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Wait, before I tell you why just a side story, I learned more about Delsey luggages at the Delsey Innovations Caravan at Edsa Shangrila Mall yesterday.
The event honored Cobunpue and Ressa fot their inspiring innovators success story which contributed to having the Philippines recognized worldwide in terms of Furniture Design and Journalism. Made with 100% virgin BAYER Makrolon® polycarbonate and fine leather detailing that’s very modern but with a very vintage flair. It also comes with a luggage tracking system which comes very handy if your lugagge got lost.
Delsey is available in the Philippines at Delsey Paris Stores located in Ayala Cebu, Ayala Fairview Terraces, and SM City Davao. I am Earth Rullan founder of Philippines top women's lifestyle blog Earthlingorgeous (EG) which started in 2007. As first glance, the Delsey Helium Fusion suitcase looks like any other, but what makes it special is its built in weight indicator to help you avoid airline charges for overweight luggage. With summer just around the corner, the weather will soon be perfect for day trips and, if you have a dog, I bet he’s going to want to join you! There are a lot of different luggage tags on the market these days, but I think these Bag Buddies are particularly cute.
I can’t travel without my iPod but no matter how I pack or wrap them, my earphones are always a mess when they come out of my bag. Just in time for the holidays, this hand-blown glass suitcase ornament makes a great gift for a traveler in your life or for yourself! Hard to believe in these economic times, but there’s a new travel magazine on newsstands called AFAR. While my old luggage is still in great shape I am considering to get a new one and the new Delsey luggage design release is a possible replacement for me. The event where I finally saw Kenneth Cobunpue in the flesh, plus Maria Ressa and Boy Abunda whom I have seen in a handful of events in the past.
Did you know that Delsey was the first to come up witb the trolley luggage system way back in 1972! Park your bag, lock and feel free to reach into your purse to call someone or scan a city map!

If something goes wrong with your bag anywhere in the world, just pop into a Delsey shop and they’ll fix or replace it for you for free!
The Delsey Innovations Caravan is a 3 month long mall exhibition where you can check out Delsey’s new products as well as its entire history of innovative luggage. The telescopic handle had only one height possibility, but it was comfortable for the majority of our testers. One thing that can skyrocket your cost for air travel is paying for overweight luggage.For example, if you're flying Delta and have a suitcase that weighs 51 pounds, you'll pay $90 each way, adding $180 to the cost of your trip.
It happens more than once that I over packed and have to transfer stuff from my luggage to my hand carry and luggage of my travel companions coz I don’t want to pay excess bagge. And although the wheels rolled smoothly over a variety of surfaces, some testers thought the bag was unstable going over curbs and bumps.
Heaven forbid that it weighs over 70 lbs - that would cost $175 each way, or an additional $350 for the trip!Here are 7 ways to avoid paying overweight luggage fees. Different airlines have different rules, and sometimes the rules also vary depending on the routes you're flying.With most airlines in the US, the overweight luggage fee kicks in if your bag is over 50 lbs, but Spirit Airlines adds an extra $25 when you hit only 40 lbs. If you're flying in Argentina, you could find a limit of 15 kgs, which is about 33 lbs.The point is that you need to find out the rules for your flights. You can't control keeping your weight under the limit unless you know whether that limit is 50 lbs, 40 lbs, 33 lbs, or some other amount. This Worldwide Baggage Fee Chart is a good starting point, but double check for your flights since rules and fees do change (generally in a more expensive direction)!2) Buy ultralight luggage Ultra-light suitcase A standard rolling suitcase could weigh 14 pounds when it's totally empty.
If your limit is 50 lbs, that uses up 28% of your allowed weight before you even pack a thing. If you were trying to stay under 33 lbs, that only allows you a little more weight for your stuff than the suitcase itself uses.Ultra-lightweight luggage lets you pack more of your own clothing and gear, while still staying under the limit. Atlantic Luggage Ultra Lite 25-inch Suitcase3) Take two smaller bags insteadYou pay extra for each bag you check, but it may cost less to take two separate bags than one large one. 4) Get luggage that warns you if it's overweightAn innovative design idea from Delsey incorporates an overweight indicator directly into the suitcase. If you see the red light after packing your bag, then you know you're in the danger zone, and need to move or remove something, or you'll be paying through the nose.This is super simple, because there's nothing extra for you to pack, and you can't forget it.

Just look at the suitcase when it's packed, and you'll see in an instant if you have a problem. Delsey Helium Fusion Light 25-Inch Expandable Luggage Suitcase with indicator 5) Use a portable luggage scale Micro luggage scale Adding one more item to your packing list isn't as convenient as having a suitcase that does it for you, but there are advantages to using a separate luggage scale. If you travel internationally, you'll probably run into airlines with a variety of different luggage rules.
Using your own portable luggage scale gives you more flexibility than the built-in indicator, so you can work with a variety of different limits.Since you're adding one more item to your suitcase, it's important to get a scale that's as tiny and light as possible, while being functional and durable enough to handle large, heavy luggage. Travelon Micro Digital Luggage Scale6) Wear or carry on the heavy stuffShifting some heavy items to your carry-on bag or your body can help keep your large suitcase under the weight limit. Easier still, buy a Kindle, and then you can carry an entire library of books in one tiny e-reader.Going on a hiking trip?
This could slow you down at the airport security line, but it will save both weight and space in your suitcase.Avoid doing this at the airport. Don't wait until you get to the airport and they weigh your luggage to start shuffling things around. If you need to repack, it's a lot easier to do in your hotel room.7) Take less stuffOf course, you could always go for the obvious! We'd love to hear from you!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Travel is one of the great joys in life, but can sometimes involve difficulties or frustrations. This is the first in a regular series of Travel Tips for this blog, to help make your travel adventures as smooth and easy as possible. After running an international tour company, I'm now into the fascinating world of timeshares.

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