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No matter your budget, be it thrift store or designer, fashionable finds need not be out of reach. It's a misconception among women that bra shopping is easy peasy when you have a small chest. One of the first things we do in the morning (after hitting snooze on our alarm for the fifth and final time) is put on a fresh pair of underwear. I know you appreciate style like I do, so I went on the search for a cute camera bag that any woman could appreciate and would feel proud to tote around while taking pictures. By Andrea If you tend to carry around your camera everywhere you go, you probably realize that your camera bag becomes an accessory. If you are a woman in the market for something new to carry your camera in, here are some really cute camera bags for women that I came across recently when looking for a new case for my camera. If you are willing to spend money on a high quality camera bag that is also stylish, then my recommendation is this very bag. It is a smaller bag, but is big enough for most SLR cameras and even has some room left over for personal items like a wallet or sunglasses if you need to shove those in your bag as well. This one was another unique camera bag that I thought was cute in a tomboy, rugged sort of way. It does have plenty of room for your camera and a few small personal belongings, so not only is it stylish but it is functional as well.
This is one of the cute camera bags for women that I came across that comes in fun colors (plum, navy blue, burnt orange, and olive) and not only can you carry your camera but you can also fit a small laptop or notebook in the bag as well. If you are looking for camera bag that is on the more inexpensive side then check out this cute camera bag. Best of all this camera bag is a lot cheaper than the other options as it cost less than $35 and is still a nice, quality bag for your camera. Another cheaper option is this camera bag which I really like the in the khaki color but can also be bought in black as well. If you don’t have a SLR or DSLR camera and you are still looking for cute camera bags, you may be interested in this camera case which can be placed in your handbag or carried around your wrist. There are plenty of cute camera bags for women and you don’t have to settle for a boring or unstylish bag for your camera. Maile from Epiphanie was at the Mighty Summit last year, so I have a red Lola bag (#1) from her. I have a timbuk2 insert that I use in my tote style purses and I stick it back in my timbuk2 when I travel. I’ll choose #5 The Brooklyn Camera Bag for travel, looks like a very sturdy bag to protect a camera during some trips, and #10 B-Hobo Camera Bag, for something elegant yet chic.
We even had a (small) meltdown earlier in the week as I could not find anything nice, but not too big (the only unisex we liked was the Kelly Boy, but it’s huge!). I have a Joe Totes turquoise camera bag that I adore but I so want another one to interchange! I originally had bought an ephiphanie bag and found it to bulky for regular photoshoots ( i am a wedding photographer and do a lot of engagements..

So, we're bringing you the cream of the crop in trending buys — and in price ranges to suit every girl's wallet.
I usually have a book, my phone, headphones, my wallet, a pair of heels, a notebook and a makeup bag. Well, these come with built in foam pockets that create dividers to keep your gear safe and stable. She has been named one of the 50 Most Fashionable People in Boston, one of The Boston Globe's Top Bloggers and favorite human of one of her cats. What I really need though is a camera bag that also has plenty of extra space for all my other purse items.
I’ve been meaning to get a purse camera bag for such a long time, and these are adorable options. I’m sick of worrying if my camera is going to get scratched or if someone is going to rob me.
I’m sometimes too careless with my camera, I sometimes just wear it in a tote bag haha. I love the camera bags from Jo Totes (they even have a bag named after my state–Georgia). They are not only on trend but best of all they protect your camera and accessories! It comes in both red and bone color so you can choose for a pop of color or something more neutral. Although the bag may be a little plain for some women, I definitely think counts as a cute camera bag compared to the boring old black nylon bags that a lot of people tend to use.
No, it doesn’t have flowers all over it, but it is different than your average camera bag or case.
It is well padded and even comes with a back pocket so you can store some of your other personal stuff such as keys or some money.
This definitely doesn’t look like your average camera bag and I would have to say that this is one of the cutest and trendiest camera bags that I came across. I love the fact that it doesn’t look like your average camera bag and you can wear it a variety of different ways since it is a messenger bag. It is red and black and although it does look more like a camera bag than the other options, it is still definitely unique and great for a woman to carry around.
It cost more less than half what the other camera bags cost and is still a good stylish pick for women.
It is definitely a stylish case that doesn’t look like your average camera case or bag. Plus, it is a great way to protect your camera from getting scratched or broken in your handbag. LOVE this roundup of bags – would have a hard time making a choice so I’m glad to hear your opinion! Whether you're a professional photographer, an amateur street-style snapper, or none of the above, the camera bag is definitely a trend to put on your radar.
I feel like even if I snagged one of these adorable guys, I’d still be carrying a second purse with it.

I bought one of their messenger bags for work (because it can carry my laptop, iPad and camera all at once—the joy of being a journalist), and it’s held up to all the abuse I put it through.
I believe every day is an adventure, whether you're doing something as mundane as grocery shopping or as thrilling as a cross country road trip. I'm an Atlanta based lifestyle influencer and here is where I share my thoughts on fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics. It is a faded green color and would be perfect for looking cute when shooting outside scenery or pictures for others.
If you like your accessories to pop and you like to be a little different, definitely get this camera bag. A trendy look would be to simply sling it across your body and be on your way with your cute camera bag and there is even room in there for a few extra items so you don’t need to bring along a purse. I am thinking about picking up the insert since I always have a giant diaper bag with me that it would fit into, but then again, #5 is just gorgeous.
Really fits in every bag and I easily fit my dslr with the 50mm along with a larger lens with zoom.
I love the Brooklyn, but a Kelly Boy from the maker of the Mimi is what I am going with, as I think it will give the most storage.
The cross body strap is great for keeping your hands free to shoot if you are out walking around taking photos or on a trip!
These chic (and practical) cases may be perfect for housing your Nikon D3100, but they're also cute enough to be toted around without any pictorial purpose. When I bought my first DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera), it added a good five pounds of weight to my bag. I especially love that there are so many options that don’t look like the stereotypical camera bag. I could never use one of those cute bags because I need a backpack so I can carry it with two shoulders instead of just one?
I love your pic #1 and #4 but the insert might be my next pic since I would be able to interchange it in any bag!! And, as shameless bag hoarders, we should know.Amping up the standard crossbody, these purses provide a more structured shape to fit your camera, all of its accoutrements, and maybe a lipstick or two. After a lot of shoulder pain, I’ve come to the realization that I need to finally buy a proper camera bag.
From Karl Lagerfeld's patent-leather, neon interpretation to Urban Outfitters' colorblock purse, 14 snap-happy buys are just a click away.

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