size in the International Traveler IT 4-piece luggage set weighs just 8.6 pounds. Stylish and sophisticated, this 2 piece set with black and grey polka dots is a timeless classic.

If arriving at your destination in comfort and ease is important to you, then Jourdan has a solution for you. It is a new year and time for change, so get rid of those dull, boring bags you are carrying around and start fresh. Trademarks and copyrights, including brand names, logos, and images are the property of their respective owners. If the luggage gets squashed, the EVA material simply 'bounces back' into shape acting like a shock absorber.

Compact yet roomy, this versatile set features inline skate wheels, interior zip compartments and even elastic pockets to keep everyting securely in place. It’s from International Traveller, so you know the quality and craftsmanship is superior!

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