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If you are looking for a great luggage sale, I can highly recommend checking out the Target clearance selection, as the above is just a bit of what I found at my local South Florida Target store. Stumbled across a pair of Dior tennis shoes last weekend while I was shopping along with our little girl, naturally she wanted to buy them. GovernmentAuctions.org, rather than directly offering items mentioned here for sale or auction, provides a huge database of information about government auctions and foreclosures.
For long rides in the air or on the road, ditch sandals or shoes with buckles and opt for soft, stretchy flats that fit in your purse like Fit in Clouds to accommodate your swelling feet .
When you're not stuck behind the wheel, reduce stress to your favorite tunes with an MP3 player like an iPod Touch to make sure your vacation is truly relaxing.
Be sure to pack plenty of breathable, cotton underwear like stretchy maternity panties like ones from Gap -- to stave off yeast infections.
Pick up anti-nausea wrist bands for motion and morning sickness, such as Sea-Band to tame a topsy-turvy tummy. Swathe your shoulders in a shawl like One Step Ahead's L'oved nursing shawl before you embark on your journey. Consider carry-on luggage with wheels to avoid heavy lifting whether traveling by land, sea or air. Public places, including transportation, are packed with germs, so be sure to pack hand sanitizer like Bath & Body Works' Black Cherry Merlot anti-bacterial gel and stop bacteria in its tracks.

Dehydration can be your biggest barrier when traveling while pregnant, so stock up on water and avoid intensifying morning sickness or putting your growing pea-in-the-pod at risk.
Pack healthy, high-protein snacks like trail mix, fruit, granola bars or cheese sandwiches in your purse to keep blood sugar and hormone levels from dropping, especially on long trips. Regardless of whether you're traveling by land, sea or air, it's a good idea to get a note from your doctor proving you're approved to travel. Make fried rice at home with a variety of veggies, fresh pineapple and homemade teriyaki sauce. You can find my latest Target deals here, and you can find more of my latest Target clearance finds here. While you may not find everything at your local Target store, you may just find luggage clearance at your Target as well, as the stores usually follow the same clearance schedule.
If you don't pack your materials as well as you should you could have damaged goods or unnecessary spillage. From pampering swelling feet to relaxing and reducing stress, check out these 10 must-haves for pregnant travel. Layer in stretchy, jersey knit leggings like Motherhood Maternity's Loved by Heidi Klum, roomy cotton tunics, or loose shirts and lightweight cardigans (that easily peel off and store when you feel the temperature rising).
A shawl can also double as a blanket or as a pillow (when rolled up) -- as well as a nursing cover-up once your baby is born.

You may want to check out the kids' selection of rolling luggage, such as the Embark Boy Pattern Pilot at Target, for a cheaper carry-on option (without exceeding the typical 45-linear-inch restrictions found on most airlines).
When munching on dried fruit or trail mix, opt for sulphur dioxide-free snacks, like SunRidge Farms Tropical Trail Mix. So, if you are looking for new luggage, I can highly recommend checking out your local Target clearance selection with prices up to 50 percent off. If you run a bag store or just have a lot of computers laying around then you should definitely try and get your hands on these bags.
This current online auction for 14 black transit cases can end your woes as you take your goods from point A to point B with little or no hassle. The bags seem to be in very good condition and are being offered up as surplus by Solano County, CA. You could put all kinds of delicate items in these cases such as: musical instruments, vases, tapestries, and appliances.

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