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The charges apply to bags of up to 15kg that are being transported in the peak summer and winter months. Those travelling with luggage that weighs up to 20kg - the average accepted baggage weight on most other airlines - will incur even higher fees.
In the low season (October to May) the check-in fees for baggage will remain at A?15.The boarding card penalty will come into effect from January 15, 2012. This will affect families on their main summer holidays in particular.'And woe betide you forgetting to book that bag online or turning up at the airport hoping to flout the rules.
Those who have confirmed they will check luggage during an online booking will be charged A?35, while unlucky passengers caught out at the airport will have to pay A?105 per bag.As if the peak-time charges - which will hit traveling families the hardest - are not enough, the no-frills carrier will also charge passengers a A?60 'boarding card reissue penalty' to those who have failed to print the document before arriving at the airport.
However as it is a soft bag if I don’t fully pack it and tighten the strap I think I can get the height down. This sounds really sill but in their bag size of 55 x 40 x 20cm which is the height, width and depth?

Also are these measurements fixed or can it be applied if you were to turn the case on it’s side for example then measure. Some of you hate this airline and some of you love it but many of you fly with this low-cost airline which is why we though it was high time to have a brief and up-to-date summary of Ryanair's baggage policy. Travelling with Ryanair you may carry one piece of cabin baggage free of charge onto the plane.
This compares to 55x40x20cm with Ryanair, and 56x45x25cm with both Easyjet and British Airways. You get the hold (checked luggage) for your Ryanair flight and the free cabin luggage allowance if you pay for the checked bags. However, considering you can take a small handbag on Ryanair also I would definitely recommend into getting a new smaller cabin bag for future flights and the fine would be more.
If you`ve paid for 15kg then that is what you will have plus the standard hand luggage allowance detailed on this page.

On busy flights (which most are) passengers are asked if they will volunteer to have their hand luggage placed in the hold free of charge as there is not enough room in the overhead lockers.
If too few passengers volunteer then Ryanair will choose whose bag will go in the hold and you have no choice, this can be annoying if you are travelling without any checked in luggage.Here is a tip if you want to ensure you can take your bag on board, arrive at the departure gate early and join the queue straight away, the passengers at the end of the queue are the ones most likely to have their bag put into the hold.
You can check in on line from 15 days up to 4 hours before the scheduled flight departure time.

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