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RoofBag soft cartop carriers offer the capacity and efficiency of hard carriers, without their bulk, weight and high cost. Heavy-duty, double vinyl-coated polyester fabric is fully waterproof, won't rip or tear and is UV-resistant.
Your online payment is secured with SSL technology provided by VeriSign (Symantec) the most trusted name in web security. Enter your Zip code in box above, and choose from several shipping options and arrival dates. Certain naked-roof vehicles require a short-roof adapter, which is often used on small, two-door vehicles with curved or short rooflines.
Factory Mount Installation: Some vehicles come with factory-installed roof rack mount locations. Raised Roof Installation: When your vehicle is already equipped with raised roof rails—as with many SUVs and minivans—the process will only vary slightly.
Your Vehicle Model: If you’re the proud owner of a big, burly truck, your bike rack will probably be hitch mounted or you can simply place your bikes in the bed.
Bike Rack Features: You may think the biggest decision is choosing between a Thule bike rack or a Yakima bike rack, but ultimately, you need the bike rack that best fits your needs. Unless you live right on the water, a kayak roof rack is integral if you’re into the sport.
Your Car: If you have more than one vehicle, which one will be carrying the kayaks 99 percent of the time? Number of Kayaks: The number of kayaks you carry is another huge factor in choosing your ideal transportation vehicle (if you have more than one). Roof Type: Roof shapes and designs determine your options for kayak roof racks (size) and how many kayaks you can carry. Bars: Consider the length, spread and bar shape when it comes to installing your kayak roof rack.
Straps and Lines: Shorter straps should be used for carrying 1-2 kayaks, while carrying multiple kayaks requires longer straps. Kayak: Every kayak is different – consider your water toy’s width, length and depth when selecting your straps and bar spread.
Every car is going to be a little different, and every ride will have its own features for adding a kayak roof rack. It’s essential to choose a rack that adequately carries your gear and fits your vehicle to a tee.

Shopping for a new roof rack can be overwhelming because of the numerous brands you can choose from, but when you throw bar shapes into the mix, you have even more choices. Once you find the right roof rack for your ride, it’s only natural to provide it with all the bells and whistles to make it even more functional. Discover whether you're on Team Thule or Team INNO with our in-depth comparison between these two international titans of the rack industry. With football season in full swing, we wanted to showcase a great product for those avid tailgaters out there. Ski and snowboarding season almost never comes around soon enough.  After a wonderful and sunny summer, the weather changes and Autumn rolls in. For a naked roof, you generally need a foot pack, fit kit and crossbars to create a complete roof rack system. They usually include sturdy clamps that fasten to the outer edge of your roof and pads that contour to your vehicle’s roof. Short-roof adapters increase the roof rack’s carrying capacity and increases the distance between the crossbars for proper spacing, ensuring better weight distribution. These can be identified by square, plastic or metal covers that can be popped off with a screwdriver, exposing a pre-existing threaded mount hole. With this design, the foot pack will be designed in two separate pieces — one to go above the roof rail and one that secures below it, sandwiching the crossbar. Common components to keep in mind when shopping for a bike rack include storage, proper capacity to hold the number of bikes you want to carry, solid warranty, secure locks and sturdy straps. There are several important components to keep in mind when it comes to choosing and installing a kayak rack that’s fitting for your ride. Vehicles with rounded and short roofs make it harder to load lots of kayaks, while low cars with flat, wide roofs are ideal kayak carriers.
Saddles and stackers help you load your kayaks flat or sideways (respectively) to make transportation a cinch.
The most challenging part of the process is making sure all the parts are lined up and assembled in order, so read through the rack’s instructions thoroughly and spread out all the parts in front of you before assembly. While some surfers drill holes in their vehicle to mount permanent racks to their roofs, others keep their rides versatile for non-surf outings by simply installing soft surfboard racks. Not only do you benefit from more legroom inside your ride, but your vehicle boasts additional convenience, cargo space and style. A bigger rack may carry more gear, but it also takes up more roof space and comes with a heftier price tag.

While the installation process may vary slightly for your specific vehicle, keep these tips in mind. Podium-style foot packs comprise four feet that connect to the custom-made fit kit and are attachment points for the rack’s crossbars. While hitch-mounted racks slip directly into your vehicle’s hitch receiver, roof-mounted bike racks work in conjunction with your vehicle’s roof rack. Smaller cars, on the other hand, often sport bike roof racks because they don’t come with hitch receivers.
For some, using a step ladder to load kayaks every time is too much of a hassle, and therefore, a smaller car should be used. Smaller cars like the Honda Fit or Scion XB are fine for carrying 1-2 kayaks, but if you’re looking to tote 3-5 kayaks on their side, using a minivan would be the better option.
The distance between the bars is crucial for getting a strong fit between the car and the kayak.
These rad racks fit onto almost any vehicle and serve as a quick and easy way to tote your favorite wave rider. With this simple addition, your car, truck or SUV will be ready to haul anything from extra luggage for that family road-trip to surfboards for your next beach session. If the spread is too narrow, wind can get under the kayak and shift it around during your commute. The most important factor is ensuring that the bars are an equal distance from each other and provide a sturdy foundation for your kayak(s). Whether you have a naked roof or you’re in the market for a rail mount roof rack for your SUV or minivan, AutoAnything has you covered. We’re here to break down the pros and cons between round, square and aero shaped bars to simplify your decision-making process. Wider, longer and flatter roofs are ideal for ensuring a strong foundation and contact point between the kayak and your vehicle. In this handy roof racks buying guide, you’ll learn how to install a roof rack, gain tips for choosing the right-sized roof rack for your ride, and how our roof rack accessories make your vehicle more versatile than ever before.
If you’re toting smaller kayaks, make sure the spread isn’t too wide for the boats to fit on the bars.

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