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Iberia Airlines is a large Spanish airline offering flights to a variety of international destinations. The charge for an additional item of 23kg is often the same as the overweight fee, so it is more beneficial to purchase a 2nd bag allowance, as it allows for more flexibility when packing. Use this resource to find the carry-on luggage rules for your airline, as well as other baggage information, including fees, sizes, and number of bags allowed.
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The authorised weight per suitcase will be 32 kg instead of up to 23 kg, with this benefit being applied to both the outbound and return trip.
See regulations Prohibited itemsThose that are dangerous due to their chemical nature such as explosives and toxic or radioactive substances. On flights involving Regional Air Nostrum (IB8000), only a maximum of 3 additional pieces of up 23 kg.
When you book you will find the details on the airline company that will operate your flight at bookings management . Tickets issued with discount for residents in the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla have 1 piece of 23 kg luggage free.

Check with the operator to confirm your baggage allowance and other restrictions.The allowance that is best for the customer with an Iberia ticket directly to the final destination will be applied, even if the flight involves various connecting legs. When the weight of the piece is more than 23 kg, every kilo over will be subject to a €12 surcharge, up to a maximum of 32 kg.. For excess weight, excess baggage and similar, the baggage regulations of the company that operates the flight will apply.If your ticket includes an Iberia flight and a flight of another airline, the baggage allowance of the company that operates the most significant flight will apply.

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