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If you arrive for your flight and your EasyJet hand luggage is larger than the new 50 x 40 x 20cm dimensions which has to include all handles and wheels, and you are on a busy flights your hand luggage may have to travel in the aircraft as hold baggage. Note if you are an EasyJet Plus card holder, on a flexi fare, EasyJet Plus, Upfront or Extra Legroom customer you are still allowed the original hand luggage size of 56 x 45 x 25cm, but you will have to board first to secure your hand luggage space in the over head lockers.
Having just been to the airport and seen the EasyJet new size of bag I am amazed at how small the new hand luggage allowances really is. Anyone who has traveled on Easyjet recently will have noticed that there are more people with cabin bags than the cabin can actually store.
Previously they have also selected bags that are hard trolley cases as these take up the most room in the cabin. Analysis of the Easyjet baggage allowance and the best bag to buy to fit within the budget airline hand luggage restrictions. Of the budget airlines currently operating within UK airspace, Easyjet is one of the more generous when it comes to the amount of hand luggage you are allowed to take on board.
If you bring more than this, you will have to pay a ?25 fee to check it in at the check-in desk or ?40 if they spot you’re over the Easyjet baggage allowance at the boarding gate.

The dimensions are well within the Easyjet hand luggage limits too – and at 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, it’ll be good for almost every budget airline.
The following sites are usually my first port of call when booking a trip - so I recommend them as somewhere to start when booking your own holiday.
Tutti gli iscritti alle newsletter della compagnia aerea Easyjet avranno ricevuto ieri la comunicazione delle nuove tariffe che si applicano ai bagagli a mano che non rispettano le dimensioni consentite per l'imbarco. Page of our website The form proof of Please visit news and video reports involving tributes to David Carr from a college paper to the paper of record Kristen Hare Feb 13 015 1 : 8 pm News MediaWire. Well now they have made it official and fairer by saying as long as your bag is not larger than 50 x 40 x20cm they guarantee you can take it on board.
The Easyjet baggage allowance allows you to take one carry-on bag with dimensions no greater than 56 x 45 x 25cm.
It pays, therefore, to have a good flight bag that you can take on to the plane without having to worry.
You can fit a surprising amount in there – I can get ten days’ worth of clothes in fairly easily, on top of books, electronics and toiletries.

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If it is the larger maximum size 56×45 x25 cm then there is no guarantee you can take it and it could have to be checked in. It may well be the only bag your taking with you and you like the convenience of not waiting for your bag on the carousal.
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