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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Left: The classic mahogany and polished alloy steering wheel used in the Series I and Series II E-Type.
Jaguar E-type S3 Fitted LuggageA set of fitted interior luggage for the Jaguar E-type roadster S3. Jaguar E-type S1, S2 Fitted LuggageA set of fitted interior luggage for the Jaguar E-type roadster S1 and S2. Remember the early-1980s when you could get a used (obviously) XKE convertible for $15,000-20,000? The E-Type in the photos is of a Series I, 1963-1967, with a 3.8 litre engine, covered headlights and tailights above the bumper. Additional bumper sections surrounding the mouth were often added by owners for more protection.
The clock on the tachometer identifies this as a Series I car; for Series II cars, it was placed on the switch panel.

If you were taking a long trip in a roadster, you had to be both conservative with the quantity that you took and creative with respect to where you put it. Series II E-Types, 1968-1970 had open headlights and the rectangular tailights below the bumper.
The second case has truncated pockets on each side to clear the boot lid hinges when the lid is closed. How do you enjoy your special car more without cramming things into a collection of soft bags? The power bulge in the center was necessary to clear the engine camshaft covers; from the occupant's point of view, it is quite prominent. You know, how some guys like to go on tours in a dropped 1934 Ford roadster with a single-axle cargo trailer that matches the rear of the car. By looking at it, I didn’t really see any difference , I was more attracted to the trailer( bums me slightly what donor they used for it). Special luggage was available as an option, but it was seldom purchased and few examples are around today.

With the top down on the roadster it was not bad, but top up or with the coupe this took some getting used to. I’m a short shyster, so the extra room is not an issue, but right after the lottery comes through( so close) an E-Type is in the stars for me. I would love to see it again as I have questions (can’t remember how to access the seat with out spoiling the paint), did not have a camera at the time (phone cameras did not exist). Classic Motor Cars Ltd., the Jaguar restoration and upgrade specialist from Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England, has undertaken a project to create an E-type OTC that not only has more stretch-out room inside, but also more, ahem, room for luggage. Coventry added some legroom when it abandoned the flat floor of early Series Is, the pan grew again when the 2+2 was introduced, and then remained long when the Series III and its V-12 power came along.
But the American customer who specified this project said he wanted Series III legroom in a car that preserved the character of the Series I.

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