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Flybe operate flights within the UK, and also within selected Nordic countries operating as Flybe Nordic. News: FlyBE are adding video on demand for all classes, and giving personal video screens in all cabins.
But, joking aside, there are of course no overhead TV screens or fancy audio channels: why should there be? The inflight magazine Uncovered is suprisingly good, and considering it comes from such a small low-cost airline, it really is one of the best in its class. The first page gives information on FlyBE's new routes and planes - normally with natty pictures of the staff holding aloft a huge model of a BAE146.
There are then usually two travel articles about places that are on the FlyBE routemap, although these tend to be bought in from freelance writers who are not noted for their eloquent prose. Finally, at the back are there are very good and useful guides to all the places FlyBE flies to, with a destination per page. There's a nice section on events happening in the city in the month, and a "Perfect Day" box on what to do if you just have a day in the city. If are traveling on an Air France codeshare, the Uncovered magazine is replaced with a copy of Air France's offering (which is still pretty good) and the Choices magazine. FlyBE's staff are mainly young, so check in is generally a fun experience, but woe betide you if you ignore the warnings about checking in late - the flight will close exactly 45 minutes before takeoff. FlyBE will often board BAE146s on the tarmac using both forward and rear doors - rows 1 to 10 go first, and then 11 to 18 at the rear, before you climb on board, and get to hear some tunes from the 90s as you sit down. FlyBE has a pretty standard Luggage allowance for a no frills airline: there is no free baggage allowance. Check in luggage: Flybe Economy Plus allows you to check in up 40kGs into the hold free of charge. Be warned that FlyBE used to be very lax about what you could take on board, with the result that everyone took on board everything including the kitchen sink. The FlyBE Menu is in the seat pocket infront of you, however it is not available online, so you can't check out prices before hand.
There are normally two trolleys on the plane, one which starts at the front, and the other at the back.

Beware that quite often the crew don't know what they should be charging for a sandwich - and will charge you the meal deal price (?4.50) instead of the plain sandwich price (?3.75) and then "offer" you a "free" cup of coffee - which you have in fact just bought!
Crispy Bacon with crunchy iceberg lettuce, tomato and creamy mayonaise on malted wheat bread. Alas, a claim made by the manufacturer is that the wholegrain in the biscuit allows a slow release of carbohydrates over 4 hours.
This is truly revolting, and BE should be ashamed of offering this in the name of good food. There are options of Vegitarian (cheese and tomato) Chicken Tikka (spicey) and BLT with a slice of ham, two slivers of tomato, and a bit of lettuce. Utterly revolting, this curry is a disgrace to any airline, and it is one of the few meals I've seen served up on the plane, and instantly returned to the trolley by a good half of the passengers. For all in ticket passengers you can choose from either a sandwich or a snack and a drink from the inflight menu. All In passengers are entitled to one item from the deli range and one item from the drink range (meal deals do not count as one item).
He is a freelance writer covering inflight meal trends and he helps train airline staff to serve, sell and generally make the inflight food experience better for all of us! The new AVOD in-flight entertainment system is mainly for its latest 777s, with iPod connectivity, in-seat shopping and meal ordering as well as premium cabin touchscreen consoles. Yes, Flybe like to entertain you with music played over the aircraft PA on the ground, and on some flights in the air. Then there are two pages of the Deli in the Sky, with all the food on board, and the prices. These have a map of the city centre, information on how to get to the airport, hotels and restaurant reviews. Alas it's all let down a bit by the after dark section on entertainment, which is decidedly vague, tends to list clubs way past their prime, and pubs that have even shut down.
In effect this mean you pay for all your food and drinks on board except on flights from London to Vienna, and flights above 1 hour 40 minutes.
Some airports like Southampton just weren't built for the traffic FlyBE now generates, and there just aren't enough checkin desks which FlyBE can use. Luggage rules are also strictly enforced, with 10kg for hand luggage (and its got to be small) or 10kg plus a laptop for Economy Plus, and 20kg for luggage in the hold.

The trolleys don't swap round, so if you're in the rear row and want some drinks, there can be a long long wait while the rest of the service is completed before you get some booze. The maximum permitted dimensions (please ensure that you include the bag's handles and wheels) for this item are 50 x 35 x 23cm and it should not exceed 10 kilos in weight. Now, they’re draconian, and check bags carefully – they insist that cabin baggage tags are used, and a baggage check is made during check in and at the gate. Hence, if you want to get your food first, and have some chance of eating it before you get off the plane, you'll need to sit either right at the front, or right at the back.
However the carbohydrate content of these biscuits is 64 grams of which 25 grams is sugar per 100 grams - now that is a lot of sugar.
All of them come in the same type of roll, which is somewhat different to the one displayed in the Choices magazine.
However it is actually pretty good - and it's good to get something vaguely hot on the plane. However, Flybe of course, makes the most of the absence of this, and advertises that on each flight you can relax to the sound of 'Flybe unplugged'.
Passengers can choose from salmon ciabatta, sandwiches, salads, pastries and fruit, at up to €5. Note the really sharp way prices go up from 20kgs to 23kgs - 18 quid for an extra kilo: this is where FlyBE make a lot of money. Of course many people find a way around this, and it’s usual to see economy passengers take virtually everything out of their bags before passing the checkpoints, having stuffed their pockets full of everything small and heavy, only to repack their bags once onboard. Ok, in the 1960s style FlyBE cabins, it's good to see they also serve fod that should have been passed over years ago. Remember that on FlyBE Dash 8s the overhead lockers are very small indeed, and your normal carryon won't fit.

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