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Any other device or object not commonly viewed as dangerous, but the possession of which suggests that it may be used as a weapon, namely, ice picks, straight (cut-throat) razors, long-blade scissors, etc. If any of these items are found in your carry-on luggage, they will be confiscated by security, and not returned to you. It has been nearly 6 months since I stepped foot on a United Airlines plane, but with a last minute trip to Houston, I took the plunge and flew United on a domestic award ticket using miles.
United Airlines merged with Continental Airlines over 5 years ago and since then their fleets have not been completely refreshed.
I ate the salad, rice and cooked veggies only as they were out of pasta options by the time they reached me. United has the industry’s WORST gate lice, I think only southwest has more people blocking the boarding area than United.
United has the worst upgrade policies in the industry with paid upgrades trumping elites time and time again. Flying United was much better than I recall from previous experiences, especially compared to flights I took with United 3-5 years ago.
Airlines were earlier this year allowed to carry plastic handcuffs to restrain unruly passengers.
In January, a man and his wife were offloaded at the international airport in New Delhi from a Mumbai-bound plane.
When it comes to toeing the line with TSA to get all my gear down there, packing can be a challenge.
Flying with rods is nerve-wracking. If you have 1 piece rods they are going to be checked and you need to have an adequate tube to protect them. If you plan to bring travel rods, or 4 piece fly rods rods like I do, you might be might be able to cary them on. In conclusion, you should be able to bring your fishing gear just about anywhere you want to go as long as you are willing to put at least some of it in checked bags. We believe in the ethical pursuit of hunting and fishing adventures and support taking from the land only what you can use and leaving it in better shape than you found it. Team Fin & Field was on the road again this past weekend to lend our support to the 10th annual Palm Beach Sailfish Classic which raises money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Florida. Travel Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for road warriors and seasoned travelers. I suspect most cheese graters (like the first and second ones below) would not be technically classified as a sharp object. It also almost certainly depends on the judgement and mood of the person on duty who checks your bag.
This is potentially one of those situations where it would be worth carrying a print-out of that page showing that it's OK, just in case the TSA agents decided that it was not allowed. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged air-travel usa airport-security hand-luggage tsa or ask your own question. On my flight between Seattle and Houston there was a vegetarian pasta option or a meat option. Regardless, based on this flight alone and my miniscule sample size, flight attendants finally seem to be somewhat happier at United and the merger woes might finally be behind them, or at least this cabin crew had accepted their fate and were not playing the passenger blame game. Since United has partitioned lines for groups 1-5, people tend to line up by their group numbers long before the flight is even going to begin boarding. On my flight 6 people were upgraded and there were still 2 seats left in the forward cabin with about 10 people on the upgrade list. The airline appears to be investing is much better inflight products, from coffee to premium adult beverages and cocktails, and are updating their fleet to ensure customers have a similar flying experience regardless of the plane type.

