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The photos are not used for commercial purposes and do not belong to me unless otherwise noted.All content (unless otherwise attributed) is property of Fashion Me Fabulous and may not be duplicated or republished without our permission. A sleek upright profile holds a weekend's worth of essentials, just as the name implies -- and it rolls!
Inside details include zip pocket for documents, two pouch pockets and elastic straps to hold contents in place. This set features 32 , 28 , and 21 uprights which have a Polypropylene shell that can withstand high impact forces up to 400 lbs.80MM thick aluminum handles are tested to withhold over 71lbs without damage.

I stuff it with toiletries, spare underwear, a few changes of clothes, and anything else I may need in case of a long layover or lost luggage. With a trip to Japan coming up in August, I have a few things to think about in the suitcase department.Thankfully, one of our readers already thought some of this through. A buckling leather flap folds over the single generous and versatile packing compartment and secures with a leather drawstring.
She's looking for a suitcase that won't be a hassle to take on the plane but can also stand the abuse of being checked in.

She'd also like a pocket on the outside, something I can take or leave depending on the purse situation.

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