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These colorful cloth luggage tags are ideal for everything from army duffels to sports bags.
I’m still trying to mad prep for heading out of town the next few weeks, but you know I have to do it with a little DIY style, so I made these pom pom leather luggage tags for my new luggage! In case you’re not the avid traveler type, this would also be a really cute project for kids bags for school, baby bags, clutches, or overnight bags. For the pom poms, you can make your own several different ways, or you can buy ones already made (like Etsy).
To make the leather tag stronger, insert an eyelet with a bit of glue around it into the circle and set it with the eyelet tool.
Next, use the jump ring to attach the keyring and leather tag together with round nose pliers. Lastly, make a set of double knots on the end of the yarn string and attach them to the keyring through the braid just beneath the knot, then twist the keyring onto your bag or luggage handle.

It’s for securing the eyelet, by coating it in a bit of glue before inserting it into the tag! I think these pompom luggage tags aren’t just cute and unique, they can be pretty useful too in identifying or personalizing the look of our luggages, especially useful when baggage pick-up at the airport. Our L’amour Luggage Tag was selected as some of the cutest travel gear on blog, I Need Pretty Things.
Aw I love the paris one and the cup cake one and the strawberry one – heck I love them all! The embroidered straps feature a heavy duty snap and can accommodate names up to 11 letters long.
For the longest time I had a polka dot ribbon tied to my luggage that my dad put on them years ago to help me notice mine easily, so I wanted to stick with the tradition with the colorful poms, and I’m kind of in love.
Plus, they’re a great reason to have a ton of ridiculous colors in one fluff ball, am I right?

To make these multi-colored ones, I wrapped several different colors of yarn around the pom pom maker, and used braided yarn to tie the poms off so that the string to tie them onto the keyring would have a bit more strength. To make the circle, choose the rotary setting thats the same size as your eyelets so that it fits snug. We're Story by ModCloth, a smartly crafted blog filled with the best and brightest of fashion and culture, and your place for all things ModCloth.

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