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With a few exceptions, one of the biggest problems cycling presents is how to carry all that stuff. Keep reading to see our picks for some of the most stylish, yet practical, bags to use during your bike commute! Cute messenger bags, cross body shoulder bags for women - UnusualBag UnusualBag Search Go!
Buy it at Asos for $33.92Hot Pink Printed BackpackThis backpack will really make a statement and will earn you title of "Girl With The Pink Backpack," which is pretty cool. Buy it at Forever 21 for $29.80Striped BackpackThis says you're focused but edgy, and those little leather accents add a nice touch. Buy it at Forever 21 for $24.80Canvas BackpackI love this bag because it's very classic and studious-looking.
Buy it at Target for $29.99Cargo BackpackI always needed a lot of pockets for random things, so this backpack is perfect if you're looking for extra storage.

Buy it at Urban Outfitters for $39Classic BlackThe Jansport never goes out of style, y'all. Buy it at Kohl's for $34.99Faux Brown Leather BackpackThis backpack doubles as a weekend fashion accessory.
Buy it here from Forever 21 for $24.80Aztec Messenger BagIf you're not into two straps, try a messenger bag! Buy it at Target for $26.99Funny ToteYou can also get a funny tote like this to show off your personality.
This is especially true for urban commuters — even the best no-handed rider can't balance a wallet, laptop, and a packed lunch during their ride! We wore uniforms and had limited ways to express ourselves so our backpacks became style outlets. I bought a new one before my sophomore year of high school, and it got me all the way through college.

I’ve rounded up some super cute backpacks and messenger bags so you can go back to school in style!
When shopping for the perfect bike bag, look for one that's durable, will hold up against the elements, and also fits your body comfortably. Don't forget about all the stuff you'll be carrying either — extra pockets, zippers, and straps really make a world of difference.

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