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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Teardrops n Tiny Travel Trailers • View topic - Anyone have plans for a homemade roof top cargo box? Considering building one from wood and aluminum to match the wooden tear, just dont like the way the plastic ones look. That is pretty cool!I actually plan on putting mine on top of my 5x8 teardrop trailer on a roof rack. Roof racks are not available for all vehicle makes and models, please visit the Application Guide for our parts listing by vehicle.
Roof racks are the ideal way to increase your vehicle's ability to carry large or irregular sized luggage. ARB roof racks are engineered to support the full rated load capacity of a vehicle, with the mounting system and structural integrity of the rack being designed to withstand the most demanding of conditions. Exclusive to ARB roof racks, a unique wind deflection panel is integrated into the front of each unit, thereby reducing interior noise considerably when driving at highway speeds. ARB's unique mounting system is much more than just a means of attaching the roof rack to your 4x4. ARB roof racks are shot blasted and precoated in a zinc-rich primer, while the mounting legs are zinc plated.
Available in three of our most popular sizes, the new ARB Alloy Roof Rack is a great alternative to our heavier weight steel roof racks.
ARB’s Alloy roof racks are ideal for customers who wish to remove and refit their racks between trips.
Manufactured with special Amplimesh, an aluminum mesh that is used in security installations around the world, and finished off with a high quality millennium grey powder coat finish, this rack is sure to offer years of performance and styling. I recently got the guts to take the leap and I bought a 7×12 insulated cargo trailer and converted it to an off-grid micro RV. Back then my idea was a campground and lots of outdoor living but now I want to travel in urban and rural environments.
I open my ramp door and prop the end on my jacks so that it becomes level and I enjoy the slightly elevated patio. You can help spread the housing revolution by sharing this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Email using the buttons down below. Thank you! I would build a wall across that back end with a traditional door that is hid when the ramp is closed and add two fold down legs to the front of that ram for support. This would be cheaper than building a house on wheels from scratch and you can pick up these enclosed trailers on Craigs list for reasonable prices. Might I suggest investing in a second solar shower bag and using it for your hot water needs inside (i.e. I often consider placing a dark colored tank on the roof to heat water by the sun and gravity feed downward for a sink or shower. Very cool bravo, I did something similar with a cargo trailer, my wife and I took it on a 3000 mile 15 day test trip through 7 states, and I have to say… My wife and I did not want it to end. If the extended counter top were a little closer to the bed, you could sit on the bed and use the counter to dine or study. That was a lot to spend on the Yeti though it is a plug and play solution and a sweet bit of kit. When I was researching converting my cargo trailer into a tiny home over winter I came across a company that sold enclosed trailers that had popout bed setups.

