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Information on restricted items such as scissors and knives, as well as information about the hazardous items. When travelling on a codeshare flight the free baggage allowance shown on your ticket will apply in principle. When you’re getting ready to pack for a trip or vacation, it’s best to know the details before you reach the hustle and bustle of a busy airport. To all destinations there is a carry-on allowance of one standard article and one personal article. Checked baggage specifics is determined by fare, destination, date of ticket purchase and frequent flyer status and can be calculated on the Air Canada website.
Air Transat allows for multiple pieces, as long as the combined weight does not exceed weight limitations. West Jet allows one free piece of carry-on baggage and one personal item per guest in a confirmed seat.
Checked baggage can be pre-booked at a discounted rate online or standard rate at the airport check-in counters.
Note: Checked baggage weight can only be shared with passengers in the same booking number.

Your bags are automatically tagged to your final destination with AirAsia FLY-THRU (connecting flights) service. Guests checking in baggage which exceeds the pre-booked allowance will be charged on a per kg basis based on our fee schedule. Alternatively, guests may also purchase 15kg baggage for both domestic and international flights.
Smaller musical items such as a guitar, cello, violin or viola which exceed our cabin baggage dimensions provided it is within 75kg (dimensions: H 103cm x W 41cm x D 41cm) may be carried in the cabin if a seat for it has been reserved and the appropriate fare paid.
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