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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The choice to bring either a backpack or a suitcase with wheels (rolling luggage) to Europe depends on your travel plans and your personal travel style. Hands-Free Travel — Having full use of your hands makes navigating European streets and public transportation much easier. Easily Navigate Stairs and Streets — Traversing cobblestone roads and the myriad of stairs is made easy with a backpack.
Comfortable — Assuming you have a backpack that fits well and isn’t overpacked, a backpack can actually be pretty comfortable. Easy to Store — Hostels usually have personal lockers and a backpack will fit in those fine. Airline Travel — Between the baggage handlers and the conveyor belts used to route luggage, the airlines aren’t exactly known for being gentle on backpacks. Cost — A quality backpack isn’t cheap (although there are some nice budget friendly options — see my article about buying travel backpacks). Not Having to Carry Bag — Obviously, with wheeled luggage you don’t need to carry any of your stuff. Airline Safe — Suitcases are meant to travel well in checked-luggage (assuming a baggage handler isn’t having a bad day).
Trains — The majority of luggage space on a train is above the seat so be sure you can lift your bag above your head.
Harder to Store in Hostels — If you’re staying in a hostel be aware that most lockers are too small for standard luggage. Hands Full — You’ll always have to keep one hand on your bag which will hinder your mobility. Like I stated before, the choice between a backpack and a rolling luggage comes down to personal preference.
There are convertible wheeled backpacks available that have both backpack straps and wheels — which allows you to choose how to haul around you bag. If you're a woman that wants to embark on some serious adventure travel or just independent travel around Europe, then a well-designed travel backpack is the way to go for hands-free ready-to-go travel. Traveling with just one piece of luggage is wonderfully convenient in transit, but can be limiting once you've reached your destination.

The Thrive backpack from Eagle Creek is loaded with innovative features, including an ergonomic, adjustable X-ACT suspension system with contoured shoulder straps, adjustable sternum strap, and hip belt - all designed to fit a woman's shape. Front panel loading provides easy access to your gear, and compression straps keep contents secure.
The micro-adjusting harness suspension allows you to adjust the torso length for a precise fit, and the slim, tapered shoulder straps include special load lifter angle adjustments that reduce fatigue and balance the weight. This hi-tech backpack is built for serious adventure travel without sacrificing creature comfort.
A full-sized, detachable daypack for day trips with contoured straps, fleece-lined electronics pockets, audio portals and security zippers which offers plenty of organization, including water bottle pockets. Top load access and the front panel load design makes for easy packing and unpacking, and an internal cargo net keeps contents secure for even better packability.
The padded, contoured air mesh hip belt alleviates pressure points on the hips and ensures comfort in all terrains.
The front-loading main backpack bag includes a cargo net and interior compression straps to firmly secure contents, and the zippered, fleece-lined top-load pocket is perfect for delicate electronics, sunglasses or a digital camera. We’ve already discussed how to choose the perfect backpack for Europe and we have a list of our favorite travel backpacks for Europe — so be sure to read those two articles if you choose a backpack.
Don’t expect to find escalators and elevators in most European public transportation. Most of the time a suitcase is too large so you’ll need some other way to secure your stuff. Most backpacks have lot of straps that can get caught on the conveyor belts and sometimes they get ripped off (not fun).
I always try to promote traveling light but if you find yourself needing to travel with your entire wardrobe, you might want to save your back and just use a suitcase. However, you can usually get a decent wheeled suitcase at discount stores like TJ Maxx or Marshalls for about $40-90. This is probably largely due to the fact that everyone already has a suitcase and they don’t want to spend more money to buy something new.
There might be other places to store your bag, but they probably won’t be as safe as a personal locker.
Personally, I prefer using a travel backpack and that is what I recommend for budget travelers and people who are going to be visiting a lot of places.

While I haven’t personally used them, I have checked out the Osprey Sojourn Wheeled Luggage, Osprey Meridian, and the Patagonia MLC Wheelie at my local travel store.
That’s why we created The Savvy Backpacker — an independent resource to help give you the skills and knowledge to travel through Europe on a backpacker’s budget. If you've been shopping for a comfortable backpack and having difficulty find one that's sized and designed for a woman, then you'll definitely be interested in the this special women's backpack below which offers excellent value and storage capacity. This versatile, thoughtfully designed travel backpack bag gives you plenty of options, and its ergonomic design with contoured shoulder straps and hip belt is designed especially to fit a woman's body. Other smart extras include a bottom compartment with internal zippered stowaway dividers, detachable waterproof rain and security cover, and central lock positioning that allows you to secure all the main entry points with a single lock.
Lightweight, highly durable, and perfect for journeys off the beaten path, this well designed back pack from Eagle Creek has an independent suspension system designed especially for women that incorporates 3D foam, soft knit binding, non-slip lumbar material, moisture-wicking Aero Mesh, a fully padded hip belt, and adjustable shoulder, sternum and load lifter straps. The 3-in-1 Travel Shell does triple duty as a rain cover, security cover, and stand-alone duffel, and tucks into its own compartment.
Soft, breathable foam provides moisture-wicking ventilation, and side compression straps with wings ensure load stability.
Bottom lash straps let you attach extra gear, and tall, flat exterior side pockets hold walking staffs, fishing rods or tent poles. This guide will show the advantages and the disadvantages to both travel backpacks and rolling luggage for traveling Europe and will hopefully help you choose which option is best for you.
Trust me, everyday I see people in the Paris Metro trying to lug a huge suitcase up its multiple flights of stairs and it isn’t fun.
I’d guess that a vast majority of younger travelers use backpacks and older travelers tend to use suitcases.
However, many newer travel backpacks have zip-away shoulder straps which make the bag safe for being checked.

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