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Because I am reading impaired I was wondering if anyone had a picture of what their luggage looks like with their tags on. I don't have pictures, but I have used a brightly colored scarf as a luggage identifier before. I write our name on and fold them as directed, then place a strip of wide clear packing tape down the entire length and partly on the back.
Unless I'm mistaken, what the OP is asking for is what the luggage tags look like when they are attached to your luggage, not a unique way to spot your luggage. Does one request luggage tags or are they automatically sent to your home after you complete your check-in process and print your boarding ticket? The Luggage tag you print from the Hal website on regular printer paper , do you need to put it in a cover of some sort before attaching it to your Bags . We fly in the day before our cruise leaves and attach the tags when checking out of the hotel and use their stapler. Okay, I know this sounds weird, but on each of my suitcases I slap a return address label to the suitcase itself.
On our first cruise, we got them in advance from our TA, which was much much more convenient.
What would ALSO be nice is if the passengers finally caught on to the fact that wasting time affixing any sort of luggage tag in advance is a complete waste of time, and just letting the porters take care of it saves a lot of hassle! I made this tag a while ago, but the information can be changed to duplicate the Black and White print out they provide today. Serendipity has sturdy luggage tag holders for Princess luggage tags which are reusable & because CC blocks it's website address it can be found by doing an online search for 'Princess luggage tag holders'. Zenith '93-Western Caribbean, Horizon '94-Southern Caribbean, Century '98-Western Caribbean, Grandeur of the Seas '00-Southern Caribbean, Summit '02-Hawaii to Vancouver, Mercury '03-Alaska, Summit '06-LA to Hawaii RT, Coral Princess '07-Panama Canal, Grand Princess '08-Western Caribbean, Grand Princess '12-Eastern Caribbean, Island Princess '13-Alaska, Silhouette '14-Western Caribbean, Vision of the Seas '15-Mediterranean. We cover ours with clear packing tape, front and back, then punch a hole in the end and use a small cable tie to secure the ends together. I print it out, fold it in half, put it in a Glad snack SIZE bag (half the size of a sandwich bag), then I punch a hole through the bag & tag and attach with a plastic zip tie, (in case it is raining and the luggage is sitting out on the dock getting wet, I don't want the ink to run). What we did was fold the tags and stick them into plastic sleeves (you can get from office supply stores and Walmart) that are often used to put name tags in for conventions. I still am of the opinion that that the cruise line should provide the tags much as airlines do.
This weekend we are doing a cruise with Celebrity and what a treat it was to get our luggage tags from them in the mail. However, instead of stapling them, I punch and use a twist tie or a cable tie to attach the tag to the suitcase handle. The plastic sleeves Pia mentioned work well and eliminate the need for staplers, packing tape, tie wraps, duck tape or anything else. We inserted the luggage tags into plastic sleeves (you can get at office supply stores or even Walmart) and then put plastic ties on them. I went on the advise of Pam CA, (thanks Pam) and ordered luggage tag holders from Serendipity on the 15th August they arrived today (29th) did use priority shipping though, I also ordered the shower caddy but one of the sucker hooks is broken, no big deal, but can't see how could of broken, hopefully won't need to use the hooks just the velcro.
If you show up at the ship without luggage tags, you can tell the porter your cabin # and he will put them on for you. All content was accurate when this story was published in April 2008.Quick: Which company operates the largest hotel in Alaska -- Marriott? One key differentiator is that a land tour offers a truer look at what lies beyond ports of call -- more so than any shore excursion could. This was done at home before our plane ride and arrival to the docks and made it quite safely. And I have never been able to tear off a luggage tag with scotch tape having been placed over the staples! Never had a problem except on recent Princess cruise, where the bag arrived in the cabin with the tag half off. Seriously, this is the second thread that you are posting in telling people that they are wasting their time on this.
I copied the luggage tag from the Set Sail pass into Word, made then added our names and C&A status (because that was what was on my original tags!) Copied it to Power Point so that I could get four on a page.
Satisfaction knowing that MY luggage will have tags that are easily read by the porters and crew!!
I never trust anyone but myself to do lugage tags, even in the airport I double check everything before they take my bags away.
So if they write something wrong and you don't get your bags, is it worth the 10 cents and 2 minutes you saved? I just laminated the tags although you could just use packing tape instead and then add a hole punch at the top of the tag! We like to have tags on our backpacks and purses and carryalls just in case we accidentally leave them somewhere. We'll see how they work, but my next cruise isn't until June, so I'll have to wait until then. That said, I refuse to shoulder Princess' cost by purchase plastic envelopes to put them in or pay for laminating.
