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Ethiopian Airlines flies both domestic routes as well as international flights to destinations in Africa.
One piece of carry-on baggage is acceptable free of charge provided it is suitable for placement in the over-head rack or under the passenger's seat.
Other routes within Ethiopia and Africa are regulated by the weight concept, limiting the total combined weight of all bags checked in by one passenger. The price of a ticket includes the transportation of a certain amount of baggage in the cargo hold of the aircraft. For all other destinations where a weight concept applies, it is best to use the Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Allowance Calculator. Passengers originating from Rome Fiumicino or Milan Malpensa are entitled to this free baggage allowance: 2 pieces of luggage for Economy Class weighing maximum 23 Kgs each (the sum of dimension must not exceed 158 cm, or 62 inches, wheels and handles included), and for Business Class 3 pieces weighing maximum 23 Kgs (or 2 weighing maximum 32 Kg).
Infants (children under 2 years) with a ticket not entitling them to seat occupancy can register one piece of luggage weighing maximum 10 Kg for free.
The weight of each piece of luggage carried by passengers originating from other Italian airports will be checked from the baggage tag at the time of transit check-in.
Also passengers traveling from Italy to domestic destinations in Ethiopia can check in their luggage to final destination, receiving their boarding cards and getting their bags tagged to their final destination. Baggage tagging: passengers are suggested to have their bags tagged to their final destination. You are kindly requested to check for dangerous items that cannot be carried in registered baggage here.
In any case, even in the event of baggage loss, Ethiopian Airlines will not refund more than $ 20.00 for each registered kilogram, as per the standing rules established by the Warsaw Convention. When collected at the time of boarding, any baggage is subject to manual tagging instead of the automated one that is done at the time of check-in. In case of turbulence, it is not safe if the storing compartments above the passengers’ seats are loaded with too heavy items.
Furthermore, please note that there are some other restrictions for hand luggage as far as liquids and fluids are concerned.
To ask for a reimbursement for a damaged suitcase, passengers can contact our Rome office at 06 42009230. Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen that some suitcases get misrouted and are delivered later, or even fail to reach their final destination. Compile the BIF form (Baggage Inventory Form) where you shall make a detailed inventory of all items contained into your luggage. In case the baggage is lost upon arrival on the onward journey (not on the return journey) and the whole of the passenger’s luggage is missing, it is possible to obtain a refund worth a maximum of $ 75 for economy class passengers and $ 100 for business class passengers, for immediate incidental expenses.
When the luggage is found, it is delivered to the passenger at the address given at the time of loss reporting.
The original baggage tag (the one that was originally attached to the ticket or boarding pass at the time of check-in). Questo sito raccoglie dati statistici anonimi sulla navigazione, mediante cookie installati da terze parti autorizzate, rispettando la privacy dei tuoi dati personali e secondo le norme previste dalla legge. There is also an additional $60 overweight fee if your bags weigh between 23-32kg (50-70lbs).

It will provide you with weight limit information, as well as excess baggage fees for your specific route. In case it exceeds this limit, it is possible to turn each piece allowance from 23 Kg to 32 Kg by paying € 50. Even though continuing their domestic journey on the following days, their baggage allowance will remain the same all long their trip, provided flights are included in the same reservation. In case they continue their journey with another carrier we suggest the baggage to be tagged to their last Ethiopian Airlines destination and to re-check in with the new carrier. Considering that at that point in time it is no longer possible to register it, it will be considered as excess baggage regardless the total weight originally carried by the passenger.
They must be carried in single containers with maximum capacity of 100 ml, and stored in a plastic bag with maximum capacity of 1 lt. It is also possible to send us a request by mail through our contact form of Rome and Milan. The causes for these occurrences are various and sadly they are often beyond the direct control of the Airline. This questionnaire must be handed to the airline not later than 5 days from the date of loss.
Continuando a navigare su questo sito, cliccando sui link al suo interno o scrollando la pagina verso il basso, accetti il servizio e gli stessi cookie.
Hand baggage beyond the dimension and weight indicated above will not be accepted in the cabin and will be loaded in the aircraft along with the checked in bag and if the total piece and weight of the bags exceeds the free baggage allowance, the excess shall be charged. It is also possible to carry additional pieces weighing 23 Kgs each (for a maximum number of 3) by paying additional € 130 for each. It is better to avoid registering the baggage for more than two legs, so as to decrease the risk of misrouting. Please be aware that if luggage gets miscarried and it is not delivered after a few days, should it start to stink it cannot be handed back to the passenger and it shall be destroyed by airport authorities for health reasons.
The maximum permitted weight is 7 Kg and the total measure of the bag must not exceed 118 cm (e.g.
Afterwards, from the 6th to the 21st day after the loss, the baggage search is done by our town office that can be contacted at 06 42009230. Therefore, if the luggage is protected by a padlock or a combination lock, the passenger can leave either the key or the combination to open the suitcase when reporting. In Cloud Nine and Economy, the fee for any additional checked bags is USD150 to USD200 each way, depending on the passenger's ultimate destination in Africa. It is of fundamental importance to ALWAYS add personal baggage tags to your luggage, containing your name and address; not only outside but also inside the suitcase. When this is not feasible, the damaged baggage (that must be returned to our offices) is replaced with another one (of commercial brand) with equal features and dimensions.
If this is not done, the Customs Authorities shall break the lock: in this case, no damage refund will be given by the airline. If you carry more than one set, the normal excess baggage charge shall apply for the extra weight.One set of golfing equipment (one golf bag and one pair of golf shoes) will be charged at the applicable rate for six (6) kilograms of excess baggage. Please note that each piece of luggage will be weighed separately so it is not the total sum that matters but the weight of each piece.

