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Do you want to know why every Pinterest wedding (aka fake wedding shoot) is super tiny and only has ten people at it? To Make: Honeycomb balls look great hanging from a ceiling or a tree, but you can use them pretty much anywhere, including as ad hoc wall decor. I thought the purpose of gaffers tape was to be strong, without leaving residue or peeling paint? Most pro decorators use gaff tape (I just interviewed a bunch of them on this subject for my book). That said, be wise and test in advance, and be careful about what surfaces you use tape of any sort on. Possibly even cheaper than balloons, although slightly more work: pages from big-ass oversized used books that you pick up at a library book sale or used bookstore.
I remember lying in my room when I was in high school and writing in a journal to my future husband. I cringe whenever I see balloons being used as decorations — I have a latex allergy, and latex balloons in quantity would put me in the hospital. Big empty spaces come with their own set of challenges: tiny details are liable to get swallowed up, but trying to tackle the question of scale without destroying your budget is hard.

So when our friends at Oh Happy Day launched their brand new party shop this month, we were pretty excited. Bonus: this design is scalable, so make it as huge as you want for a really oversized backdrop.
She’s been writing stories about boys, crushes, and relationships since she was old enough to form shapes into words, but received her formal training (and a BS) from NYU in Entertainment and Mass Media in 2008. How does one keep balloons from popping in the heat of an outdoor August late afternoon wedding? I’d write all sorts of notes and questions and things I’d wonder or ask this man when I eventually met him.
You can make them ahead of time (they pack flat) and then just fluff and hang them up the day of. Rip those pages out, tape a few together into an even larger square-ish sheet, pinch together the middle and wrap some tape around the pinched section in the back, and behold: a gigantic paper flower. That way the couple can save up on the expenses and utilize the money to make their home or on their honeymoon.
And more importantly: decorating a small space costs significantly less than decorating a big space with the same amount of stuff. Which is why the answer for big empty spaces is often less about how you fill it, and more about how much you can fill it.

Call around your local party stores to ask about renting, or you can order one from Party City right here.
We went the to the Blick store and had them order the paper to be picked up in-store (easy way to avoid paying shipping). At $10 a pop you’re looking at $320+ just for a 5-foot section of wall, and then you still have to deal with the rest of the space.
It has always been such a strong desire in my heart to find a wonderful man to marry, someone who would love me and cherish me and appreciate me for the person I am. Think: paper streamers, honeycomb decorations, balloons, and anything else you can buy large quantities of, fill lots of space with, and not spend a million dollars on.
I always thought I would get married right out of college, just like my parents, so when that plan didn’t work out, I started to get discouraged.
But how do you do that without making your wedding look like a children’s birthday party?

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