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Tilting, enclosed, hitch-mounted cargo carrier offers a great solution to transporting your gear.
Now we will demonstrate how this carrier works and show you some of the finer features we have just mentioned. To do that you probably want to actually wrap this around a couple times just to get it better secure. The Hitch and Cargo carrier are very easy to install and looks great in the 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sahara.
Easy to access, convenient I bought this a couple of years ago to free up space in our SUVs while traveling and tailgating. Extremely Happy The amount of storage capacity, and ease of use with this product is outstanding.
Lives up to the Thule name Actual carrier lacked description for installation, but it seemed pretty straightforward. The trailer hitch and ball mount you use might have higher ratings than that, but you'll always be limited to the capacity of whatever the lowest rated component of the towing system. As far as exhaust is concerned, we will want to do some measuring to see if they will be a problem. There's no shortage of stuff to bring along on a road trip, camping excursion or weekend getaway. A hitch mounted enclosed cargo carrier is often the most cost effective solution when going on vacation for extra storage of items.
Facebook posts by Big Ten RentalsBig Ten Rentals 14 hours ago Access ramps for graduation stage at Iowa Valley Community College Grinnell. Buy back a little space for yourself and your things with a Highland Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier. We purchased this cargo carrier because we needed extra space inside the vehicle to carry passengers.

After installing the bicycle rack, we loaded the rack with a bicycle and 4 large plastic tubs full of clothes and drove for over 1,000 miles. This means that the weight of any cargo carrier you use and the cargo placed in or on it cannot weigh more than 110 lbs.
You never can tell whether you'll need those clothes, coolers, children, couches, color TVs, or chifferobes when you're away from home. I'm very happy with it and expect to use it a lot for beach trips and trips to visit our kids. Odds are, if you purchased it, it would sit in your garage unused taking up valuable room most of the year.
Give yourself a little extra room to work with, and the corresponding peace of mind, thanks to the Highland Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier. Both applications mount to 2" receiver hitches and feature two-piece construction that bolts together in minutes. Having the carrier in the back of the vehicle is also more fuel efficient than a roof mounted carrier. It slides into an inch and a quarter hitch, class 2, receiver or a 2 inch hitch which due to its lower height makes loading much easier.
I have spent some time with this carrier, and 3 small carry on bags is doable, depending on their exact size.
Unfortunately, the space inside your ride is barely big enough for your passengers, entertainment equipment, emergency snacks, navigation systems and the rest of your roadway loot.
Multiple tie-down points are available on each trailer for strap and bungee use, and each Highland Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier can hold up to 500 lbs. It has a tilt down design which makes gaining access to the rear of the vehicle that much easier. Next is probably the most important function of this cargo carrier is the actual tilting function.

Boost your carrying capacity without cramping your cockpit with Pro Series Hitch Mounted Cargo Carriers.Like a spare trunk for your back bumper, Pro Series Cargo Carriers give you a stable spot to stack more luggage, more supplies, more of everything.
You either leave the kids at home (usually not an option) or you travel without your crucial cargo. If you look back here there is actually a pin you have to pull and then you can gentle let it down to gain more access to the rear of your vehicle.
Wrought from high-strength steel and finished with a black powder coating, they're rugged enough to survive harsh highways and wicked weather. The perfect spot for placing coolers and camping equipment, as well as any lawn mowers or smaller yard equipment that needs transporting, these cargo carriers will also resist rust and corrosion.
Included is a license plate light with holder and pre-wired taillights with a standard four-pin trailer connector ready to plug in and go. Plus, if anything spills while you're driving, the grate floor hoses down easily for quick clean ups.Whether you're rolling in a full-sized SUV or a compact coupe, these Hitch Mounted Carriers come in multiple sizes and styles to fit your vehicle.
The ROLA Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier lets you carry all your stuff, and makes room in the cabin for the kids.Crafted from high-quality steel, the ROLA cargo basket is one of the strongest cargo baskets on the market. I have included a link to a photo of the Transporter tilted all the way down for you to check out.
Moving further down from that you have the 2 tail light assemblies which do connect to a 4 pole connector.
Both sizes come in your choice of a one-piece or bolt-together design, and everything is backed by a 1-year warranty. Also right underneath the lock you can see these 3 divots here that actually provide the set up point for your license plate holder.

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