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Look carefully through your luggage and identify items you think could be a liquid, aerosol or gel.
Items not essential for your flight, and any items more than 100ml, will need to be packed into your checked (hold) luggage.Even if you believe an item is very important, it should still be packed into your checked (hold) luggage if it is over 100ml. Any items greater than 100ml that are not checked-in will have to be surrendered at the security screening point and will be destroyed. Are you carrying any liquids, aerosols or gels in your hand luggage that are greater than 100ml? Remember that check-in is the last point in which you can put any items into your checked (hold) luggage. After this point, any liquid, aerosol or gel items surrendered at the security screening point will be destroyed. If you are unsure about anything to do with liquids, aerosols or gels, be sure to talk to staff at check-in.

The plastic bag containing your liquids, aerosols or gels should be presented separately from your other hand luggage.
The airport's commitment to maintaining the highest standards and efficiency continue Spring 2015 with the introduction of new x-ray machines and a securtiy scanner (previously referred to as a body scanner). The search takes approximately 30 seconds, and involves a security officer of the same sex searching your garments to ensure you are not carrying any hidden items. If you are unsure about any part of the 'hand search' process, ask the security officer to explain it to you. As lightweight as they come, without compromising quality or capacity, this cabin sized luggage really fits the bill as a perfect travel partner.
Featuring two study wheels, take the strain out of travelling, comfortably rolling you from A to B! The bag features two front-facing pockets which are fastened by a dual-zip feature, ensuring you’ll have easy access to important items such as your passport, travel money, headphones or in-flight entertainment devices.

A 40L suitcase will roughly allow you to carry an estimate of 10 shirts, 5 skirts, 2 large towels, Toiletries and 3 pairs of shoes.
Any liquids, aerosol or gels larger than 100ml will need to be disposed of in the bins provided.
It’ll fit within Ryanair and 98% of the rest of the airlines cabin restrictions, and will allow you a substantial 42L of packing capacity.

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