Driven like that parking lot speed would be disasterous the popup section will blow away if you shift into second, I looks really Boganish but I have seen a similar roof top set up before. We can build a 4.25m high body on a truck chassis before overheight permits are required so that wouldnt be a problem but out of canvas nar, aluminium doesnt billow in the wind so much and just the sheer sail area would restrict this monstrosity untill it blew apart if ya fold the top down its a great idea, stability? It kinda looks like it was crossing a railroad track at the time so I hope it wasn’t going too fast. This carrier was initially designed for mobility scooters with the folding ramp and overall size but we’ve found it also works perfect for getting our lawn mower in for service or hauling yard debris and even just as extra cargo space on a long road trip!!
ARB cargo roof racks utilize round steel construction for maximum strength and aerodynamics and are available in a variety of lengths and widths, for vehicles with or without gutters, so you can choose the appropriate size to suit your requirements. Conveniently spaced crossbars support the roof rack?s contents, or you can opt for the additional, fully welded, steel mesh floor. To ensure proper load distribution, a full-length, PVC protected galvanized support channel evenly distributes the weight along the full length of the vehicle gutter, while molded rubber clamp pads eliminate metal to metal contact under the gutters. Both are then coated in ARB's own millennium grey polyester powder coat, before baking in a 200 C oven. Top rail is constructed from tough, 1" seamless steel tube, bottom rail utilises 1.4mm tube.
Rails are bent with a mandrel bender ensuring consistency and even wall thickness across all sections. Millennium grey powder-coat with zinc-rich primer that gives 1000 hours of salt spray resistance. Pressed steel feet and legs are height and width adjustable, allowing multi-vehicle installations.
Made from 6000 Series T4 Alloy aluminum, the new cages feature high strength construction using a combination of TIG and the acclaimed CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) revolutionary welding process.
I wanted plenty of outdoor living and the convenience of an RV to be able to head out on the spur of the moment. What I like about my cargo trailer is that it has a large ramp door on the back which, in this case, becomes opening a wall of your home and invites the outdoors in. I parked my trailer in the driveway and- with the help of my very supportive fella- worked on it out of the garage. At the moment I have to obviously fill my 5 gallon supply bucket by hand but an addition I’d like for the future is a rainwater catchment system and a Berkey Gravity Water Filter.
Soon I’ll have a composting toilet with a sawdust bucket under a wooden box disguised as a seat. I even like to think about how this might be useful for people with unstable housing situations.
He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories.
I would look for one that has at least 7 feet of headroom and the walls should be insulated and foamcore board works well inside a 2×2 wall frame for R10.
They are lighter and can be towed with a smaller truck and no one knows it is a house until you drop the ramp.
Since white deflects light, I often wonder if this would work also for cooler water eliminating the pump. The cargo trailer worked better than our regular camper did, plus the cargo trailers are built way better structurally than a conventional camper, and stealth if need be. A 100 watt briefcase panel with charge controller attached, 100 AH SLA AGM battery and 1000 watt sine wave inverter all told costs half as much.

I was stationed in Germany in the mid 80’s and supported a huge field exercise for Reserve units (an annual deal).
What really tends to confirm that theory is that the front sleeping compartment of the pop-up tent trailer seems to be lifting up quite bit, from obvious aerodynamic forces. The bigger concern is that sitting that high up that truck would probably tip during a turn at anything more than a low speed. Rubber caps for a spring-tension curtain rod would also work to cover the bolt threads, give it a more finished look.
I found myself spenidng time looking for things I thought I had, or buying something and then finding the same item in the workshop later!
The roof rack and mounting system are sold separately, allowing ARB cargo roof racks to be fitted to custom applications. Installation and removal of your ARB cargo roof rack is quite simple, thanks to this practical & clever mounting system.
These processes have been tested to 1000 hours of salt spray resistance, which easily exceeds industry standards.
We kept it very simple starting with painting the plywood walls and insulating the underside.
This will be great in a warm rural environment but I happen to be retired military and will want to use the gym anyway so I’ll shower at the nearest military base. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too.
Can be used where camping and living may not be permitted and won’t attract as much attention as a camper or house on wheels. Using a pump would only increase pressure or perhaps be used to fill a tank too high to reach by hand. I know a lot of it is on the pricier side, but 1) tech prices always come down with the advent of the next generation, and with so many other costs being reduced in this steath-ish camper situation, maybe a bit of a splurge would be doable. Im leaning towards a set of french doors build right behind the ramp door so when I use the ramp as a deck I can still keep the bugs out and what not.
I contacted the company and their price for the kit to do it your self was way out of my budget. That particular year, the winter was a bit cooler than anticipated & the permanent pipes frozen.
It could be sized to fit on the ramp, or next to the ramp on the ground – whatever was preferable. I purchased 2 delta truck fork mounts and mounted them using stainless steel bolts with nylon washer nuts. I have lots of big plans, like the water catchment system I mentioned above, in my head for continued improvements and look forward to the journey. I do not believe these are as tall as the ones LaMar likes but they function better than many teardrops and can cost 10K or less. I’ve seen them for sale at Home Depot, Sams, and sporting goods stores for around $100 to $200 depending on size.

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