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Cons:Top of travel bag needs to be more rigid so when you are rolling it, the top won't bend. I've used this travel bag a couple times already this year and it held up very well going through bag check.
What sets the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian apart from all other travel bags is the integrated leg set that, when extended, supports the entire weight of the bag and its contents, making it incredibly easy to navigate through airports, hotels and parking lots. We love the ease of four-wheeling with the Samsonite Hardside through airports and hotel lobbies, and appreciate the lightweight plastic ABS protective shell. Sun Mountain has added the ClubGlider Tour Series as the second largest offering in the line of ClubGlider four-wheel golf travel bags. The Tour Trek GTS Hardcase matches the ease of four-wheeling provided by the Samsonite Hardside.
The Club Glove Last Bag is used by more professionals on the PGA Tour than any other bag, and we can see why. The SKB Deluxe Golf Travel Case (we tested the 2SKB-4814W) is a rugged hard case that can stand up to serious airline abuse. Nike’s Golf Travel Cover is a straightforward travel bag at a reasonable price, featuring four handles, dual side zip pockets, and adjustable compression straps to secure your clubs. OGIO’s Mammoth Golf Travel Bag is large, has a fair amount of padding to protect your clubs, a crush resistant hat pocket (no lie!), a removable shoe pocket (handy!), and six wheels (four spinner wheels on the base and two in-line skate wheels). The Caddy Daddy Constrictor 2 golf travel bag surrounds your clubs with an 1800d nylon exterior, compression straps, padding at the top of the bag, and curb rails. What struck us when we first saw the PING folding travel cover was not just that it was a new softsided travel case.
There’s one thing no keen golf traveler can do without and that’s a high quality golf travel bag.
If you’ve invested thousands of pounds in your prized irons, driver, wedges, putter and bag – the last thing you want is for them to be thrown into the hold of an aeroplane by a grumpy baggage handler who can’t wait for his shift to finish. Worse than that, when your unprotected golf bag finally arrives on the conveyor belt at baggage reclaim you find your ?200 Scotty Cameron putter is missing and your new hi-tech driver shaft is in three pieces.
If you are flying off on a golf holiday there’s simply no option, you need to invest in a durable, robust and easy to transport golf travel bag. There are lots of different types of golf travel bags on the market, ranging from budget options like Dunlop, Masters Golf and John Letters to the high-end travel bags like Club Glove used by the world’s jet-setting tour professionals. If you are extremely security conscious and terrified of your clubs being damaged you can opt for a hard case golf travel bag with a rigid frame. The benefit here is that they are lighter, easier to handle and stow more easily in any transport you will be using to get to the resort or hotel. Whichever one you opt for, make sure you buy a golf travel bag with wheels on, so that you can roll it through the airport rather than have to carry it on your shoulder. What’s the point in going on a golf holiday if your back goes into spasm just as you arrive at the resort. As a general rule, buying a golf travel bag is a little like buying your best leather shoes, a winter coat or a new suit – meaning you often get what you pay for – and if you buy cheap they don’t tend to last. You may have a golf travel bag but if it’s got holes in it then any light fingered member of airport ground staff could soon find their way in among your Pro V1’s. The Titleist Golf Club Glove Travel Cover is chosen by the world’s best players for golf club travel protection.

A great value golf travel bag from Titleist – durability, wheels and style for a reasonable price!
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You can carry a small bag with you to office if you intend to leave for your trip right after the office.
You can use them to keep a set of clothes to change into after a game or a session at the gym in the evening.
Travel bags may be inconspicuous and can fit into the trunk of your car or sit in a corner of your office without drawing attention to themselves.
Travel bags for women may especially be so designed that they form a part of their fashion. As they do not have stiff corners, they can be fitted on to any luggage rack without any special effort. These bags are carried by their straps and are very convenient on rough terrain too where pulling along a suitcase would be very difficult.

It is better to consider the purpose for which you are going to use it for before you buy a travel bag.
From Golf Drivers to Putters, Apparel to GPS, you can find anything you need at RockBottomGolf at the Best Prices around! Our editors test and compare the newest golf travel bags to help you determine which golf travel bag is best. In addition, the Hardside is the only travel bag in our tests that features wheels that allow the case to stand vertically on its own, so it doesn’t take up yards of space as you wait in airport and hotel lines. The updated 2014 line seems to have resulted in the Meridian being reduced to a slightly smaller size, as the Tour Series matches up closely with the 2012 ClubGlider Meridian that we tested. The kicker is that it comes with not only a warranty on defects in materials and craftsmanship, but also a unique $1,500 warranty to cover the cost of any equipment damaged by the airlines. For your convenience there are handles at the top, middle and bottom of the bag, and 2 large shoe pockets. These golf travel bags can take the bumps and scrapes but they aren’t so great when it comes to fitting them in the trunk of your hire car. The outer fabric of the bag is soft and flexible but reinforced by internal padding, especially at the top, where the heads of your clubs will be sticking out from your golf bag. The ultimate in golf travel covers the Club Glove is designed to give maximum protection and added durability throughout its use. They may be big enough to hold all your stuff for a long weekend or may be small enough to just carry cosmetics or other personal items that you would like to keep at hand.
A weekender bag is one travel bag small enough in which you can just put in everything that you are going to need for a short trip. This also allows them to simply take their cosmetic bag with them whenever they need to use the restroom, and not need their entire travel bag for when they need to powder their noses. As these bags are fitted with sturdy straps, it is quite easy to carry your golf sticks wherever you want. Though they are primarily meant for short excursions only, they can conveniently be used for overnight stays, swimming, beach trips, sports trips, hikes and so on.
Products tested include offerings from Club Glove, Nike, OGIO, Samsonite, SKB, Sun Mountain ClubGlider and Tour Trek. The cover is a bit smaller than other travel bags tested, but its tapered design adds to how securely it holds your clubs. As with most soft golf travel bags, the Caddy Daddy is more of a pain to pull through the airport than 4 and 6-wheeled soft and hardside bags. Being much lighter, they are easier to carry and maneuver around even if they are stuffed to their full capacity. Often people make the mistake of traveling with too much luggage and then spend most of their travels keeping an eye on them. While the Constrictor 2 offers a very attractive price point, we had durability issues from the get-go, leading us to recommend looking at alternatives.
Two interior pockets, three external compression straps, and thick upper padding will keep your bags safe.

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