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Well, at some point you have to be sick of being weighed down by so much crap and not enjoying the love and life you want.
Think about all the extra charges you have incurred for carrying around too much baggage in your life. That is a lot of losing and a lot of expensive charges all because we can’t let go of our shitty pasts and put down the mountain of bags we carry everywhere so we can just travel with the bare necessities through this fucked up, beautiful mess of a life! We’ve rounded up the current hand luggage allowances for some of the major airlines to hopefully save you from making a difficult choice to pack your treasured lenses when you get to the airport! When it comes to expensive and fairly fragile cameras, lenses, flashguns and other accessories, there’s a lot to be said for the security of taking your kit onto the plane with you as carry-on luggage. The rigours of airport baggage handling systems and an aircraft’s cargo hold are much less appealing. A good quality, medium-sized photo backpack is an obvious choice for taking camera kit as carry-on luggage, but there are factors you need to be aware of. A bigger issue is the maximum allowed weight of the bag, with much greater differences between different airlines and tour operators.
Some airlines merely stipulate that you must be able to lift a carry-on bag into an overhead compartment, unaided. The table above shows the current carry-on baggage restrictions for various popular airlines, when travelling economy class. All air travelers need to be aware of their carry on luggage restrictions, as it can be both inconvenient and costly to exceed them.
The baggage allowance varies greatly between airlines, which can be challenging if you are travelling with more than one airline in one trip - or with different airlines on regular basis. The carry on luggage restrictions can also be different if you are flying on domestic or international flight. Then again, the allowed size of carry on luggage can even be different depending on which international flight you are on, for example if you are flying within Europe or on transatlantic flight. You might want to take special care if flying with low cost airlines as they tend to be very strict on their carry on luggage restrictions and their charges for exceeding the limits tend to be high. It is not only the carry on luggage restrictions that you need to be aware of, you also need to make sure your check in bag does not exceed the Check-In Luggage Restrictions.
Most airlines allow each adult in economy class to take one free carry on luggage and one free personal item, like handbag or laptop case.
Many airlines have the same combined figure, 45 inches is for example the most common combined carry on luggage dimension.
Most airlines allow variations in the individual dimensions as long as when added together they do not exceed the combined figure. It is safer as you will not have to worry about any hand luggage, as well as the locked inside pockets act as prevention against pickpockets.
Airlines are increasingly paying more attention to the weight limits so do check both the carry on luggage dimension and weight limits with your airline and do not exceed either to avoid inconvenience and extra charges.
The following table shows the carry on luggage dimension and weight limits for 24 major air carriers we surveyed for this.
If you click on the airline name in the table, you will go directly to that airline baggage information. Most airlines offer size check unit (or bag gauge) in the check-in area, which your hand luggage must fit in.

Some airlines state that your hand luggage must fit easily into these size check units, so avoid stuffing your cabin luggage. Check our Luggage Shop and browse our selected range of quality luggage from leading online retailers. In our showcase shop you can browse for different luggage types and see the current prices. Different airlines have different policies when it comes to carry-on bag and check-in baggage.
Ngayon, pag di ka bumili ng prepaid baggage at dumating ka sa check-in counter sa airport na nag excess baggage, you will be paying the regular baggage fee per kilo. Our All in Fare Team’s advice is that if you know for sure that you will be carrying more than 1 luggage, buy prepaid baggage allowance para makatipid. These questions are pretty common among airline passengers; you may even be contemplating the same Qs. This 1 cabin bag or hand-carry must not exceed dimension of 56 x 36 x 23 cm for Airbus flights, while for ATR flights maximum bag dimension allowed is 56 x 35 x 20 cm. The cabin bag must not exceed 7 kg for all flights except for Caticlan, Caticlan’s max bag weight is 5 kg. Dimension of your handcarry bag should not exceed 56 x 36 x 23 cm and must not weight more than 7kg. PAL Domestic Flights: All domestic PAL flights have a FREE check-in baggage allowance of 10kg for Budget Economy tickets, 20kg for Regular Economy tickets, and 25 kg for Premium Economy tickets. You can buy prepaid or additional baggage by simply logging into the airline’s website, access the “Manage Booking” tab for Cebu Pacific or “Manage My Booking” tab for AirAsia Zest.
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You have mentioned the dimension (L+W+H) for carry on baggage, what about the dimension for checked baggage.
Checked in baggage are mostly measured by weight, but we will update this post after researching an appropriate answer for your question. We use cookies here in ALL IN FARES so we can ensure that we give you the best experience on our promo website. You know that shit you lug around from relationship to relationship just waiting to dust off and open up to so you can really fuck up a good thing? If you want to take you camera and gear abroad, every airline has specific carry-on restrictions based on size and weight. That said, photo backpacks often become a little more compact than their stated dimensions once the various chest and waist straps are pressed in, along with the often deep padding in the back and shoulder areas. Others have a relatively low weight limit that’s likely to be exceeded even if the backpack is only half full of camera kit. However, these are subject to change, so it’s important to check with the airline you are using before you set off on your travels.
You will then have to make sure your luggage does not exceed the lowest airline luggage weight limit, i.e. This is usually because domestic planes are often less spacious than planes used on long haul or international routes.

Some airlines consider laptops in thin satchel to be personal item but carry on luggage piece if they are in larger computer bag, i.e.
However, few airlines are very strict that individual dimensions do not exceed their guidance. You will have to check that your hand luggage does not exceeds the allowed carry on luggage dimensions. You might also want to view the carry on luggage dimensions in the above table as it shows the maximum dimensions allowed. All rights reserved.Unauthorized duplication or publication of any content or photos strictly prohibited.
Baggage rate per kilogram also differs per company, and the timing of your actual baggage allowance payment. Pag kayo bumili ng baggage allowance at the time you book your tickets, or after as long as it’s 4 hours before your flight, ang babayaran nyo per kilo is mas mababa. You did not avail of a check-in baggage allowance so you are only allowed to have a 7kg of handcarry bag or backpack, but you showed up at the check-in counter with 2 huge bags! These items are restricted and will be confiscated at the X-ray station before you enter the final departure area. I am suggesting that we all treat our life baggage the same way that airlines treat our real baggage.
The baggage allowance is usually more generous on business and first class than in economy class.
In the most common case that figure would be 45 inches (22 + 14 + 9), or 115 cm (56 + 36 + 23). Therefore, you should always check your airlines carry on luggage dimension policy prior to flying. If you current carry on luggage is bigger you should consider buying a smaller cabin luggage for your travels.
The staff will then require you to check-in your extra baggage, at dahil wala kang prepaid check-in baggage allowance, on the spot ka ngayon magbabayad.
You are allowed one carry on aboard this flight and the rest of your shit you better check at the gate; or you will be charged extra. Learn to trust the man or woman you are with knowing that even if you are betrayed it is not because you trusted someone, it is because that person was a piece of shit anyway. In addition, some airlines, especially the low cost airlines, do only accept one piece of hand luggage and are very strict on this rule.
This is because Cebu Pacific, Air Asia Zest as well as Pal gives as much as 50% discuss if you buy and pay PREPAID baggage. You would have paid P201.60 for 15 kilos if bumili ka ng mas maaga, but now sa check-in counter sa airport ka magbabayad, you will be paying around P100+ per kilo of excess baggage! Learn to jump at new opportunities that come your way with reckless abandon and know that if you get burned or you fail it’s not because you didn’t kick the shit out of life and take a chance. Always carry enough to tell stories and to learn lessons but for the love of God, put the rest down and just get on the plane and go for a ride!

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