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Most have the same overall dimensions but in terms of weight EasyJet stands out for not having weight restrictions on hand luggage in comparison to Air Berlin, which only allows 6 kg. Vueling: Each passenger may carry 1 piece of hand luggage weighing up to 10 kg, with dimensions not exceeding 55x40x20 cm.
Air Europa: Each passenger is allowed to carry one item of maximum weight of 10 kg in Economy Class and the maximum dimensions permitted are 55x35x25 cm or the sum of length + width + height not exceeding 115 cm (45 in).
Spanair: Is it possible to carry one item of hand luggage whose measures cannot exceed 50x40x25 cm (sum of the 3 measures should not exceed 115 cm) and a maximum weight of 10 kilos for Traveler class. As you can see, the width of allowed hand baggage varies depending on the airline up to 10 cm.
Two carry-on bags per person, in addition to one small personal item, such as small hand bag or laptop.
One carry-on bag per person, in addition to one small personal item, such as small hand bag or laptop.
Disabled passengers are allowed a wheelchair in addition to their baggage allowance, but the wheelchair must be checked in. All of the liquid containers must fit easily in a clear, re-sealable plastic bag, in which the liquids total no more than 1 litre (1 quart). Since most drink cans and bottles can hold more than 100 ml (1dl), they are therefore not permitted beyond security screening. You may carry on board other necessities for your personal use during the flight, provided that airport security screeners do not consider them a security risk.
Information on security restrictions for baggage when travelling from Iceland, within or from Europe may be found on theA European Commission (EC) website. The IATA recommendation states the maximum bag dimensions should be 22 in (56 cm) x 18 in (46 cm) x 10 in (25 cm) (L x W x D). In most airlines, first class passengers or mileage club members are entitled to carry another bag with the same specs as the first one. Click to view approved bagYou are only allowed one item of cabin baggage per passenger up to 10kg with maximum size of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. Extra or oversized cabin baggage is generally refused at the boarding gate so you need to make sure your hand luggage or cabin bag is the right size, or you can where available place extras in the hold of the aircraft. Click to view approved bagA 23kg (51lbs) maximum bag weight applies and you must be able to lift the bag unaided into the overhead lockers in the aircraft cabin.

The hand luggage should be no more than 10 in (25 cm) deep, 22 in (56 cm) long and 18 in (46 cm) wide.
However, other airlines allow only a single bag with maximum measurements of 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. The cabin luggage size limit can change, so it is best if you confirm with the airline first. Sign up for special offers direct to your inboxJoin nowWe treat your privacy very seriously! Make your hand luggage hassle free We know it's not the exciting part about going on holiday, but understanding the hand baggage restrictions and security procedures at the airport is a must, even more so now that restrictions are tight - swot up before you go, it'll certainly get you through the checks with the minimum of inconvenience. It is also important to note that with low cost airlines the allowed weight for both checked baggage and for hand luggage is different, so you should consult it on their websites, since they are extremely strict with the weight and often charge very high billing rates for each kilo of exceeded weight. Please note that any bag or item must fit easily into the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you.
Infants under two years of age without a reserved seat do not have their own carry-on baggage allowance. If any liquid duty-free items have been purchased prior to boarding and departing from the USA or Canada and are still being carried in containers that can hold 100ml or more, these items will be subject to confiscation. If you are not sure, check with the Bag Drop desk before going through security to save embarrassment. However, the IATA (International Air Transport Association) has set down recommendations (not mandatory) for airlines. This piece must not weigh more than 10 kg and not exceed the maximum dimensions of 55x40x20 cm.
The bag weight at Jet Airways is 7 kg and the bag dimensions cannot be more than 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm. For this reason it is essential that you get in touch with the airline to determine the baggage restrictions. Hand luggage rules The dimensions of your hand luggage must be no larger than; 56cm long x 45cm wide x 25cm deep Check with your airline for any specific hand luggage policies and the number of items of baggage that can be taken onto the aircraft.
The definition of liquids includes; - All drinks including water, soup, syrups, creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, mascara etc. Security At the airport security search, you must; - Remove the plastic liquids bag from your hand luggage to be x-ray screened.

Please note - a laptop bag that is not contained within the hand luggage will be screened separately. Other bags, including handbags may be carried within the item of hand luggage but will be screened separately.
Pushchairs, walking aids and wheelchairs are permitted on the plane, but will also be security screened.
Essential medicines Essential medicines needed for the trip may be permitted in larger quantities (above the 100ml liquid limit) but will need proof of authentication and documentation from a relevant qualified medical professional. Passengers need to obtain prior agreement from their airline and departure airport before travel. Baby food Liquid baby food or sterilised water for the plane journey, can be taken through airport security. It will be security screened and an accompanying adult will be required to take the liquid.
A laptop bag that is not contained within the one piece of cabin baggage is regarded as the one allowable item of cabin baggage. Large items All items of luggage larger than the permitted cabin baggage size (maximum length 56 cm, width of 45 cm and depth of 25 cm, including wheels, handles and external pockets) must be checked in to be placed in the aircraft hold. They will however need to be screened - check with the airline as to whether there are special arrangements (e.g. But please make sure and check the Terms and conditions apply are the same before claiming Tried, tested and recommended. This year we were delighted to scoop an outstanding achievement award in recognition of our contribution over the last decade towards making the workplace better. Holiday Extras prides itself on providing the best products, the best service and above all, great low prices.

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