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If you travel often or just like to be super organised then it’s good to know exactly what your luggage weighs before you travel.
This Digital Luggage Scale has a strong rubber hand grip and features a convenient LED backlight and is ideal to pop in your suitcase too if you’re worried about bringing too much back and want to calculate those extra costs. Your voucher code will be sent within 24 hours of purchase, along with details of how to redeem.
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This neat little product could end up saving you money – especially when you consider the great offer price of just ?5.99. If your bags exceed the baggage allowance then this will incur a cost – usually for every excess kg, and so getting within the allowance really will save you money. Your voucher code will be sent within 24 hours after purchase, along with the website link to redeem from. Price checked & discount may take into account Mighty Deals PromosMay buy multiples.Discount Is calculated Using the 'worth' of the item and the price at which Mighty Deals is selling it.
Suitable for weighing baggage, postal parcels, fruit and vegetables in buckets during a harvest, etc.

For your entertainment Sencor offers everything from televisions and tablets, to mobile phones and record players and MP3 players. Take it along on your travelling journeys to weigh your bags and avoid unwanted airport surprises with bags that are way to heavy! By clicking "Send" you accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice and agree to receive newsletters and promo offers from us.
Bite Max Fishing Twin Pack , Micro Bite Alarm Indicator & Catch Weight Pro 2 Ideal for Day or Night Fishing. It can help avoid any nasty additional fees and you can decide whether you really need that third pair of flip flops.
The scale allows you to measure in either kilograms or pounds and it can handle up to 40kg in weight so you can get a good measurement of your luggage’s weight.
There's nothing worse than paying overweight baggage charges when you arrive at the airport. The obvious problem here is that one doesn’t usually have an accurate baggage scale prior to checking in. This deal is your chance to pick up a handy and convenient Digital Luggage Scale for just ?5.99 which is a fantastic 70% discount.

It features an integrated weighing strap and safety catch and to save power it also has an automatic switch off function built in, which activates after two minutes.
Airlines are getting very tough and even 1 or 2 Kg overweight is enough to hurt the bank balance.
These are the costs levied on going over your baggage allowance – which is typically measured by weight.
And you can visit the airport safe in the knowledge that you’re within the baggage allowance. The reading is taken within 3 seconds and will accurately display in Kg or LB the weight of your bags or suitcase. Its also ultra compact so you can pack it in your case and weigh your bags before returning home from your trip.

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