Following the folding instructions and they are even stronger than the tags that used to be mailed.

You can see it in the picture below next to the flight sticker and pompom to identify my bag. The sheet is approximately 11x14 inches and comes with 8 self adhesive tags, folded and mailed to you in an envelope 6x9 inches.
Because I'm a little worried about printing them at home and I don't want to spend an entire art-project around it to strengthen them. That is your opinion, so if you are not interested in solutions to this, then why not just skip these threads? I could print out the Set Sail pass but I couldn't even sign up for electronic vs mailing of cruise docs. McKinley, afar from Anchorage and again up close when the vigilant front desk clerk at our first Princess lodge phoned guests on an "alert list" to announce there was a clear view of North America's tallest mountain (never mind that it was 1:45 in the morning). Also, no need to do an all day arts and crafts project for people like myself still in the workforce.
Do you get them from the people who wander around at curbside and put the bags in the carts? The process of getting off a cruise ship, known as debarkation or disembarkation, is unlike checking out of a hotel; you cannot simply leave your cruise ship at any time on the day of departure. Strangely enough, the answer is none of those but instead one of the best-known names in cruising: Princess Cruises.
However, like at a hotel, you will need to settle up financial matters on the last evening or first thing the next morning.
Actually getting off the ship is more complicated, as you must follow a set of sometimes byzantine procedures. Because cruise ships are both accommodation and transportation, you might also need to clear customs after international travel.
More than half of them will also take a land tour, which in our case included a wonderful 10-hour ride from the interior to the coast on a train operated by Princess.
Remember, you aren't allowed to get off earlier than the time designated by your luggage tags in order to avoid crowding at the gangway (the ramp leading off the ship), which could cause delays for travelers who must debark early.
Our three-night tour, centered on the six million acre-plus Denali National Park, added roughly $1,000 a day to our tab. You can, however, get off later (unless you have a scheduled transfer from the cruise pier that you'd be in danger of missing). There's the Princess channel on TV, an abundant offering of optional excursions from the cheerful "outfitters" at the lodges, and even the daily Princess Patter, with its listing of activities, dining choices and amenities.
Unlike the easygoing rhythm of a shipboard experience, a land tour can feel almost frenetic. You will need to show your cruise card one final time; once you step off the ship, you can keep it as a souvenir.
Still, Princess has the logistics down to a science with an operation that succeeds in large part because of its almost military-like precision. At each arrival point, for example, guests receive a welcome packet with room key, a map of the property, the Princess Patter, and information about the next day's luggage pick-up and departure time.
The good news is that each lodge has as many as five restaurants, representing a range of prices. We suggest you check your account at least once midway through the cruise to keep track of your spending. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge is just 41 miles from the peak of the mountain known locally as Denali or "The Great One." It has a rustic feel with an almost campus-like setting surrounded by woods and hiking paths.
Some lines have technology that lets you check your account on your in-cabin interactive TV or even through a mobile app.
If you want crewmembers to carry your suitcases off the ship for you, you will need to have your bags packed, tagged (with color-coded tags the ship will provide on the last day aboard) and set outside your cabin door at a specified time the night before you disembark. By contrast, Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, located on a major roadway, has more of a resort feel.
It didn't surprise me when I heard one guest characterize it as "Princess Town." One nice thing about the two properties is that each offers complimentary shuttles to nearby attractions. Crewmembers will pick up your luggage, carry it off the ship in the morning and place the bags in sections, according to tag colors, at the cruise terminal for you to reclaim. Before the deadline, ship's staff will return any confiscated items (such as alcohol purchased in port) to your cabin for you to pack. Elias, the nation's largest national park, which boasts nine of North America's tallest mountains. You have to remember to leave out everything you will need on your final morning, including the clothes you want to wear home. Anything you don't put in the checked bags -- nightclothes, toiletries, and so on -- has to fit in your carry-on. Although most people report no problems, there is the opportunity for theft, so you might want to put TSA locks or cable-ties on your bags to secure your belongings.
Or, as when we were there in late June, a spot where total daylight lasts 19 hours, 15 minutes and 58 seconds? It gave our bodies a little more time to acclimate to the time difference as well as the ever present sunlight.
With this option, you'll keep your luggage with you and leave the ship at any time during the debarkation process, but you will have to carry your own bags.

By the end of our first afternoon, we had walked the downtown and feasted at Orso, a top-rated restaurant noted for its seafood, grilled meats and award- winning wine list. Check-in was seamless, even though we arrived several hours early, and the Princess courtesy lounge, open 5 a.m.
