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German luggage-makers Rimowa introduce their latest innovation with the Salsa Air collection of luggage. Futura and Fukuoka based art and Hip-Hop collective Oil Works align to create the following boxset.
A mainstay on Japan’s Hip-Hop scene, Nitro Microphone Underground celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2009. While the Salsa line has been a mainstay of the brand’s roster for some time, the Salsa Air now looks to cut weight even more by procuring an up to 26% weight reduction with the same familiar Rimowa penchant for quality and robustness.
The Salsa Air line preserves many of its key points of design including the smooth-rolling four wheel design.
The collection comes in three colors and various sizes and is available through select retailers. Nothing challenges an American’s preference for soft nylon bags more than a trip through customs at NRT.
It happens quickly, only takes one trip to Japan to make a yank jealous of the ubiquitous Rimowa hard-sided cases that are the travel norm in Japan and the symbol of enduring German design.Founded in 1898, Rimowa transformed itself from classic trunk maker into a modern metal case company that has stood the test of time. In our normal fashion, we reached out to the people at Rimowa and asked to see exactly what hasn’t changed and we were delighted with all of the historical reference material the company sent back.

Light and strong have been the order of the day at Rimowa since the beginning, a philosophy that has continued to this day. At the turn of the century, the cases were made of wood but the Cologne factory is already creating a great story with a design that is as lightweight as possible.
Within a few years, Rimowa’s large wardrobe and steamer trunks have become the representative travel companions of high society.In the 1920s discerning globetrotters are delighted by the elegant cases produced by the company.
In 1937, Richard Morszeck, the son of the company founder, brings the first steamer trunk made of lightweight metal onto the market. This is only the first of numerous brilliant innovative ideas upon which the global success of Rimowa is based. The brand name RIMOWA was derived from Richard Morszeck (Richard Morszeck Warenzeichen).In 1950, the first case was made from aluminium with the typical contour structure that has since made Rimowa products unmistakable. Among the international jet set the contour cases quickly attain the status of cult objects.These archival Rimowa images illustrate the fact that styling and design have largely remained the same over the past hundred or so years, much to our pleasure. The first one I had, the stitching that holds the rubber seal and zipper around the case came unraveled so I sent it back and got a replacement in less than a week.
I have been internet flirting with buying one for about a year, but I am not sure if I should pull the trigger….btw I travel at least 60 days a year!

I think the best online source is probably from one of the German retailers like They definitely have different purposes, and in some ways I prefer the more understated Salsa look (I have dark grey). Unfortunately luggage thieves the world over are quite aware of their value and suspect treasure in these, they are just too flashy.
Secondly, I have always found the design where you pack two halves and then try to squeeze them together rather impractical.
They also own and oversee their manufacturing facilities, which is very unique for the luggage business these days.In addition in to creating Aluminum Luggage, Rimowa invented Polycarbonate luggage. Many ABS plastic cases have been made over the years but Rimowa was the first to do Polycarbonate (the highest grade of plastic- same as the material that football shoulder pads are made from). For frequent travelers, polycarbonate luggage is a game changer.This is a great brand who conducts business the right way and makes a product of tremendous quality.

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