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In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) prohibited airline passengers from locking their luggage. The Samsonite Firelite Collection is another design in the Samsonite stable that utilises the durability of their revolutionary Curv technology.
But the Samsonite Firelite is not just impact resistant it is also water resistant with a special polyurethane-coated zipper that ensures that no water is able to seep into the case. The wheels are smooth and can swivel a full 360 degrees so that travelling in any direction is effortless another bonus is the handle!
The shell design and process is patented by Samsonite and with a choice of deep blue, charcoal, chili red and ivory you’re bound to find a colour to suit your style. The interior of the Samsonite Firelite is divided into two compartments, one with a zipper and the other with a handy bungee cord system that will ensure that your belongings stay secured. The Samsonite Firelite is available in three different sizes from cabin luggage (55cm), medium (69cm) to a large (75cm) suitcase.
For further assistance, please contact the Samsonite Australia customer service team on 1800 331 690. Travel Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for road warriors and seasoned travelers. I just flew back from the USA, and found a TSA notice in my suitcase that it had been inspected. Now the interesting thing is, as far as I can recall, I locked my suitcase using the combination lock, and didn't use the key. The suitcase is a common "Polo Club" type with a key-operated lock on each latch and a 3-digit combination lock in the middle.
While I have never tried them personally, you can also find many videos with tricks to reset luggage locks (e.g. Although they don't quite say that directly, if they want to inspect a locked suitcase with a non-conforming lock, they would presumably simply break it open. Googling for “Polo Pierre Riche”, it seems this range of suitcases does come with a TSA lock (even if the diamond logo is not visible on your picture) so the first hypothesis might the right one (although all the TSA locks I have seen do have a keyhole somewhere). If your suitcase closes with a zip, then it can be opened with a normal biro (the ubiquitous cheap Bic office biro works particularly well). As per Wikipedia, a biro is a brand of ballpoint pens, that is used as a generic term in Britain and other countries.

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What is the earliest before a scheduled departure that you can get through a TSA checkpoint in a US airport? Could leaving a TSA notice of baggage inspection visible in my suitcase upon opening help it avoid inspection? Name and emblem of country no longer visible on front of passport -- is it "damaged"?
Is there a specific word describing black boxes covering confidential data on papers being prepared for public access? In a formal paper, should I censor "brainf**k", the name of a programming language? Would a sentient species be able to thrive when mating means the death of the male partner?
A TSA lock is a luggage lock developed with the help of the Transportation Security Administration. Step 2Rotate the shackle from above the lock housing unit 90 degrees or 180 degrees depending on the brand of TSA lock you have. The TSA did not want another tragedy to unfold due to dangerous contraband (such as a bomb or other destructive device) being hidden and locked away in a piece of luggage. The combination component provides access to the lock by the owner of the lock whereas the key component can be opened with a master key held by airport security officers. This unique, dynamic and strong design features a water resistant PU coated zipper, a functional interior with  bottom lowered, elastic cross ribbons and a top fully lined divider.
The Curv technology provides a very strong but still extremely light suitcase offering exceptionally high resistance to impact at ambient and very low temperatures. I could tell that they checked a couple of items, but thankfully nothing was removed or damaged. When I opened the suitcase, the combination lock was unlocked, but the key locks were locked.
I already know the same key works with most of those suitcases, but I wonder how they opened the combination lock. It can be done really quick once you have the feel for it (unless its a really good one, which I have never seen in a suitcase).

Simply hold the biro so it points parallel to the zip, with the nib end pointing into the zip teeth (I find about 60 degrees works). TSA locks are manufactured by different companies, but all TSA locks can be opened using a universal key. This is for all nationwide deliveries to your home or business address or post office box." data-original-title="">What is this?
If a security officer needs to check the interior of your luggage and you have a non-TSA  lock then your lock will be broken off so the contents of your luggage can be searched.
If the shackle will not lock because of the new combination, move one of the number dials and the shackle will lock. At their discretion, from time to time, they choose to open a passenger’s luggage for closer inspection. Every TSA approved lock has an identifying mark that shows it may be opened by the master key. One way or the other, the TSA can therefore always open a suitcase if they decide to, the best you can hope for is that they don't damage your luggage in the process.
This is extremely important, since luggage locked with any other locks run the risk of having the locks cut off it the TSA cannot open the luggage for security inspections. Once this code is entered, the shackle will be free from the lock and the lock will be open.
Of course this will not happen if you have a TSA lock – the officers will just use their TSA Master Key to open the lock.
When this occurs, if the luggage is fitted with any lock other than those approved by the TSA, they will destroy whatever lock is fitted to gain access. The pen disengages the teeth of the zip, and you can pull them apart by running the pen or your finger along the zip. Travel security like this method because it's fast, basically undetectable, and doesn't require any special tooling or any co-operation from the lock manufacturers.

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