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New from Cabin Max a practical and hardwearing cabin holdall, specifically designed to fit Ryanair and Easy Jet requirements 55x 40 x20cm 44 litres.
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Whether you're new to us or a longstanding member, there are several ways to get in touch. Latest news releases and statements, information on spokespeople and contacts for journalists. Easyjet launched its loyalty card programme, designed for frequent travellers looking to benefit from priority check-in and boarding facilities, in 2008. As well as Speedy Boarding, the card entitles passengers to a dedicated check-in desk that allows for a fast luggage drop and exclusive offers and discounts. Easyjet Plus customers are also promised advance notice about the airline's sales and new destinations.
Lastly, the new rules for cabin luggage, set to come into force in July 2, do not apply to Plus passengers.

Under these rules, the airline guarantees that any passengers who take on board a bag no bigger than 50cm x 40cm x 20cm will be able to keep their luggage with them in the cabin. The current maximum size permitted - 56cm x 45cm x 25cm - will remain unchanged, but passengers carrying bags bigger than 50cm x 40cm x 20cm on busy flights will run the risk of being asked to put their bag in the hold. Plus passengers, on the other hand, can continue to take on the maximum size bags permitted with no danger of their luggage being placed in the hold. How dehydration affects your flight, 40 new Asian hotels, and taxi apps to try on your travels. As the relations between the US and Cuba continue to thaw, do you plan to visit the country this year? Get your holiday off to a stress-free start by avoiding extra charges to keep the cost of your flight down. No thanks to sneaky extra charges average airline fees have risen by an astonishing 66% in the last year, according to MoneySupermarket. Checked-in baggage fees are the bane of holiday packing if you're travelling as a family group. The cost also varies considerably depending on the route and time of flying - for example one checked in bag for a Luton-Majorca flight with Thomson costs ?22 in April 2013 - but the cost is double that by August. Keen to avoid the stampede onto the plane, travellers may opt for priority boarding - especially those in groups and families - but it costs. Paying for a seat in advance is another extra offered by some budget airlines - for example easyJet charges ?3 for a standard seat to ?8 or ?12 for seats with extra legroom.
After Ryanair got rid of airport check-in a few years ago, other budget airlines have followed suit, meaning in many cases there is no way round the online booking fee. Thanks to pressure from the Office of Fair Trading, airlines can no longer charge debit card fees. If you thought food and drink was expensive at the airport, it goes up a few extra price levels to extortionate when you board the plane. A double chocolate muffin cost ?2 on an easyJet flight compared to 25p at Asda, while a can of Pepsi cost ?1.60 with Flybe against 30p in the shops. All the latest on Food, Fashion & Beauty, Money, Health, Travel, Homes & Gardens and Books.

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The programme also made discounts available for colleagues, friends and family, and a child card available for £25. From speedy boarding to checked-in baggage fees, read on to see how much extra you could be paying - and how to avoid these charges.
Whereas solo travellers can avoid these fees by packing a capsule wardrobe and taking hand luggage only, it's less easy for families to fit a week's worth of holiday gear into the airline's 56x45x25cm hand luggage measurements.
Where possible only check in one bag then spread out the rest of the packing among hand luggage. Ryanair's speedy boarding costs ?7 per person for example but those with mobility issues or families with small children get called to the plane first in any case. This at least guarantees parents and children can sit together and means you don't have to be at the front of the queue. Credit card fees do still exist and are generally between 2-2.5% (along with the OFT's guidelines) so pay by debit card if you can afford to.
TravelSupermarket compared the cost of food and drink items across 10 UK and Irish airlines compared to supermarket (Asda) costs and found markups of as much as 924%. Bringing a packed lunch from home is the most cost-effective solution - though remember the 100ml rule on liquids prevents you bringing in cheap drinks.
You can still take on old-size hand luggage (56x45x25cm) at no cost but it may risk being placed in the hold on busy flights.
The amount of time you get ahead of standard passengers is also minimal so simply get in the queue early if you're worried about where you sit. Meal deals at Boots and WH Smith still work out cheaper than in-flight food if you don't have time to prepare beforehand.

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