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Purchase travel insurance for peace of mindTravel with peace of mind and security to avoid the unexpected.
When is the best time to buy your travel insurance policy?A policy can be purchased anytime leading up to your departure date.
Customer TestimonialsThanks for the speed and clarity of this travel insurance claim, it is something I've never done before and I entered into it with a touch of scepticism and expected it to be a drawn out process. LOWEST AIRFARE GUARANTEE^Airfares change regularly and each fare has specific terms and conditions set by the airline such as refund and cancellation rules which affect the price. We all know that accidents happen and the unexpected is always just one banana-peel-slip away, and that's why it makes sense to have travel insurance from one of Australia’s leading travel insurance providers, Cover-More. Sure, most of the time you aren't going to need it (yay - you had a great holiday!), but that one dodgy prawn or unexpected natural disaster will make you so relieved you were protected with Cover-More. You can get your travel insurance sorted in any of our 120+ stores across Australia, or get a quote and purchase it online. Travel Money Oz provides Cover-More Travel Insurance for singles, couples, families and seniors at affordable rates, for both domestic and international travel.
By proceeding I agree to Travel Money Oz's terms of use and my personal information being handled in accordance with Travel Money Oz's Privacy Policy. Unlimited number of journeys covered in a 12 month period with a maximum of 120 days travel in total. Then, choose which type of travel insurance plan will best meet your needs, from our Diamond plan, which offers our finest and most comprehensive travel insurance cover, to the Economy plan, our budget travel insurance choice. Your annual travel insurance policy will provide benefits even when you travel within the UK. Millions of travellers in New Zealand, Australia and the UK rely on Cover-More for high-quality travel and medical insurance, and superior round-the clock customer service.
When choosing your multi trip travel insurance policy, you’ll be able to select type and length of your coverage.
Then, choose which type of travel insurance plan will best meet your needs, from our Options Plan, which offers the most comprehensive travel insurance cover, to the Essentials Plan, our budget travel insurance choice. Your annual travel insurance policy will provide benefits even when you travel within New Zealand.
If you have any questions or comments, please call, or email us, as Cover-More would love to hear from you.
Cover-More is rated 4 stars by over 1,195 customers on Product Review—see the latest ratings and reviews. Official advice for New Zealand citizens living and travelling overseas.Help us find you in an emergency, so we can check on your well-being or send you important information. If a crisis happens overseas, MFAT will contact New Zealanders who have enrolled to check that they’re safe.
Insurance administered by Cover-More (NZ) Ltd, underwritten and issued by Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE, trading as Great Lakes New Zealand. As an outspoken globetrotter, I love to travel the world, I love being outdoors, I love exploring new cities. If you purchase a Cover-More Travelsure policy with a minimum trip duration of 7 days you receive a Free Global SIM Card. When only the best travel insurance with the most comprehensive cover will do, choose the Diamond Plan from Cover-More Travel Insurance. When you need a little extra cover, but you're still looking for an excellent value, consider the Silver Plan. All Cover-More Travel Insurance policyholders have access to our 24 hour emergency assistance provided by our sister company, Customer Care whilst on their journey.
Cover-More UK are delighted to announce that we have been nominated 'Best Travel Insurance Provider' in the Travel Weekly Globe Travel Awards 2016.
When your travel takes an unexpected turn, Cover-More is there to assist you every step of the way. Whether you are planning an overseas adventure, a big-ticket luxury trip, or just a journey for which you want maximum protection, consider the Diamond plan.
With the Diamond plan, you’ll enjoy cover for trip cancellation and amendment, medical and dental emergencies, lost luggage and personal belongings, and much more. Add a little extra peace of mind to your next trip, whether you're crossing the isle or crossing the globe.
And Cover-More's Silver plans also include trip amendment and cancellation, travel delay, lost documents like passports and up to £1,000,000 of personal liability.

Enjoy all of the benefits of quality travel insurance at a great value with our Economy plan.