There have been multiple cases where fliers misbehaved either with the crew or co-passenger after being drunk. The man was reportedly so drunk that he couldn't speak properly and created disruption inside the flight. Doubly so because you want to avoid checking valuable items, fragile equipment, or gear that is critical to the trip. The tubes or cases might be longer than the approved carry-on size but the airlines tend to treat them like fragile musical instruments and make exceptions. I think we are all smart enough to leave the knives at home (like the Abel knife above) or at least keep them in checked bags. In the US you will face fewer restrictions when trying to carry-on your fishing gear including hooks and tools. As you say, it still depends a bit on the judgement of the individual, but being pourable is not the qualifying criterion.
Turns out the reason old glass is thicker at the bottom is that old glaziers were smart enough to put irregular panes in that way around instead of the other (weaker) way with the thinner edge lower.
In case your hand baggage exceeds the quantity, weight and dimensions as specified above, Vietnam Airlines reserves the rights to refuse to carry the baggage as carry-on baggage and request the baggage to be transported as checked baggage. Usually I do not write reviews about domestic flights, because there is nothing special to write about, but as I have flown between Seattle and Houston several times this year on both United and Alaska now, I have a few thoughts about United that I thought I would share. United is working to unify their fleet, but know that some planes offer bring your own device entertainment, some only offer wi-fi, and others have seatback entertainment. The only downside was that there were only 4 vegetarian options on board, so once they were out, everyone else received chicken. When I walked by the gate 30 minutes before boarding was to begin, the gate already had 30+ people lined up for the flight.
Furthermore, with United you still have "Continental" flight attendants and "United" flight attendants, in terms of where they worked pre-merger.
The FIA wrote to the DGCA to take stock of the situation as it caused "huge flight delays" and inconvenience to other travellers and staff. In my case, every year I take a trip to Baja Sur to target big game on the fly in the Sea of Cortez. If you buy one it will come with the ability to lock but if you build one you should engineer a way to put on a TSA approved lock. I have not personally seen anyones rods be refused on domestic flights, but I have read reports, so it is possible but rare.
The good news here is that if you are departing from the US you will be able to carry-on your gear on the way to your fishing destination, improving the chances that everything you need for a successful fishing trip makes it on time and in one piece. Cabin crew perused the aisles of first class every 15-20 minutes to offer drink refills and checked on passengers. I fish with local panga captains and they most certainly do NOT provide gear (at least not fly gear). Here are the ins and outs of traveling with a variety of fishing gear, both domestically and internationally. Most airlines will allow a tube of at least 115 inches but some limit it to 2 rods, fortunately the rules are pretty well spelled out for checking rods. If you are building one, use schedule 40 PVC or heavier, I have heard of lighter material being crushed. Internationally the rules vary and it is more likely that your rods will need to be part of your checked luggage.
Fishing line, including mono, floro, braid, and fly line are not directly addressed by TSA so we have to rely on reports from fellow sportsmen. Ultimately, once again, it is a judgement call that the TSA agent must make (and they probably don’t know much about fishing).

You might have to check more of your equipment on the way home, so be prepared for that scenario.
Regarding international flights, the new regulation states that only one litre of liquids, aerosols or gels is allowed on board. This is much more similar to what I’ve seen in the past at Alaska or Delta, not United and overall a huge improvement!
At the airport I printed out my boarding pass as my phone battery was low, and the self-check-in machine offered me an upgrade to first class for $109. I also build all my own rods and sometimes I just want to use my own gear, and I am familiar with how it performs. Notable restrictions are Southwest with a limit of 91 inches, Alaska with a 2 rod limit, American with a 2 rod limit, Jet Blue with a 2 rod limit, and United with a 2 rod limit (limit is per container, you can check multiple containers but the cost adds up fast). Make sure to pad the rods within the  tube, neither the human or mechanical baggage handlers are known for being gentle. You are much more likely to end up with full overhead storage bins and be asked to check your rods plane side. It seems that from time to time a specific TSA agent will consider the fishing line dangerous, and with no specific rule allowing you to carry-on line, you are at their mercy. On international flights liquids must be carried in bottles, vials or containers with a capacity not greater than 100 ml and be contained in completely sealed, transparent plastic bags.Liquid medications, baby milk and food must be accompanied by prescriptions that clearly state the name and address of the doctor who prescribed the medicine and the full name of the person who takes the medicine. Not once did anyone have to use their call light, as the flight attendants were attentive and proactive!
A quick search will yield your airlines specific rules including any international restrictions. So whatever your plan is for carrying on multi-piece rods you should be prepared with a rugged container if your plan goes awry. But I am also confident that flies are low on the list of things that would get stolen, they can’t be broken by rough baggage handlers, and I can get at least a few flies down in Baja if my bag is lost. If you are traveling internationally it gets even more complicated and the rules can change often, it is best to do some research right before your trip and be ready for surprises. The fishpond bag below has survived several times after I was forced to check it into the belly of the plane. Coming home on an international flight however, your fishing line is more likely to pose a problem. So far, checking my flies has been a hassle free decision on both international and domestic flights. Again, when flying internationally you will face more restrictions and it is safest to check anything you don’t want confiscated. In this case, the delivered amount of liquids will be based on the amount listed in the prescription. In the case of Mexico specifically the rules seem to be highly variable, sometimes from airport to airport, especially with carrying on fishing rods. So, just like with your fishing rods, be prepared to check reels and spools of line if the security agents balk. Milk and food for babies or infants must be accompanied by babies or infants when carried on the aircraft.Liquids purchased at duty-free shops after security checkpoints or on international flights are exempt from the above limitations, provided that such liquids are packed in transparent, sealed plastic bags provided by the stores.

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