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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Eagle Creek Tarmac AWD 28 Rolling Gear Bag is not what you see families at the airport wheeling around on their way to see the in-laws in Toledo.
15% to accommodate that hammock you bought in Costa Rica, shoes from Italy, or bottles upon bottles of booze from the duty-free. A Cargo Net for internal or external compression, a Coat Keeper™ to secure outerwear on the bag, and convenient external pocketing.

This burly beast of a bag is what you want to pack for a month in the Spanish countryside or for your African safari.
Multiple travel-tested recessed handles make the Tarmac AWD 28 easy to grab from any angle, whether it's full of climbing gear, black-tie clothing, or just trail mix and hiking clothes.
Husky yet refined, the Tarmac AWD 28 is the SUV of luggage; bigger and more rugged than most, this rolling bag still manages all kinds of terrain with style and ease.
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