Purchase your single or family travel insurance online today and save with great rates from Flight Centre and Cover More. Because Cover-More policies includes cover for cancellation costs on most of their plans and cover starts from the time the policy is purchased, it's a good idea to purchase right away to take full advantage for this benefit.
I will definitely use your services again, hopefully more successful than our last trip and will encourage all our travelling friends to do likewise.- JohnI was so surprised to receive your reply almost by return mail when I claimed in May.
When choosing your multi-trip travel insurance policy, you’ll be able to select type and length of your coverage. Or tailor your cover for a balance of cost, coverage and benefit with our Gold and Silver plans. All plans cover such events as medical and dental bills, cancellation costs, personal accident and personal liability.
Depending on your destination you will be able to select a maximum trip length of 30, 45 or 60 days, whichever is best for you. Consider the Policy Brochure and wording therein (available from us) before deciding to buy this product. Traveling is always fun and you feel invulnerable, but  you are not - as I had the chance to discover a few times. With quality cover comes peace of mind and the freedom to venture virtually anywhere in the world with confidence, knowing you'll have support & assistance whenever you need it. You'll enjoy all of the benefits offered in our Economy Plan, but at higher levels of cover. Our Economy Plan was designed so that travellers can get personal and financial protection without exceeding their travel budget. Plus, our travel assistance professionals will help make sure you get your new documents quickly. If you are not completely satisfied with the travel insurance policy for any reason and wish to cancel prior to travelling, a full refund is available.
Select the plan with the cover limit that meet your needs based on your non-refundable travel costs. This comprehensive travel insurance policy gives you the highest level of cover and benefits.
You can even tailor your cover further by adding things like winter sports & ski travel insurance and annual multi-trip travel cover, as well as topping up your rental car cover.
When you purchase a Gold policy, you’ll get a wide range of travel cover and benefits, including trip amendment and cancellation, and emergency medical and dental.
With our Silver plan you get the cover you need, like medical and dental expenses and protection for lost or delayed luggage, at the topped-up level you want.
When you purchase an Economy policy, you’ll get a wide range of travel cover and benefits, including trip amendment and cancellation, and emergency medical and dental. Doing this means if you become ill and unfit to travel before you go away, any nonrefundable money paid is covered.» Back to topHow do I choose the right policy?When buying any insurance policy you should always carefully consider the Product Disclosure Statement to see if it's right for you.
I expected a long and convoluted dialogue whilst I tried to convince you of the circumstances.
Should you find a lower price offered by a competitor, we guarantee to beat it or you fly free.
First, you’ll be able to select a maximum trip length of 30, 45 or 60 days, whichever is best for you. And our Silver, Gold and Diamond plans also cover lost or delayed luggage, missing travel documents, missed departures and travel disruption. For Australia and South Pacific nations, the maximum length is 15 and 30 days in duration only. From small inconveniences like a lost passport to catastrophes like a tsunami, you never know what awaits you at your trip. Or maybe you just want the added comfort of knowing you have comprehensive cover that will travel with you. This will give you a full rundown on what you're covered for and more importantly, what you're not covered for. This guarantee is based on Australian registered businesses and websites for travel departing from Australia.
Price beat must relate to the exact same fare and flight number and must be presented to us prior to booking.

We do not provide any advice based on any consideration of your objectives, financial situation or needs.
The issuer of insurance is Great Lakes Australia ARBN 127 740 532, ABN 18 964 580 576, AFSL No.
