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Back in the day, folks carried wonderful bags, which were perfect for the stagecoach or train. Most of the time I don’t like or need a huge, rolling suitcase, and many of the small carry bags are just that-too small. I had been looking at this bag for around 2 years, but am one of those people who have a hard time buying myself things. I can’t tell you how many airline stewardesses comment that they have never seen a nicer bag than this! I’ve had my eye on this bag for sometime and received as a Christmas Gift this year (2013) from my wife.
It will be enjoyed for many years and I’m looking forward to adding to my Colonel Littleton collection in the future!

This travel bag is unique, unusual and certain to be a conversation piece everywhere you go. Solid copper tubes and solid brass fixtures set it apart from any piece of luggage you’ll ever see. I have purchased other items over the years from the Colonel and each has been excellently and professionally constructed. It is the most unique and outstanding gift I have ever received and my wife is so happy she could get it for me. As it passes through town, I always think about those travelers of yesteryear-how they dressed and what they carried.
Handmade in our workshop, it really qualifies as Americana art; yet, it is very functional and serviceable.

All of my equipment fits inside nicely and is very protected….not to mention the fact that it makes me look like a class act! Made of our signature vintage brown leather, which is dry-milled, making the bag soft and supple.

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