It's like trying to paint Niagara Falls or a brilliant sunset or the Grand Canyon or some other visual aspect of nature which can only be described by people who have lived in it, have soaked it up, have been in that environment long enough to assimilate it and understand it.
It is very hard to look at something with your mouth open and at the same time try to think in technical terms: How do you control this image? Luggage with a pink "Join Me Onboard Ship" tag goes directly to the ship while those marked "Travel With Me," along with a sticker denoting the next hotel destination, are transported to the lodge where you will be staying that night. Truth is, I hadn't given this as much thought as I should have and as a result I made some ill-considered last-minute decisions. Some passengers might be required to meet with immigration officials onboard prior to getting off the ship. It's the only way you're going to see local roadside attractions like Wal*Mikes, the 2-Go and the Time To Eat. Because rules change, based on the country of the debarkation port and the nationality of the passengers, it's best to follow all instructions given onboard. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge, Alaska's landscape began to unfold with long stretches of valley and wetlands populated with Shasta daisies, black and white spruce, cottonwoods, aspens and pink fireweed, the state flower. Keep all receipts because you could be asked to report the value of all goods purchased abroad; if you go over the limits, you face taxes on some of your items. Opened in 1997 (with four guest buildings added as recently as 2006), the Main Lodge has a dramatic lobby, a massive natural stone fireplace, and Great Room with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out toward Mt. You can book bus transfers via your cruise line, either before your trip or onboard, that will either take you directly to the airport or combine a city tour with an airport transfer. Due to changing weather patterns, only 40 percent of visitors actually see, at 20,320 feet, the highest point in all of North America. Buses will be parked just outside the terminal, and port staff can direct you to the correct one. While most cruise ports do not have rental car outfits onsite, you can arrange for some rental car agencies to send a van to take you to their office. As with our next lodge at Denali, there was a TV, phone, alarm clock, hair dryer and that all-important coffee maker. Some cruise ports are on public transit lines, but check before you choose this option that the stop or station isn't prohibitively far when you're dragging a lot of luggage. The restaurant also has Alaskan beers, including Denali Red, brewed especially for Princess guests by none other than Glacier Brewhouse in Anchorage.
It was snowing in the mountains when we departed on our two-hour bus trip to Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, sweetly situated just one mile from the entrance to Denali National Park. In one surreal moment in the Broad Pass Valley, we pulled over next to a white Ford van with Princess insignia, which was obviously waiting for our bus. There in the middle of nowhere, with Princess-provided sparkling cider in plastic champagne glasses and nature bars, we toasted Denali -- and, of course, received our welcome packets. It's gorgeous and efficient -- and it reminded me a little bit of a fancy airport terminal or a train station because of its flashing signs announcing tour pick-ups outside: "Now Boarding" flash, flash "Your Tour!" The complex itself is designed as a small village with nicely landscaped walkways linking guest buildings with gift shops, restaurants, a dinner theater, a rather modest fitness center and the lodge. It's perched between the Nenana River and a highway where you can find all manner of trinket shops, tour offices, a liquor store and even an urgent care clinic. Remarkably, there are only 90 miles of roadway in the entire park, a living ecological tapestry that blends the treeless tundra and the taiga, a northern forest. The moose, caribou and sheep number in the thousands, Gese said, and there are 100 wolves in the park that run in packs of 8 to 10.
Also, the lodge runs courtesy shuttles to park headquarters, close to several hiking trails and the site of daily dog sled demonstrations.) All Aboard The Princess Train By now, we had flown over Alaska, driven around it and we were about to cruise it. On our last land day, we experienced Alaska a little bit differently -- on the Denali Express. The 10-hour rail tour, from Denali National Park to Whittier, revealed some of the most spectacular scenery yet -- and the thrill we felt when we first caught sight of the coast was almost electric. Each car also has an outdoor viewing platform, where you get a real sense of movement and sound with the pounding "clack, clack" of the rails. Upstairs, where passengers are seated, there's an all-day menu that includes a breakfast bagel sandwich with reindeer sausage, smoked salmon spread on a sourdough baguette, and Railway Nachos, which is tortilla chips smothered in reindeer chili. Downstairs, in the club car, there's finer dining with white tablecloths, fresh irises on the table and a menu that's pure Princess -- including smoked salmon quiche, grilled pork loin, fettuccini Alfredo and prime rib. And I have to say it was exciting when, once we arrived on the coast, we spied the storied Aleutian Islands in the distance and, closer in, scenic Turnagain Arm. I'm also happy to report that when we got to the coast, we saw several Dall sheep on rocky ledges above the highway next to the rail line.

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