It will make identification possible at all circumstances, and save a lot of time in finding the lost baggage. Ethiopian Airlines worldwide allows Business Class passengers to carry two pieces of hand luggage weighing maximum 8 kilograms (with the same size indicated for Economy Class).
Thus, should luggage get lost, reimbursements are inferior to standard and subject to evaluation on Ethiopian Airlines’ side.
Another option is that the passenger collects the bag at the airport instead of having it delivered: in this case the bag can be opened in person by the passenger.
Please do not put valuable items such as money, jewelry, cameras and other expensive electronic items in your check-in baggage.
For ShebaMiles Gold, ShebaMiles Silver [and Star Gold] passengers, the first checked bag above the complimentary (free) checked bag allowance shown above is also free of charge.
If one bag weighs 15 Kgs and the other 28 Kgs, the excess 5 kilograms of the latter must be paid for as excess baggage. However, due to security regulations applied within Europe, no passenger boarding from Europe is allowed to carry more than one piece inside the cabin, regardless the class booked. If hand baggage is collected at the check-in counter or at the gate due to its size and weight being above the allowed limit (as mentioned above), please make sure to take out all valuables and important documents before your hand bag is sent as checked-in baggage.
For this reason, passengers carrying two pieces along may be prevented to do so at the airport security check controls.
The airline will not be liable for the damage and loss of valuable items in the hand baggage. If United Airlines or Continental Airlines is the operating airline on the first leg of the itinerary (UA, UA*, CO, CO*), see the Continental or United baggage rules. If the passenger so insists, it shall be accepted upon using Limited Release Tags, relieving Ethiopian from any damage claim.Acceptance of items which may cause damage to other baggage will be refused unless properly packed. Any type of liquid material is not allowed to be carried in the hand baggage if it is more than 3 ounces (85 ml) container and total number of pieces of the liquid container is above three and undeclared. If Lufthansa (LH, ET*) is the operating carrier on the first leg, see Lufthansa's baggage rules. However, medications, baby formula, and food are allowed in reasonable quantities exceeding 3 ounces (85 ml) provided it is declared and presented to security personnel. If American Airlines (AA or AA*) is the operating carrier on the first leg, see the American Airlines baggage rules.Free baggage allowance on long-haul flightsFor numerous long-haul flights the Piece Concept applies.
It is strictly forbidden to carry toy or replica guns, razor blades, household cutlery, knives, scissors, knitting needles etc. This means that adult passenger may check in up to two pieces of baggage in addition to his carry-on baggage free of charge.
Where such facilities do not exist, the wheelchair or assistive device will be loaded in the baggage hold where it is easily accessible for timely return to the passenger.If crutches, canes and similar walking aids are stored in a special location in the cabin, the user of such aids should be assigned seats nearby, to permit quick access to the aids when needed. Please check the chart below for the allowed weights per piece.Passengers to and from America and CanadaAny piece in excess of the specified limit above shall be considered as excess and if the weight of the extra baggage or the free baggage allowance is more than 32 kgs (70 Lbs), Ethiopian Airlines will not accept the baggage for carriage.

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