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Durability: I will make the case that leather shoes are actually more durable than certain outdoor shoes. I’d certainly recommend a pair of sandals as well, for hot days, beach visits, and shower trips. I actually met a guy who was traveling with one pair of dress shoes, one pair of walking shoes, one pair of hiking shoes, and one pair of sandals. You can do that if you want, but as long as you find a great pair of comfy, classy, do-it-all travel shoes, you won’t need to. Eytan is a pretentious English major whose rant-laden sarcastic tirades occasionally include budget travel tips and other international nonsense. Gore-tex walking shoes (usually Merrels for my pedal extremities, though finding anything that isn’t entirely vile is a challenge) + Teva sandals (or similar) my preference. I know this post is already two years old but have you tried any of Cole Haan’s Lunarguard wingtip oxfords or zerogrand? When looking for light weight travel shoes, I came across this US company called LEMS (Live Easy & Minimal). I agree with you 100% and for all the reasons you state my favourites were the Salomon Elios 2 GTX.
Problem is my old pair (my second) has just about worn out and of course they don’t make them any more, typical! Sometimes I just want to buy 10 of something because it’s just right, but it always seems awkward.
Sorry, I didn’t mean a version instead of the regulars, but rather an additional model for people who like the style, but just want sandals for daily use or light trail hikes. If you ever needed inspiration to travel, then hopefully these quotes will offer just that. The one from Mark Twain was my inspiration for my working holiday year in Australia 9 years ago. Hi Tess… there are actually two Mark Twain quotes in the list… which one of them inspired you? Way too many times, we hear so much negativity about countries, but we go anyways, to throw away all the prejudices and preconceived notions.

I was on a bus in Thailand going to Laos when we stopped in a small village to eat and rest a bit and found a book of poetry by Stevie Smith someone haf left. 10 of the best places to stay in Europe this Spring : Why wait until Summer to get away this year?
Finding travel shoes should be incredibly easy, and it just goes to show these marketers have no idea what travel shoes are, or just want to play pretend.
Many travelers think they need hardcore, do-it-all, super-tough hiking boots to take them through the wilderness and come out the other side with nary a scratch on them.
The smooth surface has very little that can get snagged, and can be wiped clean with a wet towel. High-quality, nice-looking casual leather (or fake leather) shoes are hands-down the best travel shoes for men anywhere to be found. Flip flops are fine, if you can find comfy flip flops…but I prefer a little more security. All you need is something comfortable, and you can choose the style independently of that, and one style that will cover all bases from fashion to function is a casual leather shoe. Smart full nubuck leather, you could hike or walk around all day in them and still feel ok going to a pub or restaurant for dinner and not look like you’d just stepped off the trail.
And your search will prove futile, as the Merrell Element no longer exists…try the Merrell Realm Lace. Easy enough to slip on, sturdy enough for challenging treks, and durable enough for years of travel. Here are ten of our favourites which we hope will inspire you to get out and see more of the world in which we live.
Once in a life you must have to visit the Himalaya Kingdom of Earth, where every guest are treated as GOD.
They’re also about pretending to be a classy person whilst attempting to project some semblance of respectability. In fact, that’s the only kind of shoe that was used for hiking back in the days before fancy high-tech stuff. Some people just really, really want comfy, soft, pliable sneakers, maybe resembling Converse canvas shoes, and if you really enjoy having those too, go ahead. Although I definitely love waterproof shoes, you might not need to worry too much about it. Other than the shoes I wear, I take one pair of comfy flats and shower shoes and MAYBE a pair of heels depending on the trip.

On the other hand, we don’t need to pack makeup, so we have an unfair advantage there.
They look maybe just a bit too nice to handle a dirty trail, but in the city they’d be fine. Though I have to say that it always seemed to me that the guys have it easier than the girls when it comes to traveling shoes.
I’ve had a look and here in Australia Florsheim do some pretty decent (albeit overpriced) casual, durable feeling boots also. I bought some GoWalk (Sketchers) and although comfortable, I think it will definitely not cut it, when it comes down to walking up and down the different streets and terrains in Europe. When they designed lighter versions, they screwed up the lacing system and it slashed up the skin and drew blood. My boyfriend and I are backpacking in Europe for 5 weeks this summer and he needs the proper shoes! In every corner of street statue are waiting to greet you , the Open museum of Nature and Culture.
I’m just here to make that point that you can easily get away with having just one pair of shoes, and it makes a very, very big difference in terms of pack weight, with practically no downside.
I was a big fan of all the Merrells I’ve used, though of course people have feet of all different shapes and sizes. I much prefer a more laid-back appearance, but I don’t have any favorites on the horizon at the moment…the search continues! So figure girls can do the trio of flats, flip flops, and all-day walking shoes of whatever type, and they’ll probably be as voluminous as the duo of guy shoes which I describe. Looks like it would be an amazing shoe, but it’s proving difficult to find here in Canada. If your shoes look good and feel good, you only need a single pair of shoes, whether it’s for a night out or an all-day hike.

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