Many policies have a sub-limit for dental coverage that is far less than what the table of benefits indicates, so make sure your travel insurance policy offers an adequate level of dental cover.Additional expensesShould you become sick or suffer an injury that makes you unfit to travel, you could not only be stuck with expensive medical bills, but also the cost of additional accommodation and transportation costs.Amendment or cancellation costsWhat if you planned your perfect trip, paid your hard earned dollars but could no longer go? There is no need to lose thousands of dollars in cancellation fees when this kind of risk can be avoided with travel insurance. With Cover-More's optional amendment or cancellation cover you only need to pay for the cover you need.Luggage and travel documentsHow much would it cost to replace your valuable belongings? If you are a bit of a dare devil, you will be happy to know Cover-More automatically cover a variety of adventurous and sporting activities in their policies. These include abseiling, bungy jumping, ballooning, parachuting, paragliding, parasailing, white water rafting plus many more. Cover-More also offer cover for skiing, snowboarding and other Winter Sports.» Back to topWhat if I'm travelling with kids?A family holiday can work at to be expensive, but your insurance doesn't have to be.
Most of Cover-More's insurance plans offer free cover for children as long they are under 21 and not in full-time employment*. The higher the excess, the lower the amount payable.» Back to topWhat if I plan on working overseas?If you're planning a business trip or working holiday, make sure your travel insurance policy offers adequate cover. Cover-More has a range of policies for both business travellers and travelers who plan on finding work whilst overseas. Whether you are on a tight budget or your looking for a premium policy that includes cover for your new laptop, we can help.» Back to topWhat if I plan on travelling more than once this year?If you plan on getting away more than once this year, a multi-trip plan could be a cheaper and more convenient option for you. Cover-More's multi-trip policy allows you to enjoy the benefit of unlimited travel insurance cover for one year, for one premium. If you are unsure whether a single or multi-trip plan is best for you, please phone 133 133 and a Flight Centre travel consultant can assist you.» Back to topCan I extend my insurance whilst I am overseas?If you purchased a single trip policy through Cover-More and wish to lengthen your trip while you're away, you can phone 133 133 to extend your policy.
You simply need to contact the agent you purchased the original policy from before it expires and provide them with your new return date. It's as easy as that.» Back to topWhat do I do if I have an existing medical condition?If you suffer from a medical condition it is important you seek out the right cover. If your medical condition falls outside this auto accept list, your condition can be assessed and cover can be provided for an additional premium. If you need further information please phone 133 133.» Back to topIf I am pregnant, is there anything I need to be aware of when taking out travel insurance?Make sure you check out whether the policy you're considering taking offers adequate cover for you. Cover-More policies provides cover for pregnancy up to the 26th week, but conditions apply. If there have been complications with this or any previous pregnancy or the conception was medically assisted, you will be required to complete an Assessment Form prior to cover being considered.
Cover-More policies do not cover childbirth or the health of a newborn child, irrespective of the stage of pregnancy at which the child is born.» Back to topIf I cancel my policy before travelling, can I get a refund?If for some reason you change your mind about your insurance purchase, Cover-More policies give you peace of mind by offering a 15-business day 'cooling off period'.
During this time you can obtain a full refund (provided that you haven't made a claim and your departure date has not passed). If you need to cancel your policy, please phone 133 133.» Back to topWhat happens if things go wrong?If something goes wrong in a foreign county, the experience may be very confusing, complex and costly.
Check whether your travel insurance policy gives you access to a 24 hour emergency assistance team. Whether you become seriously ill and need to be hospitalized or simply lose your passport and are stuck, every Cover-More policy gives you access to a 24 hour Emergency Assistance team.
This team can offer you practical support and guide you through your crisis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can rest easy knowing that with a Cover-More travel insurance policy, you're never alone in your moment of need.» Back to topHow do I make a claim?After purchasing a Cover-More policy, if you encounter difficulty overseas and wish to make a claim you will need to complete a Claim Form.
When filling out the form, take care to provide as much detail and supporting evidence as possible regarding the 'event' you are claiming for.» Back to topFlight Centre Limited is a representative of Cover-More Insurance Services Pty Ltd AFSL 241713. You should consider the Product Disclosure Statement in making a decision about travel insurance.
The issuer of the travel insurance is Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) PLC trading as Great Lakes Australia AFSL 318603.

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